Payday Wishlist


Another payday another wishlist. We finally booked our honeymoon this month (hurrah!) so I had beach walks and cocktails in mind whilst online perusing, plus I have to look nice whilst schmoozing with Dolphins no? I'm planning on buying the pink dress and saving it from the shrinking waters of the washing machine until the summer, I don't want to be one of those women you see strolling through town showing off too much buttock. I hate how the appearance of sun also means the appearance of un necessary flesh : / Especially when a stray naked bingo wing grazes past you...
Last night I had a bit of a situation, I haven't "had tea" at anyones house for ages, the kind where you sit around a table with their parents like you used to do back in school, well I found myself "having tea" (or dinner if you're more posh than me) at my friends house where her mum kindly dished me up a portion of smoked fish. I'm not a fish eater and forgot that there may be unwelcome bones hiding within it, I started chomping away and got a whole mouthfull of little fish bones. Vile. but what do you do? As I was the guest conversation seemed to be directed at me and I couldn't stealthily spit it into a napkin as there wasn't one. I remembered her mum being a sucker for table manners. I panicked. I CHEWED THEM. Then gagged at the thought of swallowing them and spat it out ungracefully into my hand. Classy. So what is the general bone etiquette? Is it frowned upon to launch it out of your mouth back onto the plate? Do let me know!

Woman in Black Navy

Blue Skater Dress: c/o

Well hello there! 'Scuse the lack o face in these photos, my skin has decided to be quite cruel and give me the gift of a coldsore, as much as I try and decline these gifts it seems to want to keep on giving. Obviously with the LDNLUNCH coming up an having to go looking like a giant scab I feel a bit crap, so it was a rather lovely surprise when I received this here dress. It's the perfect officey length and I might even be brave enough to wear it bare legged in the summer : / If you likey keep on your lighty (oh dear) or go and have a peek at the rest of their summer dresses here.
Oh has anyone else seen Woman in Black? I watched it last night and without sounding like a skeptical Susan I was a bit disappointed, I'd heard loads of hype about it being the scariest movie in a long time but I just didn't really get it? It just seemed to be 90 minutes of a silent Daniel Radcliffe trying to master a confused face whilst wandering around in the dark. Give me Haunting in Connecticut any day!
Not really much else to say really, ate a nice free Wetherspoons curry yesterday and I'm about to head out to buy some milk - Yes Katy, more milk! Next weekend is obvz going to be a lot better, quesadillas and bloggers = wins all round.

Papa's Got a Brand New (pair of paper) Bag (Shorts)

brown paper bag shorts
Top: Clothing at Tesco
Shorts: Republic
Awful Quality: Sadly my own.

As I said before I really don't know what's going on with my camera, everything is coming out dull and grainy? I've never had a camera for a long period of time before so is this what they "do" when they're on the way out? hmmm.
Not overly sure on these shorts as I don't know if I can really pull off the whole high waisted and tight top malarkey, I think it kind of screams "hello look at all the jaffa cakes I consumed last night sitting in my belly", which is a shame as I think it can look wins on some people, e.g Charlene who's figure and wardrobe I actually want to steal!
The weekend has been quite a casual one for me, whilst the majority have been swept into LFW frenzy I've extra glam and have been rooting around Wilkinsons and Poundstretcher in the search for fish bowl vases to fill with lilies for wedding centerpieces. Why do those shops always smell so musky? Me and Tom bought a mattress from somewhere similar once and the stench! We had to air it out before using it : / Tbh I don't get overly excited about weird and wonderful clothes I can't afford anyway, give me a LCHAOFW (low cost highstreet and online fashion week) and I'm there with heaps of bells on.

Same Dress New Jacket

leather biker jacket
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Dress: Missguided
Shoes: So You Shoes

First I want to apologise for the grainyness of these photos, my camera is a berk and I don't get how sometimes it'll take clear pictures like these and other times look like I've taken photos with a disposable? I guess it is 6 years old so maybe it's time for an upgrade, despite not being able to save for one till after the wedding I already have my peepers on the Sony NEX-5 so hopefully it'll come down in price at the end of the year. If anyone has any other good camera suggestions please let me know!
I actually wore this outfit for a meal at Ask with Thomas, I'd been looking for the perfect biker jacket for a while but a lot of them either made me feel like Danny Zuko or would only zip up if I sucked in my tum as far as it'd go, I found this on the Miss Selfridge website and it's pefect - baggy enough do zip up but heaps more fitted than a bomber. The dress is an old fave from missguided but alas it seems to be shrinking and showing off a lot more of my notsopeachey buttocks, thinking of buying it in another colour and sticking with cold washes.
Other than a gorgeous chicken pizza at Ask the weekend consisted mainly of Dexter sessions, getting angry when he ran off with that floozy Lila (oh sweet Dexter why must you cheat?), and making cupcakes that are too sickly to actually eat.

