Ebay Bargains

I do love the high street, and as saddened as I am that I'm now outgrowing topshop and their tiny cropped tops and shorts I do still have my trusty favourites. However whilst perusing ebay t'uther day I came across some things that looked quite familiar for a snip of the price and thought I'd share, tbh it did take a lot of scrolling through a lot of rubbish in the buy it now section but below are some of the better items I found. All the cheaper items are courtesy of ebay sellers which I'll link, the pricier's were found from various highstreet stores but I'm not going to name as that'd be mean. Plus these shops all sell some lovely things that ebay could never compare to.
Ebay vs Highstreet bargain
Coral Maxi Skirt // Mesh Polka Dot Dress // Baroque Print Skirt // Baroque Print Dress
Blue Bodycon Skirt // Leopard Leggings

Have I tempted you buy anything? I'm swaying towards the coral maxi for the summer, if the summer ever decides to appear that is.

I've Been Converted

I would never in a gazillion years have thought that I'd be using a bit of space on this here blog to bang on about nail polish but I'm currently eating my hat. It's taken me over twenty years but I've finally got over the fact that the stuff makes my fingers feel funny and embraced a bit o' colour. models own ibiza mix
models own ibiza mix

I fear I'm becoming a fan of nail polish, Saturday saw me frantically scanning the cosmetic displays of Boots like a woman possessed looking for the perfect shimmery shade and the perfect glitter, I spent so long pawing at the different glass bottles of goodness that the sales people started tailing me. I finally left clutching a bottle of Ibiza Mix and Pastel Pink whilst grinning like a cheshire cat and actually looking forward to painting my nails, what has happened to me? I blame blogging.

Gums of Steel

tights lace shift dress heeled brogues
Dress: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Ring: c/o Rock 'n Rose
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Tights: c/o Tightsplease

Why hello there can you tell I like lace? I also like Pixie Lott so knowing she also has this ring makes me like it even more. How many times can I say like?
One thing I don't like is having a replacement filling without an injection, this happened to me today and having someone drill through your teeth with no form of numbing at all is not nice although now I feel completely justified when I say "I'm double 'ard me". His excuse was that the ol' gums might still be sensitive after my last visit but it was clearly because he'd got needle happy last time and didn't want this to happen to me again, he obvs thought I was the Suing Susan type - although to be fair other than ringing Judge Judy I wouldn't even know where to start!
To compensate from the face throbbing I tried to feel pretty by donning these tights, yes they've been "c/o-ed" but my white chunky footballers legs have led me to become quite the fan of tights over the years, I've always played it safe and gone for the plain Janes so it's been quite nice parading around in these and pretending to be victorian. Thanks to tightsplease I'm now lusting after a million pairs and hoping the weather stays chilly enough for me to wear them!
Gah I've just realised what I've done, I've opened the floodgates of google search to all the creepy men who like nylon, I think it was Katy who made me aware of this, go away creepies, you're fetishes aren't welcome here!

Floral Playsuit and Gillian McKeith

tesco playsuit floral

I think this is the first time I've rocked a ponytail on the blog, the word ponytail makes me sound like a child but that's what it is right? Clearly I saw sun outside whilst choosing this outfit, (Harry) pottered around the flat for a bit, and when it was time to actually leave it was throwing it down with rain. Oh English weather, I almost dislike you as much as the new blogger layout. Almost.

Anyway I had quite a productive day yesterday, I managed to find my headpiece for the wedding and sort out my flowers in one morning! For anyone getting married or anyone that just likes to treat themselves to an embellished headband/tiara or two I'd definitely recommend the shop I ventured into, it's run by two lovely ladies and they're based in Northampton but they have an online store which can be found here. Most of their Tiaras are under the £15 mark but I've gone for a mammoth side headband which was a bit more, anything to hide the roots.
Oh and I managed to get my mitts on Ibiza Mix which after reading twitter seems to be quite a feat, I feel like I've uncovered some sort of well kept secret with my new love for nail polish - it's a bit sad that  that it took me to get to mid 20's before my nails were nice enough to actually wear it : /

So after a productive day yesterday it's now 10 am and I'm still sat nursing a brew in my pjs trying to put off cleaning the flat, typical Sunday really. I'll leave you with a nice sign someone put up at work...

