Ditsy Print Is My New Favourite

motel floral playsuit floral print playsuit motel playsuit yellow floral
Playsuit: c/o Motel
Headband: Primark
Necklace: c/o Accessories Direct

Howdy! I'd just like to throw it out there that I removed the tights after I'd posed and I'm not one of those people that moan about the heat yet still wear 2372 deniers. However I am one of those people with thighs whiter than snow so I decided some things are best kept hidden.
This rather lovely playsuit was sent to me after attending the Motel event last month and I don't really want to take it off, I know Motel are probably best known for their "going out" bodycon dresses but I'm always won over by their day wear, plus I can add some heels to this and turn it into a night time playsuit with no problems other than my need to visit the toilet a lot more after vodka redbulls. They also do this print in a red skirt which I've been looking at for far too long, might have to take advantage of the topblog15 discount and free delivery....

In other bloggy news I've planning a bit of a revamp which is going to to bid the name "I Need More Clothes" farewell, this blog started off as a module project for uni and at the time I didn't really think of the name much - now whenever I say it aloud I feel like a brat in a pushchair so I felt it was time we parted ways before things get too messy. I'm also "doing" (sounds like a rubbish verb but my English has failed me) my 1000 followers giveaway on the next post so keep those peepers peeled!

Next Autumn/Winter 2012

When outfit photos go very wrong...

On Thursday I was lucky enough to head to Somerset House to attend the Next Autumn/Winter press day with the rather lovely Claire, Lyzi, and Stacey. Despite it being a million degrees all it took was a smattering of sequins to get me excited for Autumn and I was soon trawling through the rails of leopard, lace, and fur with glee. It looks like old friends collars and loafers will be sticking around for another season which is a win in my book (how nice are those leopard tassled beauts?!) and the jewellery, oh the jewellery! I’m not usually a HUGE accessories girl but I found myself being drawn to the sparkling rings and rose gold watches despite having never worn a watch in my life.
I also had a bit of a drool over the homeware, when I eventually get the 3 bedroomed terrace of my dreams (it has a loft and a basement which will be converted into a bar, not that I've planned this out already) I’ll be decking it out in Next for sure!

Most (over?)Used Lipsticks

Left to Right: Models Own Lipbalm in Fuscia, Mac Lovelorn, Topshop Innocent, Mac Cremecup, Revlon Baby Pink

I'm drawn to pretty much any pinky nude lipstick and I think that's pretty obvious from the picture above! They are looking a bit darker actually but I've done a seperate review on Baby Pink here, and creme cup here which should show them in all their blue toned glory.
I'm actually gutted Topshop have discontinued the Innocent lipstick, the creamy formula is perfect for my insanely dry lips and it's pale enough not to look clownish if I attempt a smokey eye. Although I have noticed they've bought out two more shades so come September when the crazy saving can take a break for a month one of these will be mine.

After being offended by the sight of my own legs yesterday I'm off to tan before heading to London for the day, I'm already panicking about having to get on a stuffy tube to catch a 5:30 train back. Such a worrying Wendle.

Found These In Narnia

topshop skater skirt velvet top
Skirt: Topshop (old)
Velvet Dress: Newlook (also old)

Today was one of those root through the depths of your drawers and wear the first thing you can find kind of day. Actually my version included a whole lotta lint brushing as Theo likes to make little cat beds out of everything at the moment and leaves incriminating ginger hairs everywhere. I can't say I'm overly fond of this outfit, it's just something I wore and something I photographed - ah you can see this is going to be an oh so creative type of post!

I'm a little disheartened actually, today I came home to the bridal undercrackers a la Debenhams and they don't fit, so my plan is to get measured tomorrow for the first time in my life. Yup I'm 24 and have never actually known my true cheb* size, I've just always feared some snooty woman with a bob trying to force me into buying £50 underwear whilst I panic and try to think of a way to escape to Primark. But fear the bobbed lady no more! For tomorrow I will saunter up cool as a cucumber (and as red as a raspberry) and politely ask someone to manhandle my breasts.

Well this post has certainly gone to places I didn't expect : / On that note I'm off to watch Made in Chelsea and find out what Kimberly has been up too.

*Chebs - Noun - An polite and humorous term spawned from the male used to name the breasts of a human female. 

Blair Waldorf Does Florals & So Do I (on a budget)

Blair Waldorf Style florals gossip girl Where to Find 'Em - First Row: Cropped Shirt // Sleeveless Sheer Blouse // Trousers
                                Second Row: Shorts // Leggings // Skirt
                                Third Row: Dress // Skirt // Vest

Ah so my two favourite obsessions have come together, Gossip Girl and Florals. I won't lie, I want everything here. Everything. I love Blair Waldorf's style and if I had a spare £150 I would be grabbing my cyber trolley and dashing Dale Winton style around the sites filling my baskets with glee, to be honest 9 items for £150 isn't too shoddy! Alsooo if you like the skirt you can get a cheeky %15 off with the code AFF12 and if the dress tickles your fancy Inlovewithfashion are doing £10 off first time orders so you could snag it for £26.
Argh I don't know why I tempt myself so close to payday, and even once it gets here I shouldn't really spend any of it what with the wedding saves and such. In more exciting news though (or exciting for me at least), my mum and dad unintentionally got a puppy! They moved to Spain over a year ago and recently a lot of the locals have been abandoning pets in the area they live which is obvs disgusting, a while back one of their neighbours had two kittens thrown over his fence! Anyway they've seen a few pesky looking mutts roaming around but this little nipper ended up in their garden yesterday, and after a visit to the vets they decided to adopt her : )

After being told by numerous people that Sally is a silly name for a dog they decided to go with Bella and I canny wait to see her.