Hair in a Year

I stumbled across a hideous webcam picture of myself from this time last year and was actually quite surprised at how much my bleach infested barnet had grown in 12 months. I’ve posted about my horiffic hair before here but in short through 2010 I became like a woman possessed on a mission for platinum hair and thought it would be an excellent idea to bleach it once a month until it started to snap off. I was left with a Tina Turner esque crop and the only option was to go natural for a year. So here’s my progress
Not bad considering the advice I was given by Toni & Guy was to hack it all off and start from scratch! I thought I’d share some of the products I’ve been using that have seemed to help in my quest for long locks, here’s a snap:
help hair grow
1) Umberto Giannini moisture mask– A "drugstore" hair mask that I usually use when I don't have time to leave a more expensive mask on for ages. It's around £6.00, leaves my hair feeling soft, and smells gorgeous.
2) VO5 Give me Texture - This helps reduce the damage of backcombing and gives my hair so much volume, although Tom keeps getting his mitts on it which is a pain for me but shows it works on shorter hair too!
3) Label M intensive mask – I actually bought my first tub of this from Toni & Guy but they charged around £15, I’ve since found it on lookfantastic for £12. It’s another intensive conditioner that I tend to leave on my hair for around 45 minutes, a bit time consuming but it’s really improved the condition and strength of my hair.
4) Lee Stafford treatment – I’m not silly so I know this wasn’t going to turn me into a Rapunzel, it’s really just a clever name for a typical conditioning hair mask but it’s a quick application and leaves my hair super soft. Boots put the brand on offer a lot so I’d definitely recommend getting it on 3 for 2.
5) Tangle Teezer – I lie as I’ve only had this for a couple of weeks but I couldn’t not add it as it’s amazing. I don’t know how it works but it does. I’m tangle free and I love it.
6) Tresemme Heat Defence - This seems to help with breakage on the ends of my hair and smells nice, plus it's purse friendly.

If anyone else has posts on hair growth please link me! I need to get it as long as possible before August.

January Glossybox - Thoughts

January Glossy Box
I'm a bit on the fence with Glossybox, I think the concept is a good one as a lot of people don't like to shell out a lot of dollar for high end products to then find that they were a bit crap, so the idea of trying different things before deciding on whether or not they're good enough is obvs a good one when generalised.
On the other hand as the boxes aren't "tailored" to the sorts of things you like you could be a red head with bitten nails and end up paying £12.95 for brunette hair products and nail polishes. I know there can be some hidden gems in the boxes, I've seen so many people rave about the HD brow palette and the nars illuminator so it's really a question on whether you want to take a chance or not I suppose. I do love the gorgeous packaging and receiving post always excites me but I'm not sure if I'd be willing to subscribe for a year and spend £155 on samples. But fair play to Glossybox as they've never actually tried to pass the boxes off as anything else, they advertise the products as miniatures and samples so it always annoys me when there's outrage over the content and people go all sorts of crazy bashing the brand on twitter - spending over a hundred pound on samples was your choice, not Glossybox's!

Let The Bubble See The Bath

Blue Sheer Shirt
Heeled Chelsea Boots
Chelsea Boots
Shirt: Clothing at Tesco
Leggings: Newlook
Necklace: Tiffany
Boots: c/o So You Shoes

I've always admired block heeled chelsea boots from afar but heels are a strictly evening thing for me, so when So You Shoes messaged me asking if I'd like to chose a pair from their new arrivals section I obvs went straight for the boots in an attempt to turn myself into a day heeler. I was undecided between the chelsea boots and this pair but went for the pair that looked the most comfortable.
I'm undecided about this outfit though, I'm about to head out into the sea of creatures that is Northampton town in an attempt to find a biker jacket but I think I look a bit....officey?
I actually bought this shirt for work but have instead moved it into my weekend wardrobe, I reckon it's just my mind saying "you bought it for work, you must be working in it!" so I'm going to go all rebellious and wear it with a brown leather jacket. I'm mad me.
And I'll be finishing off this freezing saturday (car said -7.5 this morning- gah!) with take me out and yet another Morrisons salad. I love them. I cover everything in bacon pieces and let the party inside my mouth begin.

January in Instagram

1. I tried the booger one and refused to eat anymore, I think the vomit flavour would actually make me do so.
2. I flaunt Theodore on this blog an unnecessary amount but he looks quite cute here so I'm hoping to get away with it this time.
3. I swear these were bigger when I was younger. One day I will be given the giant one as a birthday cake.
4. Copious cups of tea and belated christmas pyjamas
5. This is a rival for Ben & Jerry for me which is saying a lot as they're my heros.
6. Braving red lipstick and horizontal stripes, such a rarity that I decided to document it.
7. My car has been the bane of my life this month, first the radiator goes kaput and then the front and back breaks. If it doesn't pass it's mot in March I will be cross.
8. The only thing wrong with this is that you have to wait around 4/5 days before it's fully dissolved and it's such a long wait.
9. Got maself some kicks. Haven't actually got maself off the sofa yet : /
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