Edit: I uploaded a video to youtube today, have a look see

Revlon Colour Burst Lipstick in Baby Pink

As always I've just had a look at this lipsticks rating on makeupalley and I don't think it's getting the praise it deserves. Baby pink is a cool toned pink with a sheer finish and pretty packaging, and whilst it may not suit all skin tones when it's right its just, well, right.
Revlon colour burst lipstick baby pink beauty blog
revlon colour burst lipstick beauty blog review
revlon colour burst swatch
The general opinion surrounding this lipstick is that the frosty finish is perhaps too sheer, but as a girl who runs from anything matte, shimmer is where my heart lies and this soft baby pink compliments almost all of the shades in my trusty naked palette. I was originally introduced to the Colour Burst lipsticks when I bought Raspberry and they're quickly becoming one of my faves, at £7.99 they're mid range in price but the packaging and the shape of the lipstick sways it for me.
Hello awful hair

Guest Post: My Daily Routine

As with every other morning today I was rudely awaken by the child screaming in the flat below, I don't know how it doesn't wake everyone else in this household but the minute I hear that shrill creature so much as murmur I'm up. As usual I tentatively creep into the kitchen in the hope that some form of continental dish has been left for me but once again no, my flat acquaintances have left last night's food remainders. The swines. Today I showed them who's boss, today I got my own back by sneaking some underwear out of the bedroom and relieving myself on it. I know I can get away with it and I'll continue to terrorise them in this way until I get the cooked hams I deserve.

After deliberately not washing my hands I decided it was time to wake up the swines by waving them under their noses, this worked but I'm always inexplicably rewarded with a "cuddle". I hate cuddles and can usually struggle my way out of them after drawing blood. After hearing some explicit words I had myself some quiet time as I gazed out of the window at my kingdom, I like seeing the beasts below me wander in and out of my land but like many great leaders before me I'm unapproachable. Oh well. I didn't dwell on this as I snuggled up with Sharpay, I'm her ginger lothario.

We Throw Bombs On It

motel leopard print fashion blog
Cardigan: h&m
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Motel
Necklace: c/o Accessories Direct

I'm quite pleased I've managed to find a way to wear these shorts, I love them and I probably will attempt at wearing them without tights on holiday where no one knows/can judge me but they're just so little and thanks to 9 years of competitive swimming (or at least I tell myself this is the reason) little isn't really the word to describe my thighs. Also it means I can contrast them with a super baggy top which is always a win.
Hope everyone's recovered well from the week after a long weekend, speaking of recovery did I mention my face was destroyed by a dentist? I kid, I'm aware it's all I've spoken about recently but I was so appalled that a little anesthetic could have an effect like that - so here's my recovery snap, the swelling has now gone and the bruise is on it's way out so soon I won't need a plastering trowel to apply concealer!
Dentist bruising anesthetic

And in more shallow news I've decided to finally do something about my roots and get some blonde highlights, I've gone over a year with no colour whatsoever in an attempt to turn into Rapunzel but enough is enough and I can't take being mousy anymore ("YOU SAID SHE WAS MOUSY!" - kudos for anyone who knows that quote) and I'm hoping to be root free by Thursday. Hopefully I won't turn into a bleach obsessive this time around...

A While Before Payday Wishlist

1 £5 Models Own //2 £24.99 Newlook //3 £24.99 Own The Runway //4 £42 tfnc //5 £27.99 Missguided //6 £24.99 Glamorous //7 £29.99 Ark //8 £24.99 Glamorous //9 £9 Topshop //10 £28 Republic

Yes my wishlist is pretty much all dresses but in between manic bursts of phone calls at work I'm finding myself dreaming of beaches, summer dresses, and molesting Dolphins in Cancun. Perhaps that isn't the right choice of words but I'm determined to get a smooch from one!
So in the 5 months leading up to my holiday I'm clearly just going to get more and more excited and become more and more of a crazy online window shopper, and being an avid reader of Sarah's blog doesn't help - she keeps finding dresses I feel I need to own! I reckon these would be perfect for any time of year and it's pretty clear I'm one for "know what you like and buy loads of it" as all of my dresses are this sort of length and style at the moment, I did try and shoehorn myself into a bodycon number recently but my ever growing pouch was having none of it and I just ended up feeling depressed. So I ate an Asda's own Marsbar. Clever.
Oh wins Watchdog has just started, a number have things have cropped up recently when I've thought "you know you're getting old when..." and I suppose being a big watchdog fan is one of them, I remember being a nipper and hating the programme but now it's one of my weeklies. Another was realising that more than one apprentice contestant is actually YOUNGER than me, gone are the days where they all look old and business-ey!

