Floral Playsuit and Gillian McKeith

tesco playsuit floral

I think this is the first time I've rocked a ponytail on the blog, the word ponytail makes me sound like a child but that's what it is right? Clearly I saw sun outside whilst choosing this outfit, (Harry) pottered around the flat for a bit, and when it was time to actually leave it was throwing it down with rain. Oh English weather, I almost dislike you as much as the new blogger layout. Almost.

Anyway I had quite a productive day yesterday, I managed to find my headpiece for the wedding and sort out my flowers in one morning! For anyone getting married or anyone that just likes to treat themselves to an embellished headband/tiara or two I'd definitely recommend the shop I ventured into, it's run by two lovely ladies and they're based in Northampton but they have an online store which can be found here. Most of their Tiaras are under the £15 mark but I've gone for a mammoth side headband which was a bit more, anything to hide the roots.
Oh and I managed to get my mitts on Ibiza Mix which after reading twitter seems to be quite a feat, I feel like I've uncovered some sort of well kept secret with my new love for nail polish - it's a bit sad that  that it took me to get to mid 20's before my nails were nice enough to actually wear it : /

So after a productive day yesterday it's now 10 am and I'm still sat nursing a brew in my pjs trying to put off cleaning the flat, typical Sunday really. I'll leave you with a nice sign someone put up at work...

Edit: I uploaded a video to youtube today, have a look see


  1. HAHA that sign! Brilliant!

    I have that playsuit :)

    And yesss, hate the new blogger layout!


  2. errgghh new blogger is way too white and shiny! It is already confusing me!

    that is one brilliant sign!

    The weather keeps confusing me too, it looks sunny, i got out in a dress and its bleddy freezing!

    josie x

  3. I don't mind new Blogger, I've had it months haha
    That sign is hilarious!


  4. ha, love the sign. I once did management cover at a pub for a week (in essex) and there was a sign in the toilet saying 'whoever is picking their nose and wiping it on the wall, please stop' the sign had bogeys stuck all over it.

    Love the playsuit, but bugger to all the shit rain. the sun is gloriously shining here today and I have to go to work on my day off. sucks to be me!

    I think I need to find a dress for le wedding before a head piece. not sure if hair will be up or down... gahhhh.

  5. the word ´ponytail´ is one of the funniest ever.

    The English weather is on in the Czech republic now. Rain, sun, rainbow, rain, sun, a little rain, sun, sun, rainbow.. oh and rain again. It sucks and the new Blogger does as well... it will take a while and after a few months, we will get used to is and forget about the old one.

  6. you really suit your hair up. Love your playsuit and I also hate the English weather at times!xxx

  7. I love the ponytail! I always look like an idiot with them, I HATE my ears! Your outfit is great too :)

    Ah, wedding. I have no idea how I'd ever be able to cope if I got married, such a long day! Dan was working at one yesterday and was out of the house from 8am to 8pm taking photos, SO LONG. How must the bride feel? Not like she'll have had much sleep - Well I know I wouldn't. Man I'm getting old, I need naps dammit!

    fridayisforever.blogspot.com xx

  8. Haha omg that sign! I need to put that up in my bathroom, it's genius!
    You look great with a ponytail, it really suits you :) the play suit is lovely too.

  9. LOL the sign! You look lovely, I wish I looked nice in a ponytail! x

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  11. Must feel great to get things ticked off with the wedding. Can't wait to see pictures of this headpiece!

    As for that sign, I may have to make my own- the bathrooms on the floor of the law school I spend a lot of time on... exactly this problem.

  12. Rocking the ponytail. Is it weird that I'm excited for your wedding? Whatever, stalker-ness aside, I AM. I'm sure you'll look lovely :) And that notice is vile. Last year in halls we shared toilets and we had what was so delightfully named the "phantom shitter". Ah, life <3 xxx

  13. haha i love that (harry) pottering! That's what i'm doing today!

    Also people are gross!



  14. love your playsuit, I've never managed to find one I feel happy in :/

  15. I love this playsuit it's gorgeous and has amazing colours in it. So awesome with that leather jacket!

  16. lovely blog! :)

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  17. haha that sign is hilarious!
    Your playsuit looks lovely on you.
    Well done on the wedding organisation! I have a meeting with the florist & cake maker this week x

  18. that sign is amazing!! I need it where I work too, sometimes the ladies toilets are rather minging.. Lovely outfit, and glad to hear wedding preparations are going well xx

  19. Aww the floral palysuit is so cuteee :) Love how you broke the girliness with the rocker leather jacket! And yay for rocking ponytails, I should do that too cause I wear them often but they never appear on my blog ;)

  20. Your hair looks really nice up and playsuits are great! Love the sign- hopefully it got the message across :) xx

  21. that playsuit is gorgeous and you really suit your hair up, you lucky thing! I'm determined to wear summery clothes, even if the english weather doesn't want me too! hah, just watched your video and it made me giggle so much - made a good break from revision too, haha :) xo

  22. LOL i love your video's they make me so happy!!! :D

  23. Love your playsuit, and your looks really nice up! That sign is actually hilarious!

  24. I love your playsuit. I just got married two weeks ago and I searched all over for a headpiece. x

  25. ha good sign! not long now :) so excited for you xx

  26. that playsuit look haaaaaaaaawt on your eloise!!!! <3
    and eek! that's so exciting about your wedding! excited for you!
    and you look gorgey with a ponytail! and it was such a risk wearing the red boots but i thought the contrast looked good ;) haha!


  27. Love the romper with the leather jacket! I have a romper I have yet to wear and I am thinking maybe I will style it this way!!

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  28. I love the last picture/note haha! You really suit that colour :) should try it more.


  29. I love the playsuit! It looks great with a leather jacket too - what an excellent way to make it work for not-so-warm-weather!

  30. haha that sign is brilliant! I pretty much did exactly the same thing yesterday when choosing what to wear! xx

  31. hello! thank you for the comment on my blog, cannot believe the horror who nabbed the alan carr glasses, cretinous! this post made me laugh because of the harry potter reference, i am ALL for those. congrats on sorting out things for the wedding, i bet you're so excited! i'm practically hyperventilating with excitement for my boyfriend's cousin's wedding next month so god knows what i'd be like if it was my own.

    jade. xx

  32. Awww the ponytail looks so cute on you! I'm the same though, my hair is very 'bouncy' so whenever I put my hair in a ponytail I feel like a 12year old cheerleader haha! x

  33. I love that playsuit, the floral print is gorgeous and I always feel a little strange wearing a ponytail too, but then realise I actually kind of like it xxx

  34. That sign is amazing ahaha! Love the playsuit and you really suit your hair up! X

  35. Ahahaha that sign is absolutely ridiculous. Fair point though!

    Glad to hear that you've finally joined the dark side of nail polish lovers, I knew we'd break you eventually! x

  36. Love the playsuit! Looks so great with the leather jacket!
    Thank you for your lovely comment!

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