Ginger Villain

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Dress: c/o Siren London 
Necklace: Accessorize
Ginger Villain: My Own

Theodore is being a little scamp lately and wrecking everything he comes across, he's trying to get into the bin as I type and left a pungent gift for our return home after work. Two washing cycles, half a bottle of fabreze, lots of fresh air, and a yankee candle later and the flat is now back to normal. Just look at those eyes plotting for world domination one urinated towel at a time...

On a lighter note isn't my dress swishy? And I am quite fond of the black and colour, I reckon it makes pastel colours less day-ey and more lets dance to Pitbull night time-ey. Plus it has lace which I don't think can ever be a bad thing. I do think my legs look a bit retired football player gone flabby here though which has nothing to do with the dress and everything to do with my current obsession for Haribo and the pie & mash I may have just consumed : / In a bid to banish the wobble I attempted the dreaded 30 day shred on Monday night and I still cannot walk today, Jillian Michaels is the devil.

Should Have Worn A Different Bra

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Dress: c/o Oasap
Pale Arms: My Own

Ah two posts in two days, I'm becoming quite the sporadic blogger. I was actually going to schedule this but the whole difference in timezone thing confuses me, plus what I'm thinking today may not be my thoughts tomorrow, annd I'm wearing this today (albeit now with a snazzy dressing gown over the top) so posting any other day would be fibbing.
I'm having one of those ifeelbig days today so this Oasap elasticated waist dress is suiting me just fine, I swear I've got one of those paranormal activity demons in my flat who insist on changing my mirrors to crazy fairground mirrors every so often.. saying this my plan tonight is to eat Haribo and watch the live coverage of Hackney Weekend so I'm not exactly helping myself! I haven't had my Sunday blog read yet but I bet I'm about to say the words that I bet so many people have already uttered - how awesome were Jay Z and Kanye last night?! I was watching it on bbc 3 and was actually jealous of all the sodden folk crammed in and getting rained on, and I'm deffs going to apply for tickets next year providing it's not in some far away land. I reckon it's about time something like that comes to Northamptonshire tbh, the biggest celebrity we've had parading our streets recently has been Pepper Pig : /

Oh and I meant to say, "soz" for all the landscape pictures, I didn't realise when taking these that my tripod would hold my new camera. I also got annoyed with my barnet half way though.

Topshop Lipstick: Powder Room

topshop lipstick powder room topshop lipstick powder room topshop lipstick powder room topshop lipstick powder room topshop lipstick powder room

I bought this whilst perusing Oxford Street with Lauren last weekend, after pondering at the makeup section for a bit longer than is deemed polite I finally settled on Powder Room with my only reasoning being that it’s a step away from the usual blue toned muted pinks I usually go for. Instead I was drawn to the peachy pink and the fact that it seemed to stay on my hand without budging.
So in the hope of finding a lovely colour that would withstand the test of time I rebelled against the golden rule I always follow with lipstick, “Do not buy anything matte and you have dry lips and it’ll look rubbish”, and happily handed over my pounds to the perfectly made up sales assistant….I should have stuck to my rule. On application Powder Room is everything I wanted it to be, it glides on smoothly and there’s even a hint of creaminess in the texture that’ll allow you to do some pretty serious lip smacking (what an awful phrase) to spread the product evenly, the colour is complimentary to my skin tone and I actually looked in the mirror and thought to myself in an American accent “not baaayyud”.
Unfortunately about 50 minutes later I noticed that the formula seemed to have changed from creamy to chalky which is fine for staying power but not good for dry lipped Larrys like me, the product clung to the wrong places and gave the effect of pretty much every other matte lipstick I’ve ever tried. However mixing with a bit of clear lipbalm worked wonders and gave the oh so nice colour a lovely finish whilst saving it from a life at the back of a drawer.