I Instagrammed March

1. Waking up to the death stare every morning
2. Lunchtime obsession, I'll never convert to Muller Lights
3. No idea why I took this photo but I wore it shopping
4. Becoming a Drawsomething fan, draw me a picture wontcha? I'm imeloweez
5. Gordon Ramsay mugs for A POUND
6. Eating my weight in Thorntons thanks to Laura
7. Re discovering Gold bars
8. Bridesmaid dress shopping without any bridezilla moments.
9. PJ chillin'

Going by these pictures it doesn't really look like much has happened in the month of March, infact every one of these I've done pretty much involves food : / Actually the month started off bloggery with the ldnlunch and ended bloggery with the motelrocks event where I got to see the lovely Rebecca again and meet Kim, Becca, Lyzi, Michelle and a tonne of others. Inbetween I visited Stoke with Thomas, finally send out my wedding invites, played a lot of tap the frog, finished watching Dexter (sob!), and came this close to taking a sledgehammer to my car.
And today is another typical Sunday for me with loads of tea and loads of channel 4 - after having my sister, her boyfriend and their baby visiting my little flat at the beginning of the weekend it now feels weird sitting in the quiet and being commotion free! So I'm now sat blogging with one tab open on the boots website, I must be stopped.


peter pan collar necklace fashion
peter pan collar necklace skater dress

Necklace: ikandy
Dress: In Love With Fashion

About a month ago the lovely Beth from ikandi contacted me asking if I wanted to review something from her site. After having a peruse and seeing all the shiny offerings I'd have been rather silly to refuse! I chose this collar necklace as I've been admiring them on other blog posts but hadn't actually seen any affordable versions on the highstreet. I realise I'm wearing it with the wrong type o' neckline but I own nothing round necked and I didn't think it would go with one of Tom's old t shirts....
Completely changing the subject but I'm about to get the violins out: I have a swollen face. A horribly swollen face. Last night I bit into a bit of flapjack which crumbled my tooth so today I trotted off to the dentist to get a filling unaware of the horror that was awaiting me. Whilst giving me a local anesthetic the dentist managed to inject it into my blood vessel which in turn swished some crazy drugged up blood around my face which then burst more blood vestles and resulted in the right side of my face resembling a balloon. I've been told to expect bruising and the swelling to go down in three days. Pah! Has this ever happened to anyone else?!
So my plan for the rest of tonight is a hot date with Alan Sugar and a duvet.

Edit: Since writing this I have been compared to American Dad

Honestly I'm Down Like the Economy

leopard print dress missguided fashion blog
leopard print dress missguided chiffon
Dress: Missguided
Necklace: Accessorize

Scuse the title, I'm listening and wailing along as I type.
I was pawing all over the Missguided dress page after winning a giveaway on Amy's Blog and I initially used the oh so generous voucher to buy this feather print dress but the silly delivery man posted it through the wrong door : / Despite posting him a polite note the old chap in the other house won't answer to me so Missguided's customer service were pretty awesome and let me choose something else as a replacement. As much as I love leopard print I usually shy away from it as I'm almost mid 20's now and feel I could come across a bit Bet Lynch? This is perfect as the print is far more dulled down and the pastel pink makes it more wearable and less Weatherfield.
Gah I feel I should fill this post with tales of frollocking in the sun and other summer antics, instead I was completely bitter yesterday at having to part with £400 for my car to pass it's mot and actually snarled at the poor woman who took my card payment. I did try and seek refuge in three Gold Bars but even their caramelly goodness didn't help! Ah well, next weekend I get to see my Nephew and shop for bridesmaid dresses so I'll look forward to that instead.

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