Let's Go Get a Wave

Driving a death trap and saving for a wedding seem to be two factors that are leaving me using coppers in the self serves as of late so I've not exactly been one for "splashing the cash" (I lie, I made a sneaky Missguided purchase yesterday, that site will ruin me, ruin me I tell you!), and as all seems to have gone quiet on the blogging front.
I don't want this to turn solely into a look what I've got blog so I thought I'd try my hand at a youtube video that isn't a Coronation Street rap. Sooo in the hope I don't sound like I've got an enormous head I thought I'd put out a plea for some QUEZZIES that I can answer as I don't really have a lot to ramble about at the moment. It doesn't even have to be a question about me tbh, it could be a philosophical pondering or, well, anything.
If you want to be anonymous you can ask via my formspring or you can make yourself known and leave a comment. Or just tell me to shut up.

Mac Well Dressed Blush

I was planning an outfit post today but spent the last few hours of daylight cleaning bird poo from my car with the Morrisons jet wash so I thought instead I'd share a new love of mine. Blush. I know I went on in a recent post about how I've only just discovered that it can actually not look crap on my blotchy skin so I'll refrain from that and instead splash images on my blog of the latest addition to my blush collection. Well Dressed.
Mac Well Dressed Beauty Makeup Blog
Mac Well Dressed Blush Beauty Blog
MAc Blush pink well dressed beauty blog
mac well dressed swatch
mac well dressed blush blog beauty review
I've been wanting to try this after seeing Kate's Post so when I saw it on cheapsmells for the bargain price of £13.45 with free delivery it felt wrong to click away without adding it to my basket. Plus I was in a horrible mood and always feel this justifies any purchases. Well Dressed is a blue toned pink which I always seem to be drawn to and seems to gel perfectly with pale skin, it's satin finish also makes it easy to build up colour whilst still appearing "glowy" and not overly cakey. I think this finish is also perfect for dry skinned Susan's like me as it gives the appearance of dewy skin without having to go to loads of effort.
The colour seems to not want to show up on the camera at all, but when applied to the upper part of the cheekbones it's a lovely cool pink which can be applied in a rush and still give the "I've just woken up with this lovely flush" look.
I definitely think I've bought out the blush monster in myself and I'm already eyeing up other shades on cheapsmells - any recommendations?

Edit: During an intoxicated incident trying to get into a taxi gracefully I have ruined MA FACE so have no snaps of me wearing this.

Ebay Gladiator Sandals

Probably not the most exciting of posts but I thought I'd share an absolute bargain I found on ebay.
gladiator sandals cheap

Scuse the mess in the background! I'm incredibly pleased with these and reckon they'll go with anything in the summer, the jewels might look a bit tacky but I likes 'em and figure they will match anything pastel I purchase. They're new and can be found here for buy it now £6.99, or if you wanted to go wild and spend an extra pound I've found a purple pair here for £7.99.
And with that I'm off on a road trip to Sunny Stoke on Trent where I will try my hardest to keep away from the amazing Primark they have there and probably fail - I've seen to many a scalloped edge tee to resist!

Zooey Deschanel Style on a Budget

zoey deschanel style fashion clothes

I think I'm probably the only blogger to have never watched an episode of New Girl and I don't know why I've never bothered, Fridays have just become Dexter nights for me and Thomas so I've not really had much room in my life for anything else! I'll probably end up doing a massive New Girl marathon at some point but until then I'll just like Zooey Deschanel's style from afar and continue to wish I had her hair.
I'm quite liking this turquoise dress I found though and it may be a paydayhasarived purchase for me, although as I've said before my pale skin teamed with this colour makes me feel like a walking cucumber so maybe I'll have to try a different shade! I won't prattle on about Zooey Deschanel because to be honest I don't really know anything about her other than she looks a lot like Katy Perry so instead I shall leave this post short and sweet as I really don't have anything to ramble on about as of late. I've literally spent ages attempting to write this post and make my life seem more exciting but it's just not happening, my plan for tonight is to eat discounted Wetherspoons food in my own home(!) and probably watch some more of the ginger killer - it's safe to say I do have an obsession.