Only Tan The Top Half

aztec playsuit denim shirt
Playsuit: H&M (old)
Denim Shirt: Primark (old)

Why hello there pasty white legs, why are you not the same colour as the rest of me? Oh yes, in an attempt to save tan I decided not to bother with you, that's why.
I've been trying to get use out of everything in my wardrobe recently hence both things here being so old, with just over two months until the wedding I'm on hardcore save mode especially after being robbed of £190 for dress alterations - I knew it was going to cost a lot but I was this close to buying a stapler and a pritt stick and doing it myself!
Oh my aren't I the over user of the short paragraph recently, my mind keeps being distracted by Thomas and his LAD friend watching the football as I'm trying to write, I know the next 90 minutes is going to be filled with grunts and hollers whilst pointing at the screen accusingly and I'm not really looking forward to it. Hopefully the fun and frolics will all be over by Big Brother time, I'm as obsessed as ever this year and already rooting for Caroline to win after last nights horrific conversation with Benedict - I am a fickle Freda though and will probs change my mind a million times before the final...BUT I WILL NEVER LIKE BENEDICT. Go and spread your sexual findings elsewhere!

What's In My Bag

I actually filmed this video last week but due to the slowness of youtube's uploading time I've only just put it "live". I'm actually quite enjoying filming videos and will probs be doing a few more so if you don't mind hearing me have a general natter then you can subscribe to my youtube channel here.
Apologies for the shoddy quality, it honestly didn't look like this when I filmed it! I need to find out more about youtube settings clearly as they've also cut off my head : /

Thanks for watching! And if you've done a similar video send me the link so I can stalk it : )

Giveaway Winner

Congrats to Julia who has won prize 1, and Amy who's got her mitts on prize 2, just about to email you both! Thanks to everyone who entered : )

The Lotion & Powder Have Made a Paste!

pastel purple jumper Next pastel jumper
Pleather trousers/Leggings: H&M
Jumper: c/o Next

Ugh you can see in this picture just how much hair was hacked off my ends during my last visit to the hairdresser, will it ever grow?!
Not the most exciting of outfits but I'm loving the colour of this jumper, I didn't think I'd ever see the day where I'd be wearing pastel, and after mocking Ross during that episode of Friends I would have scoffed in disgust if someone told me that I too would one day own a pair of leather pants.
Today has actually been quite nice, I had a cheeky half day at work which meant smugly leaving my desk at 12:30, bought some chocolate donuts from Sainsburys, and then had my wedding dress fitting where I got to swish around in full bridal get up pretending to be an adult. It was here I was faced with a bit of a dilemma: Have the dress tight enough to hold the chebs up but not be able to eat a thing or safe space for a glass of champers/piece of cake but live in fear of the chebs falling out. Yes. My waist is a size 12 and my [insert funny word for boobs here] are around an 8 so I'm all out of proportion in the wrong places... probably shouldn't have bought those donuts.

Demi Lovato X Factor Style

Demi Lovato X Factor Style

Ebay Leather Jacket // Miss Selfridge Leather Jacket
Topshop Skater Dress // Motel Rocks Dress
Shoes: Matalan // So You Shoes // Ebay

It's probably a bit wrong to admit as I was around 21 at the time it came out but I did love a bit of Camp Rock in my uni days and may have danced around my bedroom hollering "we rooockkk we rock on!" whilst getting ready for a night out. So when hearing that Demi Lovato (or Dee Dee lo Vee) is going to be a judge on American X Factor along side Britney Spears and Louis Walsh, I won't lie, I got a little bit excited. I love her style and as she doesn't go mad and wear all kinds of bizarre outfits it's pretty easy to copy on a budget, I'm guessing I'm not the only one though as the actual dress she wore to the Kansas X Factor auditions sold out on Topshop pretty quickly!
And on a final Demi-Note I'm just going to throw out there that I have major hair envy going on, why oh why won't mine grow?! I think I'm just going to have to admit defeat and buy one of these miracle hair growth cures.

If you like the look of the Motel dress then get to their SECRET SALE by clicking the image below, if you enter the code secretsale50 at the checkout you get a massive 50% off which means you could end up with the dress above in red for a mere £16! Wins.

Florals & Too Much 24

floral skater dress red
I bought this dress from inlovewithfashion at the same time as this lacy number where thanks to their discount codes I managed to grab two dresses for a mere £25. I've been having another look on their site today and I'm so tempted by the two for £40 offer which is actually two for £30 if you're a first time order-er, I think it's fate when you put something in a wishlist and it then becomes part of an offer...or at least that's what I'll tell myself.
Hope everyones had a spiffing Monday (what am I 90?) and the week ahead isn't looking too bleak! I'm actually counting down the hours to Friday where I have my wedding dress fitting! I'm super excited to get into my dress again and flounce around but I'm not overly keen on having to talk to the snooty dress people, last time I was there she seemed mortified that I wasn't going to buy every single wedding related thing from them : /
Oh and on Saturday I'll be heading to my first ever Towib with Katy, Leanne and Lauren, who else will I be seeing there?

