Payday Wishlist

After paying the little blighters at Anglian Water and the chap who’s fixing my car I am going to be left very skint this month, I think even food and hot water are going to be a treat until the end of February! Such a rubbish time for being broke as well as my mind seems to be largely occupied by playsuits, dresses, and pastels. I don’t even know why because I’ve never actually worn pastels or even thought of wearing pastels until now.
So I’m making myself feel worse by online window shopping, I bet a million cream eggs that by the time I have a spare dollar floating around I won’t be able to find anything I like. Woe is me
Summer Pastels
1 £25 River Island //2 £38 Topshop //3 £26.99 Missguided //4 £24.99 Missguided
5 £25 River Island //6 £42 Motel //7 £32 Motel //8 £27.99 Missguided
9 £15 River Island //10 £22.99 Ark //11 £65 Topshop

Liz Earle Nourishing Botanical Body Cream

I mentioned in my last Liz Earle review that despite my skin not having the best reaction to the cleanse and polish, I was so impressed with how friendly and personal the emails from the company were. After not really getting on with the product I wasn’t expecting to hear from them again but a few days later the lovely Laura asked if I wanted to try something that might be a bit friendlier to my sensitive skin and offered to send me the Nourishing Botanical Body Cream to try.
Liz Earle
She suggested that after my last experience it may be a good idea to do a skin test with the product so after doing this and not noticing any visible blotches I lathered it all over my legs the day after a shave (tmi?) one morning before heading off to work. I usually have quite dry and sometimes scaly skin around my knees and shins which gets a lot worse after they’ve been mauled by a razor, so I was pleasantly surprised when changing into my pyjamas that night to find most of them gone. I even had fairly soft skin and this is a rarity for my pins legs!
Liz Earle
The first thing I noticed about the product was the smell, it has a very fresh florally scent that hit me as soon as I started unwrapping the packaging. Once out of the bottle it does appear quite strong but as soon as it’s rubbed in you’re left with a clean feminine scent that dies down but is also quite long lasting.
Liz Earle
This moisturiser has a very thick consistency which personally I prefer, it may take longer to rub in and leave your hands quite shiny but I always wash them afterwards anyway, and I’ve found that the majority of lower end products can be quite runny and don’t usually end up doing the job as well.
Overall I rate the Body Cream a lot higher than the cleanse and polish but I am quite biased! It has really worked for me and it’s even starting to soften up my elephant elbows which is a feat not many can achieve.

Floral Playsuits & Coronation Street Gangstas

floral playsuit
Playsuit: Warehouse

This is what I've been wearing for half of today as the morning was spent in pjs and an old t shirt scrubbing and cleaning my flat ready for the inspection tomorrow. Anyone else in a rented property have these all the time? The estate agent comes in my flat every four months to have a nose around and I'm not exactly sure what they think they'll find, although having Theo squatting here is sort of against the law but they don't know I have him so why the obscene amount of visits? Clothes wise I bought this from Warehouse many moons ago, I'm actually wearing it under a huge cardigan today but I looked a bit like a wooly mammoth in the photos so decided not to offend anyones eyes with those...

I spent yesterday in work so it hasn't been a hugely exciting weekend for me, although enchiladas and chocolate fudge cake later will no doubt make up for this! Althoughhh whilst waiting for Thomas to finish work I did create a little Coronation Street themed rap which I've added below, it's only like 2 minutes long so it'd be fab if you had a listen as my rhymez rival Jay-Z

Urban Decay Half Baked

I think if I had to use one eyeshadow for the rest of my life it would be Urban Decay Half Baked.
Urban Decay Half Baked
Urban Decay Half Baked
Urban Decay Half Baked
I don’t really know what I can say about it really as the pictures sort of speak for themselves. It’s shimmery, it’s pretty, it’s gold, and it suits every skintone. From the many reviews I’ve read on the famous naked palette it also seems to be the most popular out of the 12 neutral shades, and I definitely started my love affair with half baked after finding it sitting nicely in my Sustainable Shadow palette.
Half Baked Swatch
It’s highly pigmented and the colour lasts forever, I have the misfortune of getting up at half five most mornings sob and this can still be seen when I finish work, as I’m pretty lazy at re applying makeup anything that can last over 10 hours is a win for me! It's the only eyeshadow I’ve ever “hit pan” on (I feel such a fraud using this phrase) so I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a day to night shade with some staying power. I’m obvz a very lucky laidee as Tom bought me this replacement and the naked palette for Christmas. I got him a load of tat as always…

2011 - Gripes, Groans & Grumbles

Before I say anything I'd like to point out that I didn't approach Pat Butcher's makeup artist and ask him/her to transform me into a clown, my left side looks incredibly crazy thanks to the shadows in my room and I'm not actually wearing dark makeup up to my eyebrows. Oh and neither is one brow insanely bigger than the other. Ha I'm feeling the need to prove to myself as I watched this and thought WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY FACE, but at the beginning it's the right side that looks drag queen. Pesky Lighting.
So this video might make me look like a moany old woman but blanch from Coronation street was my hero... I kid.

