My First Mac Palette

mac pro palette mac pro palette mac tilt mac mythology mac filament  mac expensive pink mac swatch expensive pink mythology filament tilt
1. Tilt,  2. Expensive Pink,  3. Mythology,  4. Filament
mac pro palette

I have a couple of Mac eyeshadows but I've been wanting to make a palette for yonks, this was a Christmas present from Thomas (although all chosen by me on a trip to London!) and I'm so happy with it. I think my choices make it pretty obvious I'm more of a shimmer gal, I didn't look into the finishes before hand but from what I've read/heard here's a brief description of the three I've chosen.

Lustre - Has a glittery effect but the glitter is really fine so it gives the eyeshadow a shine rather than a chunky glitter overload. It reflects the light nicely and has good pigmentation.

Frost - Less pigmented but buildable, frost has individual glitter pieces to give the effect of, well, frost.

Veluxe Pearl - A soft, pigmented eyeshadow with a strong metallic shimmer. Great for nights out and easy to blend.

I'm already loving Expensive Pink, it's a gorgeous duo chrome shade that I reckon will look lovely blended in with a bronze/copper shadow, filament is great for the inner corner, and mythology will be my everyday choice. I'm not too sure how often I'll wear tilt, the colour is ridiculously pretty which is why I was drawn in but I'ma have to be careful not to come across all Pat Butchery.

What are your favourite Mac eyeshadows? Any recommendations?

Where have you been

Imagine the above in a Rihanna warble.
river island blazer river island floral blazer black skater dress sequinned dress christmas dress

Dress: Inlovewithfashion (£18 in the sale!)
Blazer: River Island

In answer to my own question, I've been a bit of a lone ranger for the past week. I did the journey to my sisters house on my todd, got lost, came home, drove to Stevenage the next day, car broke down, drove home in a van, had a hospital appointment, drove back to Stevenage in the van to get my car, had a wee, drove straight to Stoke with Thomas for Christmas with his dad.
So yes, I've spent the majority of the last week listening to countless christmas songs on the radio whilst  ambling down many a motorway. I've also been packing to move house and working Christmas eve, so there's my reasoning for not showing ma face around these parts!
Whilst all of this was going on Christmas seems to have come and gone in a bit of a blur, as usual I was spoilt (I made a youtube video of gifts here), and as usual I've eaten too much and will regret it in January. But all in all it's been a good'un and I'm happy not to be going back to work until Wednesday : )

Hope everyone else has had a good Christmas! And if you have a youtube channel do send me the link so I can stalk you, I can be found here.

History of an LBD

Despite calling myself a fashion blogger, the LBD is something I've only just begun to experience within the last year, being pale and freckly I've always thought black made me look washed out and I automatically swayed towards blues and neutrals whilst dress shopping.
However. This year I've embraced the dark side and have shelled out on the odd little black dress....

little black dress LBD

So where did the nation's love of the lbd begin and when did it become so iconic? Well Kaleidoscope have created this lovely image following it's history, I don't think I can decide on a fave era - what's yours?

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Miley Cyrus sang a song about blue jeans

black studded shirt sheer shirt studded black wedge boots

Shirt: c/o Mary Jane Fashion
Jeans: Pull & Bear
Boots: Newlook

I'm wearing jeans. Ok they're classed as jeggings but they're really thick and definitely more like their denim older sibling, I haven't worn jeans in forever but I bought these from Pull & Bear in London the other week, I liked them at the time but on second thoughts they do scream HELLO THIGHS, even with a bit of a heel I can't conceal what was once swimmer's muscle but is now not.
I do like the shirt though, it was kindly sent to me on behalf of Mary Jane Fashion and they've got a tonne of studded items on their site, definitely worth a look as it's free postage too!

Gah looking at these pictures I realise I need to do something with my hair, I hate the length of it at the moment which is an issue as it just doesn't seem to be growing, and because I have too many layers from when it all snapped off I'm starting to look a bit like a shaggy haired rocker. I actually have an appointment at the hairdressers on Thursday so any opinions/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

On a final note I'm now starting to get quite excited for my new start in January, I was starting to feel like life in general was becoming quite monotonous so a brand new job/house is definitely something to look forward too : )

Matalan Wishlist


1. Sequinned T shirt n/a online  //  2. Lace Top £16.00  //  3.  Lace Blazer £18.00
4. Duffle Coat £40.00  //  5. Swan Print Scarf £6.00  //  6. Spotted Jersey Dress £16.00
7. Jacquard Dress £30.00  //  8. Ankle Boots £22.00  //  9. Studded Boots £22.00

The Matalan in my hometown is quite small and away from the town centre so I don't often get a chance to visit, however looking at their site they've actually got a great selection of womens clothing , and these are all now sat niggling in the back of my mind calling out "Buy me! Buy me!"I think numbers one and two are definite favourites and will look awesome with the black high waisted skirt I mentioned in a previous post. I also think four, five, six, and eight will all look perfect together and will definitely help combat the ridiculous minus figure weather that's decided to grace Britain recently.

