What's In My Bag

I actually filmed this video last week but due to the slowness of youtube's uploading time I've only just put it "live". I'm actually quite enjoying filming videos and will probs be doing a few more so if you don't mind hearing me have a general natter then you can subscribe to my youtube channel here.
Apologies for the shoddy quality, it honestly didn't look like this when I filmed it! I need to find out more about youtube settings clearly as they've also cut off my head : /

Thanks for watching! And if you've done a similar video send me the link so I can stalk it : )


  1. I get worried about my tights laddering too! I always take another pair on nights out. I took 3 pairs when I was a bridesmaid a couple of weeks ago haha, such an irrationak fear - I can empathise!! xx

  2. I love that you have a ton of recipts! I always do my bag is nothing like all the organised ones I see on other blogs.
    http://www.ablogfromblackpool.com/2012/03/whats-in-my-bag.html < that is my whats in my bag post


  3. Same! I love the fact that you're bag is every so slightly disorganised! You seem really down to earth I love this. And I like the fact that you still drink a cup of tea in your videos. Hardcore tea drinker. Gotta love this. Of course you have a nice bag too!

    Gemma x


  4. I have a massive monster dreadlock with a mind of its own in the exact same place at the back of my head. WHAT IS IT FOR AND WHERE DID IT COME FROM? Have fun with your pebbles and pizza! x

  5. If youtube would let me comment on your video this is what I wouldve put:

    haha, I keep spare tights (black and skin coloured!) at work in my filing cabinet, along with about three pairs of shoes and stuff. Your bag really is like mary poppins' bag! :D

    I did a whats in my bag and it is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/BelleduBrighton?feature=watch

    Thanks for trawling round oxford street with me! xx

  6. we were just talking about getting a dreadlock under our hair yesterday! are those tangle teasers good for getting them out? x

  7. i've just started to youtube! you're so much better than me, you have a good presence! i'd love to hear what you thought of mine :) xx

  8. ooh loving the video, tights in the bag is such a good shout toooo xx

  9. I watched this the whole way through! I usually get impatient about 2 minutes in, but I just couldn't bring myself to cut you off haha! I also get that annoying knot of the hair in the EXACT same place! What is that about?! Also, tights in the bag is genius! I constantly ladder mine and I'm left with my pale legs poking through. NOT GOOD!

    If I did one of these posts I would literally just have a mountain of receipts and a packet of chewing gum.


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