If You Steal My Sunshine

missguided pink lace dress
missguided pink lace dress fashion blog
Dress: Missguided
Necklace: Just found one identical here for 99p
Pale untoned arms: My Own

This dress and my recent sandals purchase has got me excited for summer. Possibly because both of them don't really look that great with tights but I couldn't subject you to my pale thighs as I just shuddered at the thought. I cannot actually wait to stroll around in this dress on holiday with a pair of wedges and a fake tan whilst slurping on a calippo sipping on a cocktail. Dreamy.
I think Missguided will probably always be my go to for affordable dresses, I bought the sleeved version of this in blue last year and after seeing Sarah's post dedicated to the amazing Aldara dress I had to get it, and to be fair paypal money isn't real money is it?! Although I don't know if it's fueled my lace addiction as I'm already eyeing up the minty green version...
In other news I'm on the hunt for the perfect headband/side tiara for the wedding, I know I know I've been bleating on about the fact that I'm no longer going to be "Miss Smith" quite a lot over the last few weeks but I'm rather excited to shed this not very nice surname. Plus I'm hair obsessed so headstuff is a big deal for me. I've seen a load on this amazingly affordable local to me site but I'm thinking these two are my faves, whaddaya reckon?

Topshop Blush in Flush Review

Once again it took me forever to jump on a bandwagon but one of my missions whilst in London a couple of weeks ago was to venture into Topshop to admire (and purchase) some makeup. Living in a shoddy shopping town my nearest "big" Topshop is Milton Keynes and after attempting to peruse the makeup in there and being faced with a shoddy, mauled to death stand I left empty handed. So when I eventually made it into the Oxford Circus store I really wasn't expecting a whole section dedicated to cosmetics and was impressed with how well kept it was and how none of the products had suffered from the hands of many a makeup junky.
One of the products I came out smugly clutching was the cream to powder blush in the colour "Flush"
Topshop blush flush makeup blog
topshop cream blush flush makeup
beauty topshop makeup blush blog flush
With blotchy skin that suffers from redness blushes have always been a product that I've bypassed, but recently I've started taking the time to cover the redness on the lower area of my cheeks and use this cream to powder formula lightly over my cheekbones and I'm quite liking the result! I'll be honest and say it was the hype over various blogs that lead me to try out a Topshop blush and the cute packaging was an added bonus, but these are really worth parting with £6.00. I'd also say not to be wary of how bright the product looks in the pan, one of the main reasons for me not ordering online was that the shades on offer all looked a bit too "in your face" for a blush newby, but once applied the colour is a lot more wearable with the option to build it up if you prefer. Flush is a wearable pink with the blue undertones which I seem to be constantly drawn to and pretty much lives up to it's name giving you a subtle flush perfect for the summer.
topshop flush blush
To be honest it hasn't photographed that well here, but the picture is an example of just how little colour you can get from the product if you're after a minimal justgotoutofbed makeup look. I've been applying mine with the No7 Blusher Brush but it seems to be shedding a bit and burying it's little bristles into the product (nice), although Corrie has found the Real Techniques Stippling Brush to be a winner.
Overall I would really recommend the Topshop blushes as they're great for all skin types and are excellent value for money. I'd say the only downside is the amount of shades available at the moment, I've just had a look online and there's only 3 - although my bank balance would see this as a good thing.

I Like Cake....especially when it's my wedding cake!

Ok I know this isn't very fashion-ey or makeup-ey but I got my sample wedding cakes today and I'm pretty much in love with them. And I think it's perfectly acceptable to be in love with cake, especially when some of them are chocolate inside! I completely lucked out as one of my budz makes cakes as well as leading the glamourous life of a credit controller so I didn't have the hassle of trawling around bakeries and tentatively asking the price before being bowled over by shock - I saw some sites starting at £600....FOR A SPONGE CAKE.
So here's what I'm having, I'm going with a daisy/gerbera theme with neutral colours so it all ties in nicely and the final cake is going to be three tiers of deliciousness but Tanya is super talented and can make all sorts. Have a look at her site here if you're in the mood for cake as she makes these little wonders for all types of celebrations and her prices are friendly!
daisy wedding cake blossom
ivory wedding daisy cake
daisy cupcakes wedding favours
flower cupcakes wedding