I was also thinking of turning this into a fortnightly or monthly guest feature? It doesn't necessarily have to be a video if you prefer words on paper, I just thought I'd set a space aside on my blog for some light hearted gripes. If you're interested leave your email below and I'll send further details but obvz if you think it's a ridiculous idea please also tell me so this here blog doesn't turn into a mockery!

Sheer Shirts and Broken Teeth

This is actually yesterdays outfit and the shirt is the half of my order Ark actually got right. I'm a little bit annoyed with them tbh as they were obviously aware that they'd ran out of the playsuit I ordered as they've marked the invoice, but instead of giving me a refund or asking what I'd like as a replacement they took it upon themselves to send me an ugly black number that looks NOTHING like my original choice. It's ridiculously short/highwaisted and shows off an unflattering camel toe so that it's being returned asap.
I do however like this shirt, although I'm unsure if my shoulder length barnet can pull it off? I feel a little butch in it hence the awkward snaps but it's so comfy and versatile so it's going to be a keeper. And I am rather in love with this necklace, I was contacted by a lovely lady named Susan from Accessories Direct who gave me the choice of some gorgeous jewellery to review, being a sucker for anything chunky I chose this straight away, I really like the black and gold together and if I listen to Sam Sparrow I can pretend he's singing at me. This is by a designer named Kate Benjamin so if you like what you see have a looky, her pieces are pricier than what I might normally go for (this necklace retails at £48.00) but from the weight and feel of it I can tell it's going to be a trooper and last a long time!

I spent the majority of my Friday off work in Asda due to an unfortunate incident with one of their cereals. Whilst Tom was innocently munching away on some Choco Flakes he caught his tooth on some sort of mini stone/seed hidden within it and has broken his front tooth. Literally half of it has just crumbled off. They had an "If you're not fully satisfied" number on the back and obviously he wasn't that satisfied so gave it a ring, apparently it's now under investigation but I'm hoping they offer some sort of compensation, we're both quite passive when it comes to complaints but it's going to cost £200 to get his tooth fixed so I think it's only fair that they foot some of the bill? Or do you reckon we're being a bit cheeky?
So, happy to see the back of Friday 13th, we're going to spend tonight (which is Saturday - I'm scheduling!) in front of the tv eating cream egg icecream, watching take me out, and enjoying some 3D goodness.

Ashley Tisdale Style Steal

Necklace / Bag / Leggings / Scarf / Shoes / T Shirt / Cardigan

As much as I liked the character Sharpay (not that I'm a High School Music Fan...honest) I couldn't really see myself donning an all pink glittery number for jaunts around town, although I'm sure I'd have fit right in with the people mentioned in this post! To be honest I don't think I'd be brave enough to wear this either as I get scared graphic t shirts make me look a bit butch, but I can admire from afar and appreciate that Ashley Tisdale has a far more versatile wardrobe than Sharpay Evans and Maddie a'la Suite Life.
Despite what I've just said my favourite thing here is the t shirt because I dance like a crazy and I despise pervy men accosting me when dancing like a crazy, I just don't really like the price that much but I suppose all sorts of logo t shirts are quite expensive nowadays. I remember back in the olden days when a £15 topshop printed tee felt a bit much which is a tragic reminder of how old I'm getting : /
Ha on this depressive note I shall finish, but Ashley Tisdale I salute your wardrobe. Oh and Hellcats.

Aztec Antics

Cardigan: £10 Ebay
Dress: Newlook

I'm so glad I found this cardigan, £10 for something that feels like you're wearing a dressing gown out of the house is a big win for me! I've linked it above if anyone else likes pretending to be Gandalf purely for the comfort.
Other than proclaiming my love for Celebrity Big Brother and all other awful reality tv shows (the new Geordie Shore starts at the end of the month and I canneigh wait) I don't really have much to say. I'm going to be making a huge list of everyone's names/twitters/blogs who are planning on coming to the LDNLUNCH so keep your peepers peeled for that as it's a good way to stalk talk to people before meeting them, it definitely helped me when I was pooping myself over the Brumbloggermeet! If you do want to ask any questions about the meetup or just fancy a chat then you can tweet me @imeloweez or send me an email (, although tbh I may just flap and say "I'll have to ask Sophie or Claire" as I'm not very organised.

A Sale I Actually Liked

I've hated the sales this year, from the annoying pushy people to the 3 year old rubbish that a lot of shops seem to have bought back in the hope of selling it. To be fair after splurging on a macbook I didn't exactly have wads of moolar to go wild in the sales anyway but seeing what looked like rags gracing the floor still annoyed me. And why did they start them so early?!
Mini rant over as I actually managed to find a sale I liked. I can't actually remember how I ended up on the Ark site, I think I was looking for summery playsuits but instead found my favourite sale of the year.

All from the Ark Sale

I had some paypal pennies thanks to a man who bought my fur jacket (??) so I managed to purchase a playsuit and a shirt for £26 - Bargain. Just thought I'd share my find as I know a lot of other people have been disappointed with the sales this year.