Whaddayou reckon to these? Any faves?

A loris on a vest

brat and suzie
Nike Hoody: c/o Thomas
Blue Disco Leggings: Ebay
Vest: c/o Brat and Suzie

I wouldn’t really say the hoody is outfit post worthy but I think the weather today warrants a snug get up and I suppose I can get away with referring to it as “boyfriend style”… Saying that I do sort of love this vest and have dressed it up with a skater skirt before, the print is so bizarre it’s actually quite endearing and who doesn’t love a critter? Plus the founders of the brand were on Dragon's Den which gives them 4332 wins points.

Ah I’m so happy it’s Friday! It’s been a reet old stressful day at work today so it’s going to be good to slump on the sofa with the Christmas lights on tonight, my flat is getting messier and messier in the lead up to the move but I just can’t bring myself to tidy so a fleece blanket, some sports mix, and a date with Coronation Street it is. I’ve Definitely got to make some sort of effort to get organised tomorrow though as I still haven’t wrapped a single Christmas present, I have however tucked into some Christmas biscuits – hello Christmas belly.

Yellow polka dot bikini

Despite it being christmasy and an all round nice time of year, I'm still having honeymoon blues and dreaming of going back to Cancun. Me and Thomas have even been looking at possible holiday destinations for next year and obvs this means new bikinis. I say bikinis plural because there's always different things to do on holiday that warrant different type of swimwear, and I've managed to whittle it down to the three staples.

swimwear bikinis
We've all been there, that moment after an ungraceful slide where you try to emerge from the water like some sort of aquatic goddess only to find your bikini bottoms twisted and your chebs on show... I've learnt that whilst probably not the most attractive of bottoms, boyshorts are the most practical waterpark / water activities and do help save some unnecessary cringe moments. 
bikini summer
Now I'm no longer a young whippersnapper support doesn't go amiss, and these two are underwired for comfort whilst walking from shop to shop, or bar to bar.
small bikini
Obvs you've got to have a not-so-practical-but-looks-awesome bikini for days where you don't plan on moving ten feet away from the beach, I love the halterneck style of these and hope that one day I'll have a stomach like this 

So there's my bikini survival guide if you will, perhaps not the best time of year to be posting about swimwear but it's always good to be prepared!

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Shim Shimmer who got the keys to ma bimmer

sequin shift dress shift dress nude shift dress

Dress: c/o Lashes of London
Cheapo Bangles: Primark
Moody Grainy photos: My own

Hello! Oh it feels an age since I've posted and so much has happened in the space of four days. Since my last post on Thursday I have fought the crowds of regent street in London, been appalled at how much I spent getting into the science museum, eaten way too many sandwiches, handed in my notice at work, sent my months notice on my tenancy agreement and contemplated purchasing a smart car.
So there's my excuse for lack of posting out of the way, onto the post itself. THE DRESS. It has sequins! I've wanted to be adorned with sequins for a while now and have been loving this motel dress but I just don't think I could pull it off. Instead this lashes of london number is shiny enough to satisfy my need to shimmer but also subdued enough for me to feel more lamb less mutton if worn during the day. I like it a lot.

Complete change of subject but I think my little weekend jaunt to London has seen me embrace christmas spirit and festive cheer a lot more, I'd heart about the fake snow on oxford street but it was pretty neat (yeah I just stepped out of an 80s american movie) and the lights will stomp all over my town's poor attempt any day. So yeah I can see christmas 24 and sky christmas being permanent fixtures on my tv until the 25th.

