January Glossybox - Thoughts

January Glossy Box
I'm a bit on the fence with Glossybox, I think the concept is a good one as a lot of people don't like to shell out a lot of dollar for high end products to then find that they were a bit crap, so the idea of trying different things before deciding on whether or not they're good enough is obvs a good one when generalised.
On the other hand as the boxes aren't "tailored" to the sorts of things you like you could be a red head with bitten nails and end up paying £12.95 for brunette hair products and nail polishes. I know there can be some hidden gems in the boxes, I've seen so many people rave about the HD brow palette and the nars illuminator so it's really a question on whether you want to take a chance or not I suppose. I do love the gorgeous packaging and receiving post always excites me but I'm not sure if I'd be willing to subscribe for a year and spend £155 on samples. But fair play to Glossybox as they've never actually tried to pass the boxes off as anything else, they advertise the products as miniatures and samples so it always annoys me when there's outrage over the content and people go all sorts of crazy bashing the brand on twitter - spending over a hundred pound on samples was your choice, not Glossybox's!


  1. I got mine yesterday and I am in love with it.. I got two Clarins products instead of the nail varnish and whatever is in that little blue box though, maybe my opinion would have been different otherwise

    I think Glossybox is a great idea.. 155 is alot of money over a year, but I always spend far too much on full size things anyway so this will probably save me some cash :)

  2. I'm not massively impressed with mine this month, I think there was to many shower type products and it was all a little to samey! Will probably try one more month to see if it's worth sticking with it :)

  3. The German boxes also vary a lot. Sometimes there are great products inside, i.e. OPI or Essie nail polishes, Moroccan hairoil or something similar great. And often there are the original sizes inside, which is nice even if you would not have bought the product yourself (I got some Rituals foam stuff, which came in the original size) and an eye shadow primer from Zeova (also original size).
    Apparently the January box was crap for a lot of people though (they don't send to Denmark, which I get my boxes send to my parents in Germany, which leads to the fact that I get 3-4 boxes every time I visit them, lol) but I still cannot wait what is in mine :)

    Love, S.

  4. I really liked this months box, but I am expecting some months to be disappinted. I don't know why, I just have a feeling it's gonna happen lol x

  5. I know exactly what you mean, I decided to unsubscribe after this box because it's just too expensive. However the packaging for this one was amazing! x

  6. I haven't seen this version of the box yet!

  7. This was a lovely read, I have been wondering for ages whether to go for it and subscribe, to be fair I do feel Glossybox do a good job considering cosmetics is such a wide range.
    I do wonder if they do actually cater for your needs after you give them feedback though?

    Jannaire xo


  8. Such great items! The nail polish is so pretty!

    xoxo, Laura

  9. Honest and true about the sample sizing and people complaining! :) x

  10. I feel the same way about these beauty boxes. Good concept, bad for the wallet.


  11. I have to say the packaging is lovely but I would like it tailored to what I like; great post very fair thoughts on it

  12. I am in two minds on getting this - I do love me some samples but I know I won't be able to use many of the hair products... it is nice to receive a nice care package every month though!!

    Drea xo


  13. Oh you have to subscribe for a whole year? Here in Germany you pay monthly and can end the subscription with a cancellation period of one or two months I think. I don't know all of the brands, but the content of your box looks so much better than the German though. In the beginning there were lots of cool things in my box, really high end products, but now they seem to switch to normal brands that are available in every drug store so it's getting more and more disappointing. We'll see where it goes...


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