Ebay Bargains

I do love the high street, and as saddened as I am that I'm now outgrowing topshop and their tiny cropped tops and shorts I do still have my trusty favourites. However whilst perusing ebay t'uther day I came across some things that looked quite familiar for a snip of the price and thought I'd share, tbh it did take a lot of scrolling through a lot of rubbish in the buy it now section but below are some of the better items I found. All the cheaper items are courtesy of ebay sellers which I'll link, the pricier's were found from various highstreet stores but I'm not going to name as that'd be mean. Plus these shops all sell some lovely things that ebay could never compare to.
Ebay vs Highstreet bargain
Coral Maxi Skirt // Mesh Polka Dot Dress // Baroque Print Skirt // Baroque Print Dress
Blue Bodycon Skirt // Leopard Leggings

Have I tempted you buy anything? I'm swaying towards the coral maxi for the summer, if the summer ever decides to appear that is.


  1. I am always looking on eBay for clothes! I don't like sharing Topshop with ridiculously trendy tweenies;)

    Caz x

  2. It's amazing what you can find on eBay, but sometimes the quality puts me off. For example, I'm really wary of leggings being see through (NOT A GOOD LOOK haha!). I recently saw an exact replica of the Topshop £20 ying-yang leggings in one of those cheapo shops for a mere £4.99, but when I put my hand under the material to check how see through they would be it was ridiculous, you may as well go out in just your pants. That's just the leggings though, I can't see it being a problem with the skirts or dresses xx

  3. Loving this post, there's actually real cheap things not just pretend £10 cheap things haha! I can't wait to see the outfit posts from these x x x

  4. I absolutely love eBay for bargains like this!
    It might not always be the best quality, but you get what you pay for and at those prices, I really don't care too much :D

    http://ohkristianna.blogspot.com x

  5. oh wow, what great bargains! I should look on ebay more often :) x

  6. Oooh thanks for this Eloise! Definately checking this out!

  7. I just bought the bodycon skirt; I've been wanting another for work for ages and at that price I can't say no! Thankyou for finding it; may get one in another colour if it's nice on. Love the coral maxi skirt too, as you said it will be lovely for if it ever stops raining! :) xxx

  8. I'm rather liking the £8.99 dress :) I'm so terrible at finding bargains on Ebay!! xx

  9. Great post, The maxi skirt is gorgeous! I do love me some ebay bargains!

    Drea @ Drea's Junkyard

  10. There are some brilliant finds on Ebay, unfortunately I'm never the best at finding them! Haha x

  11. I love posts like this, it both saves AND costs me monies!

  12. I love Ebay posts! They're my favourite to read. Love the spotty dress :) x

  13. Ebay is awesome - I love how some highstreet brands also have some discount stores. I am waiting for my half price boohoo dress to arrive, a gorgeous black skater dress with PU trim.
    I actually think I'm going to buy one of the maxi skirts - I love the jade green colour. Least at less than £4 its not as big of a risk since the British summer is so unreliable :)
    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  14. I love ebay it's so fab. I got 2 skirts today for 10.99!

  15. i love when you can find great things for buy it now prices, so these are perfect. i hate hate hate bidding wars, i always either lose, or end up bidding higher than its worth just to win haha.


  16. Damn, you gotta love ebay! xo


  17. Haha YES I will trade you apartments. For realsies though.

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  21. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. You're the star. I get annoyed that Topshop is ridiculously expensive and I neednt worry now :)


  22. Been looking for a cheap black jersey maxi skirt for a while now and I've just purchased this one so thank you :)


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