You Put It Down Like New York City

lace skater dress nude skater dress black heeled shoe boots topshop lace skater dress
Dress: Inlovewithfashion
Bangle: Primark
Necklace: Miss Selfridge (super old)

I think I've found my new favourite dress, I know I know I probably say this every time a new garment graces the hangers of my wardrobe but the quality is amazing and it's one of those dresses that can be turned into a night-time dress with a mere pair of heels. Well worth the £17 that should have really been  spent on petrol or something else sensible! Annnd I've just seen that if you're a newby to inlovewithfashion you can get £10 off if you spend £30 with the code WELCOME10, so you could actually end up with two sale dresses for around £25, ah I do love me a good bargain.

I wore this on Friday for a night out (my lower half was tanned at the time, honest) that left me with the mother of all hangovers that even a big mac and a banana milkshake couldn't sort, but I suppose jiving to Labrynth, Jagerbombs, and 99p shots of vodka was sort of worth it. As a result of this I've spent the majority of this weekend on my sofa avec savoury snacks after being invited to the 24 party around 10 years too late - how have I not watched it before?! In other me news this week has seen me watch the avengers and actually enjoy it, get the cinema times wrong and miss out on American Pie, and become addicted to the My Herritage Celebrity Lookalike site again - anything that tells me I resemble Ashley Olsen and some old famous man in the same photo is a win for me!

Cocktails in Coconuts

Maybelline Colour Tattoo & an Attempt at Youtube

I know there's already a multitude of posts about the Maybelline Colour Tattoos but I had to take a moment to throw my love for Eternal Gold in there.
maybelline colour tattoo eternal gold swatch beauty eyeshadow blog  gold cream eyeshadow colour tattoo eternal gold ghd curled hair maybelline colour tattoo

Far more people have done far more in depth reviews of these little pots of gold but the stories are true, it does stay on! I'm someone who constantly eye rubs and will probably be embracing many a wrinkle as a result of this, but the Colour Tattoos seem to withstand even the most vigorous of rubs (hmmm) and is still gracing my peepers before I head to snoozville after applying at 7am.
In fairness I didn't believe the hype at first so I put it to the test and I urge any other skeptical Sally's out there to do the same, head to Boots, "swatch" some on your hand, and try to rub it off, I challenge ya!

Oh and I made a youtube video yesterday, lemme know what you think?

Four Months To Go

I never know whether or not to put weddingy things on here in fear people may think (in a Napoleon Dynamite voice) "God, stop shoving your wedding in our faces", but it excites me so if you're cross about confetti or mad at marriage look away now...

wedding planning castle cake

1. Wedding cake samples from Tanya at Sugar Rush who makes amazing cakes. She's based in the Northampton area so if anyones looking that-a-ways for cakey goodness then definitely get in contact.

2. Part of the bridesmaid jewellery, this was bought on a whim online so I'm hoping they like it. And if not then tough, I haven't bought out the bridezilla yet so feel I'm entitled to at least one crazy moment.

3.  Headpiece from Hair We Go, it's actually a lot bigger and sparklier in real life but again I'd definitely  recommend. They also have an Aladdin's cave of a shop in Northampton but sell their stuff online too for a rather good price. Annnd they let you use a different headpiece for your trial hair "do" so yours doesn't get ruined with all the pesky hair spray, how nice is that?

4. The Venue. I'm really hoping the weather stays dry as it looks like we can get some rather nice photos on the grounds. It wasn't actually bad at all price wise and we went with one of those all-in packages so the only thing we really had to organise was the registrar.

5. Bridesmaid shoes. Trying to find gold shoes that weren't hideously tacky or strappy was a mission, in the end they pretty much agreed that the shoes were only going to be worn once and didn't need to be super expensive so I bought these from this seller on Ebay after seeing some better, less yellow photos of them and they're surprisingly nice! Definitely not as orangey as the pictures.

6. Mink lace bridesmaid dresses. Thanks Monsoon.

So there's a cheeky glimpse into my wedding, as you can probably tell it's classed as budget but I'm budget and proud. Plus apparently anything under ten thousand is classed as "doing it on the cheap" which I think is madness! I'd have loved to have saved money and done some d.i.y a'la Sarah but I'm just not that creative and I'm all thumbs, I can't even cut in a straight line : /

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