I really should be buying for others

1. Topshop Skater Skirt £16.00  //  2. Floral Blazer £35.00  //  3. Softbox £64.99
4. Canon 50mm Lens £99.99  //  5. Curling Wand £19.99  //  6. Boots £25.00
7. Lace Skater Dress £37.99  //  8. Motel Sequin Dress £58.00 // 9. Check Shirt £30.00
10. Marc Jacobs Dot £47.00  //  11. Black Wedge Boots £75.00

I have literally had the best day today, I was offered not one but both of the jobs I had an interview for (tootaloot on my own trumpet) and I found out via a lovely email from Kim that I'd won the e-tail promotion competition for my embarrassing dance video! The prize? Two hundred and fifty english pounds! I was rather excited as the last thing I remember winning was a karaoke competition when I was four, I sang the bartman : / Obvs straight away I started mentally making wishlists and I think I may have gotten a little carried away as this bad boy comes up to a grand total of 508.96 - I'm going to have to make some cutbacks...

In other news I'm off to London with Thomas tomorrow and I'm really hoping this swollen throat thing (attractive) I have going on decides to leave. Our plan is to roam the streets and shop a plenty and I cannot wait. Once again we're staying in the easy hotel which I personally love, for under £50 a night who cares if you have to pay extra for a window?

Barry M Lip Paint 121: The Red Lip

barry m red barry m lipstick bright red lipstick lip paint
Yeah you've seen this photo before, but I look hideous right now and cba to put makeup on

Why oh why have I never turned to ol' Bazza before for lip products? I'd read a few reviews about the lip paints and most were along the lines of "pretty colours but overly drying" so I'm guessing this is the reason I hadn't so much as sniffed at them during my many a visit to the Barry M counter for nail polish.
Anyway, lesson learnt. Try things myself. I have awful dry lips and it doesn't help that one of my bad habits is biting them, however despite what a lorra people have said this formula is actually quite creamy on me and didn't turn chalky at all. Saying that I didn't have it on for that long, probs around the hour and a half mark but there was no messyness during this time and the pigmentation is amazing.
The price isn't too shabby either, it's £4.49 on the Barry M website but they're pretty much always included in a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug or Boots. I liked this one so much I went and ordered two more from asos with my yourvine code. Baz - ya done good.

We'll talk about leaving town

studded skater dress fashion blog skater dress
Dress: Boohoo
Shoes: c/o So You Shoes
Bangles: Primark

This is less of a "what I wore" post and more of a "what I'm gonna wear" outfit, I'm hopefully going  out out on Saturday and I reckon this boohoo dress is the one. Swap the tights for lashings of fake tan and I'm good to go. I don't know if the fit of this has photographed very well but it's so so flattering, and there's a bit of an underskirt so I can shake my junkinthetrunk without any cringey moments. I also reckon nude is a nice colour for us paleys as it doesn't make us look washed out - I say this but I'm still planning on using at least half a bottle of my trusty L'oreal sublime bronze!

In other news I'm moving! It's only a 5ish minute drive away but come January and I'll be the proud renter of a house. An actual house! With a garden! Plus the owner is a lady I work with who knows I have a cat so there'll be no last minute stowaways of Theo and he can roam freely. Ah I'm really excited, only downside is that if I stay working where I am I'll have to give up the beloved mini to Thomas and actually do some exercise and walk to work : / Sigh. Although if all goes to plan I'll be in a new job asap.

So that's me done, I'm off now to have a bath and prepare for yet another frightening interview tomorrow! Oh and if anyone recognising my song title, youtubed it, and "skanked" around their living room THEN I LOVE YOU.

I'll never be Christina Ricci

velvet skater dress skater collar dress black velvet dress white collar satchel bag
Dress: c/o Oh My Love
Bag: c/o Brand Village
Tights: Pretty Polly

Soz for being a bit too "c slash o" in this post, but the bag and the dress went so well together I couldn't resist. I actually love the fit of this oh my love dress, it's perfect for indoors-during-chilly-weather wear as the sleeves protect your arms without getting overbearingly hot in a chunky cardigan. I quite like the cut as well, it's rather slimming and flairs out at the leg chunk length. Plus it's velvet, which I'd be way more excited about if my cat wasn't ginger and if he didn't have a penchant for rubbing his face on everything. The bag is from brand village and satchels=love.

I've been to view a house today (another renter) and I'm confused. It's nice, it's a house, it has a garden BUT it'd mean either a 40 minute walk for me or shelling out for another car as Thomas works the other side of town. I'd like to mull it over for a while but my current contract has almost run out. Hmmm decisions decisions.

Also it looks like I've become something the me of three years ago detested, have a looky here to see why, ah I'm such a fickle character when it comes to clothes.