Everyday Foundation: Before & After

everyday foundation

I'm actually quite appalled at myself for subjecting you to the horror that is my face pre makeup but I had to do it as a "before and after" photo would be a bit silly without a before picture. So apologies if my dark circles and blotches have offended you!
These 6 products in the photo above are my go to's for every day makeup, I'm a massive fan of not looking like a creature from dawn of the dead and this mixture of cheap to high end makeup gets me through the day without feeling the need to feast on humans. I've done a separate review (a whole year ago!) of the Benefit Hello Flawless here and the beat the blues highlighter here so I won't go into details but just thought I'd throw my love for these as a collective out there, a love so great that I even made a little video...

Oh and don't forget to enter my 1000 follower giveaway here!

DIY Beauty Box

beauty box beauty box
I’d like to say I thought of this myself but I actually stole the idea from Leanne,  as much as I try to be thoughtful with gifts I always seem to end up playing it safe with something completely mundane like perfume, jewellery or worse still….a voucher : /
The personalised beauty box seemed a perfect idea for my mum, my parents live in a sort of middle of nowhere town in southern Spain where any non Spanish beauty products cost a small fortune (last year I spotted a medium sized can of Elnett spray for £9, yes NINE POUNDS) and are pretty hard to come by. They’re also the kind to be annoyed if we go overboard with the costs of gifts so this fitted into my budget just fine, the only thing that might be a bit gasp worthy is the postage as I’ve left it to the last minute as usual!
I managed to put this together for just under £25 but looking at it now I kind of wish I’d added more to it. What do you think? Will you also be thieving Leanne’s idea?

Tuesday Feels Like Sunday

leather look leggings sheer shirt sheer collared shirt
Shirt: Primark
Pleather leggings: H&M

Primark have reminded with this shirt that sometimes quantity isn't quite as good as quality, the buttons are all sitting in the correct holes yet there still seems to be some gapey wonky collar action going on, ahh well my photos have also come out a bit wobbly so I'll pretend I've got some artsy theme running throughout this post!
Despite it being an extra long weekend I haven't really done a lot, I know loads of people have been out celebrating the Jubilee in a million different ways, but other than a lone gazebo sitting where the bins usually go in a pub around the corner there hasn't really been much going on here. Me and Thomas had planned to spend the weekend camping (I say camping, it's a 2 bedroom caravan with a kitchen and it's own bathroom, I will never be "outdoorsy") and sunning ourselves but as always the minute the bank holiday weekend started the clouds came a'loomin. So instead we did what everyone in Britain does on a rainy bank holiday: We went to B&Q and the electrical shops..
So that's about it, I plan on spending the rest of today doing housework and tonight I'll be glued to Big Brother, you'd think after 12 years I'd be bored of it by now but it's a guilty pleasure I could never give up!

1000 Followers Jewellery Giveaway

To celebrate reaching 1000 followers (hurrah!) I thought I'd go wild and have a giveaway and a blog revamp complete with new blog name. So I shipped I Need More Clothes on a little raft to retirement and have welcomed Frolics and Fashion with open arms,  I think as the blog's gotten a bit older I've started to include the odd non fashion related post, and I do love to frolic so I thought this name was pretty apt.
So onto the giveaway, the winner of prize one will get their mitts on 6 snazzy necklaces, 2 rings, and a jewellery tree.

All items purchased by moi, I've used my own tree in this photo but yours will come flat packed and sealed

Prize 2 has been kindly donated by I kandy and the winner will receive one of their bracelets and their crystal panther ring

How to Enter

Be a follower of Frolics & Fashion on google friend connect & comment below with an email address I can reach you on

For an extra entry

Include a link to this giveaway in a blog post and link me to it in your comment

And that's about it, I'll announce the winner on 16th June, gut luck!
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