In the fear of sounding like a braggie Sue (New Years resolution: stop adding Sue to everything) I got my wedding ring yesterday! I'm so excited that some of the plans are starting to come together, I'm usually really rubbish at organising things so thought the whole process was going to be a bit of a disaster but I'm really happy with everything we've managed to find/arrange so far. Now I've just got to find out what the council did with our marriage paper work....

Revlon Colourburst Lipstick in Raspberry

I decided that I had to own a red lipstick. It was probably after seeing a picture of someone with hair as mousy as mine making it look good (I've just googled "blonde hair red lipstick" and this is most probably true), and then I saw Klee's post which made the decision for me - Red lips you shall be mine.
Rather than shell out for Mac and then get angry about wasting my money if I turned out to look like Krusty I used my Boots points and went a bit crazy testing about a million different reds on my skin. I don't like Matte lipsticks as I have a gross habit of chewing my lips so I find they make me look hideous, which was a bit of a pain as most highly pigmented red lipsticks tend to have a matte finish. Luckily my mitts were drawn to the Revlon Colourburst Lipsticks and after a bit of a lot of pondering I decided on Raspberry.

I don't think I have anything bad to say about the lipstick itself. It's a gorgeous finish, this here swatch stayed put on my hand for a very long time, the packaging makes it look a lot more expensive than it was (£7.99), the shape makes it so easy to apply, and it doesn't have an overpowering scent. I'm just not sure if its THE red for me, I reckon I should have been more daring and gone for the reddest of reds rather than a berry shade.

Hello Roots

I Thought I Saw Frankie Cocozza

Possibly the most boring outfit I've ever posted on here so I've added a bit of Theo to spice it up simply because cats can make anything interesting.

Top: Missguided
Jeans: Newlook
Cardigan: Ebay
This is actually my attire from yesterday which I wore to do battle with the strange folk of Northampton, I know I've said it before but I really don't know what I do to attract the crazies. My first encounter was a 60 ish year old man making some sort of groaning and grunting noise in my face whilst smacking his lips together, this was followed by another elderly man who shouted "There's maniacs in my head!" whilst walking past me, and finally a half man half Gollum creature crossed my path - all to the soundtrack of a girl who looked like Frankie Cocozza busking in the street. The town center never fails to disappoint, although I did score some fakey Kath Kidston bedding for ten whole pounds so I got over the horrific experience pretty quickly.
Hope everyone's coping with the January blues, it was my first day back at work today and Christmas already feels like many moons ago, our decorations are now tucked away in their boxes and the only festive reminder is the mammoth amount of chocolates we have left which I intend to start making a dent in shortly whilst catching up on the Made in Chelsea mash up. Although the green triangles can go away.

My Liz Earle Experience

I've been debating for a while whether or not to post this, as I know there's a lot of stigma attached to giving a bad review of something that's been sent as a free sample to try. That being said I don't think this is necessarily a bad review as such, I'm just sharing my freakily over sensitive skin's experience with Liz Earle as it might help someone with skin equally as sensitive as mine. I also want to be honest on here and give a constructive review, so if you might be offended by not so positive happy smiley words - look away now.

I think everyone knows about the famous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, it's been a major hit on the "blogosphere" for a long time and pretty much every beauty blogger/youtuber has been singing it's praises. This being said I was extremely grateful and rather excited when the very friendly Laura offered to send me some to try. A speedy two days later and I was savagely ripping into the 100ml starter kit, which includes 2 of the muslin cloths.

The Cleanse and Polish promises to work for every age and skin type and uses a "two phase action" of removing stubborn makeup and also breaking off the dead skin cells to give you softer skin. I used this at night and it definitely did the trick, every little morsel of makeup was taken from my face in a couple of swipes and I followed this with the polish stage in order to wake up with baby soft skin. I was also quite fond of the scent which I can only describe as clean with a hint of mint, it just smells fresh and I prefer this to fruity or sweet smells for skincare.

The next morning my skin felt as it usually did but my cheeks looked a little blotchy, in fairness they always look a bit worse in the morning so I ignored it, did a bit more cleansing and polishing before putting my makeup on, and then went through the same process again before going to bed.
I didn't expect to wake up the next day to this:

I had scales, I had blotches, I had red patches around my eyes and my mouth, and I looked like I'd slept on a sunbed. I'm not too sure what it was in the ingredients that caused my skin to react like this but 5 days later and I'm still looking a bit flushed.

So for me the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish wasn't the miracle skin care product I'd hoped for, but as I said at the beginning my skin is a bit rubbish and hyper sensitive so I'm probably the 0.001 percent of unlucky people this could happen too and going by other reviews of the product it seems to have proven to be miraculous for everyone else! As I said at the start of this post, if this has offended you (and lets be honest, images of my face without makeup aren't pretty!) then apologies, I was very grateful to receive this but I just thought I'd share my experience.
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