LDNLUNCH in Pictures

After this post I'll stop going on about the lunch, honest. Just thought I'd dump some photos onto my blog and link the lovely people I met, if anyone wants to thieve these little snaps then feel free, unless you're a creepy being. Then don't feel free.
Clockwise: Daisy, Yasmin, Rachel, Charlotte, Emily, Chloe, Lois, Hayley, & Vicky
Left to Right: Sophie, Lily, Lizzy, Chelsea, Emma, Faye, Hannah & Joanna
Left to Right: Lowri, Sarah, Gemma, Hannah, & Lauren
Left to Right: Jemma, Stacey, Rebecca, & Sarah
Sian and me (the correct term may be I but alas I get them mixed up)
Katy and Emily
Annabel and Sian
Lauren, Emma & Me (photo pilfered from Jemma)

Overall it was a fab day and I was amazed at how many people came. I was also amazed at my own ability (toot toot on my own trumpet) to navigate my way on the tube after becoming panic stricken at the news that the Victoria line was kaput that day. It was just a shame that Claire couldn't be there after tonnes of emailing back and forth to organise the day, so thanks to my fellow organisers Claire & Sophie for getting me out of Northampton on a wouldbeboringotherwise Saturday!

What I Wore to LDNLUNCH

Dress: Motel
Cardigan: Newlook
Necklace: Primark

So here's my outfit for ldnlunch, I went with my usual leaving the house attire (whilst in the house I'm a complete slob and can be found lounging in tracky b's) of a dress and a cardigan and was rather happy with the result. I'm loving kimono type knits at the moment and this bad boi from Newlook seems to go with everything. Apologies for the word "boi", some drunks were shouting "He's an old stone island boiiiii" repeatedly on the train on the way home and I've adopted it as my own : / I'm also planning on trawling the internet for this dress in other prints, I swear I've seen a cosmic version somewhere and I'm determined to jaunt through the streets of Mexico wearing it.
In other really boring news I am now officially getting my save on for the wedding, there's loads of little things that just seem to get missed when you're working out a budget and I need to start hoarding all my pennies together to afford them. Like today I ambled into Staples to find a gold pen for the invites (cliche eh?) and slumped away 5.00 lighter. FIVE POUNDS for a gold and silver gel pen! I remember back in the day they were 99p each and those were for the swish Signos!
With my bitterness towards stationary in mind I'm going to have to think of some frugal blog posts, so rather than my usual materialistic "look at my pretty dress" pictures I was thinking of copying Sara and doing a question and answer video? If you want to ask me any type of question, be it anonymous or not, then you can leave it as a comment below or on my formspring and I'll attempt to answer it with my voicebox in the next week or so. The weirder the better in my opinion.

I Instagrammed February

1. Snow! As if it's actually snowing again today as well. Madness.
2. My love for Dexter continues, pretty much did series three in about 3 days. About to start my eyes on series 4 today and I CANNOT WAIT. Although I will say I'm not liking Rita's new Hollywood look, go back to being dowdy I preferred you that way!
3. No reason for this photo really, except that I'm vain.
4. Choosing the words for the wedding, some of the choices are a bit gross, yeah we're getting married but I'm not about to serenade Thomas with sickening lovey dovey passages.
5. Made me some cupcakes, looked alright but tasted a bit like eating melted butter.
6. Babies?
7. Being banished to the other room to watch Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents, really makes me dislike LADZ.
8. Thomas modelling his new shades. Poser.
9. When there's still foundation left in the bottom but the pump just won't reach it, annoyance.

So that's my February. Kicked off March nicely with the London Lunch yesterday where I met and re met some people and got to stalk them in real life, everyone was lahvley and I'll be posting a load of pictures in the week - if anyone want's to pilfer any you have my permission in advance! The only slight downside was my Quesadilla, anyone else who ordered it feel a bit like they were eating a jar of tomato puree? This was obvz cancelled out by a million upsides, one of which was getting to go power crazy and control the music in the venue...oh yeah call me Annie Mac.
Oh and if you're reading this far down I'm not actually preggers cheggers, the number 6 photo is a nifty little coldsore machine I bought from boots which is supposed to blast away any little diseases that wish to grace my face. Nice.

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