E-tail Webstores Competition Entry

So the little gems at e-tail are holding a bloggers competition to win 500 nuggs for christmas! All you have to do is create a blog post promoting one of their brands/deals/discounts they have on at the moment. So without further adieu here's the most cringeyest thing I've ever put out there on the internet...

Soooo if you love Motel as much as me and want a massive 30% off, just click here, my favourites are deffs the Cilla sequin dress and the Annali strapless dress, all you have to do is enter USSALE30 at the checkout and BOOM, you have a cheap as chips gorgeous party dress.
Also, if you want to enter the e-tail competition yourself then the details are here, please link me if you also do something 'mbarrasin as I like a good giggle - this time it just happens to be at my own expense.

Revlon Lip Butter: Strawberry Shortcake

revlon lip butter revlon strawberry shortcake revlon beauty revlon lip butter swatch

I held out for ages on buying the revlon lip butters, I didn't really believe the hype and they just seemed more glossy than colourful to me. I'm not a matte girl by any means (dry lips a plenty) but I often go for a creamy finish with lasting colour, give me a mac creamsheen or a topshop velvet finish and I'm sold.
I'm rambling. Point is I bought the Revlon Lip Butter just because it was part of a Boots 3 for 2 and I'm easily swayed by a discount, I also went for Strawberry Shortcake because I'm a sucker for a pink lip.

Anyway I was oh so pleasantly surprised by this little tube of goodness. Not only is the packaging pretty but the product itself is amazing. I now want them all. You've probably heard a gazillion things about these but I just wanted to say, for anyone that like me thought "Pah! It's just a glorified gloss", you're wrong, oh so wrong. The formula will make even the dryest of lips look nice and shiny and the colour actually lasts a lot longer than I imagined, plus even if it does start to fade they're easily re applied without the use of a mirror!
Revlon, you're a beaut.

Quite the unobtainable Christmas wishlist

 boots bags dogs

1. Mac Pro Palette £6.50 // 2. Ted Baker Blouse £99.00 // 3. Marc Jacobs Bag £1,065.00
4. Miu Miu Tote £850.00 // 5. Jeffrey Campbell Lita £84.00 // 6. Michael Kors Watch £229.00
7. Jack Russell Gimme // 8. Benefit Brow Zings £22.50 // 9. iPad Mini £269.00

I did one of these extravagant posts last year and actually managed to snag three of the eight things on there, although this year I've set my budget that little (over a grand bag anyone?) bit higher so I reckon I'm punching above my weight! Bargain of the day goes to Cruise Fashion for the £84 Litas, I don't even care that I'm late on every bandwagon, these are neutral and will go with anything. I also don't really need or have any use for the iPad mini, it just looks pretty and will fit nicely in any of these oh so beautiful bags - I just know I'm going to have handbag filled dreams tonight.
As for the Jack Russell I just think he'd be a cute little amigo for Theodore, they can relive so many disney movies and spend hours frolicing in the flat - that is if Theo doesn't claw his eyes out with his death pads...

22 Grand job in the city that sounds nice

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Dress: Primark
Cardigan: Ebay

Why hello there £5 dress. Yuppers this dress was only a fiver. A mere five pounds. To be honest it's not the most exciting of dresses but it has dogs on and a collar so it was an instant winner for me. This little ensemble is one of my work wears, it's an outfit that's been donned for the office twice now and I know it'll never make that transition into the realms of weekend wear again. Does anyone else do this? As soon as something is worn for the daily grind it instantly gets labelled as too dowdy for the weekend by me - oh I can be so fickle with my clothes!
I like how my face mimics a weekday too, hello frown.
Not much else to bore you chaps and chapettes with really, I'm typing this with a belly full of spaghetti on toast (when the Tom cat's away the mice badly?) and I'm planning a catch up on the young apprentice to fill the rest of my evening, I love that programme purely for Nick.

Christmas & Bloggers

On Saturday I trained it up to Birmingham for a peruse of the Christmas Market with Emma, Claire, Victoria, Rebecca, Kim, Becca, and Maria. Despite having to queue for a Nandos it was a lovely day and made me feel all festive and excited for Christmas. I enjoyed the day so much I even took some snaps.

Looking through the photos not only makes me think aww isn't it nice being a blogger (cringe) but also that I look a bit like a Hanson Brother lately. I really need to sort out my hair sitch but I'm running low on ideas, any suggestions are so very welcome!
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