Make Your Tan Last Longer

I'm quite pale so usually before a night out or anything that involves showing my stumps legs I'll hit the bottle (of tan). I've been using the L'oreal Sublime Bronze for years now and as much as I like the colour it gives me it has two downfalls. 1. It stinks. 2. It's quite expensive, it's usually on some sort of offer in supermarkets/superdrug but at full price it costs around £12 which isn't as pricey as some brands but it still adds up quickly if you use it a lot, especially as it's a gel texture and you can often misjudge how much you actually need and end up wasting product.

The answer to this should have hit me years ago but it didn't. Instead a friend suggested it and I facepalmed.

Yes. Mixing a strong tanner with a gradual tanner. AND it saves on pre tanning moisturiser! I think I overlooked this as they're completly different textures, and to be honest when you do mix the two together the finishing product does come out looking a bit rude....

Childish humour aside I actually find this method better as you can apply twice for a darker shade - sort of like a gradual tanner but without having to wait a week to get a result. I did take a picture of part of my legs to demonstrate but I have a bit of a complex about my moles so couldn't bring myself to show them to the world just yet.
So that's it really, not a hugely exciting post but I thought I'd state the obvious for anyone else out there like me who has been missing this trick! I also made a little video about self tanners a few weeks ago which can be found here.
Hope everyone's had a good weekend, I'm feeling a little worse for wear after a night on the razzle last night so I'm about to settle down to some Karl Pilkington adventures with a Papa John's pizza. I'm sure it will go down a treat after the cheese and bean toasties I had earlier - I literally cannot stop gorging on savories when hungover.

Trusty Blacks

For a very long time I've had a pair of trusty blacks, I don't really go out "on the razzle" very often so I don't like to shell out on heels that might only be tottered about in once. So instead I always buy a staple pair that go with everything and pretty much wear them continuously until they fall apart/get so much drink chucked over them they disintegrate. I thought I had three generations of these to photograph but sadly the grandmother of trustys had to be laid to rest after she turned grey and wasn't too sturdy on the heels.
Here is my latest edition to the cause.

Left: Reliable trusty - Matalan
Right: Newfound Trusty that might hurt me - Newlook

Matalan has actually been the breeding ground for two pairs of going out shoes for me but I decided to live dangerously and try Newlook this time. Well that and I had some vouchers. I was planning on wearing them on Saturday for a night out but I'm not sure if the platforms make me look more like a lady of the night with the bodycon skirt I had prepared. hmmmm.

In other mid week news, the most exciting part of my day today was seeing kit kat chunkies on offer for a pound, winner.

Spent the Weekend Listening to Crunk

Dress: Newlook
Cardigan: Newlook
Tights: Primark
Necklace: I Need More Jewellery

I'm glad velvet has "come back" as I bought two of these dresses last year from New Look and I feared they'd be cast aside never to be worn again. I like how they're bodycon but not overly tight and they don't show off all the jiggly bits like some dresses do. Annnd they seem to cling to the right places rather than straight to the belly - I hope!
Ugh I can't believe it's Sunday evening already, although for once I can actually say I've had real plans this weekend (I don't think dates with Pauly D and The Only Way is Essex counts) as me and Tom made the hideously long journey to Grimsby yesterday for my Nannas' 70th. It was nice seeing my close family again but there was many an awkward moment where some long lost relative twice removed introduced themselves and I was unsure what to do, I don't like kissing unknowns, i'm not a male so don't like shaking hands, and it's just creepy hugging older men you don't know! I am socially retarded....
I've also been sehr busy today blitzing the flat for an inspection tomorrow, I get such a feeling of dread when a letter comes in the post from the estate agent and this week it was a double Linkwhammy 1 They put our rent up and 2 We have an inspection despite having one two months ago. So after a day of extreme cleaning I'm going to spend tonight snuggled up with a brew and X Factor, and speaking of which I'm not sure if I'm enjoying it as much as last year as there's just not that many people I actually like - Bring back Cher Lloyd, One Direction & Matt Cardle please!

So that's me done. Hope everyone else has had a pleasant one. I also listed some wears on ebay today so if you fancy a peek click here!

Mememe Cosmetics: Beat the Blues

After grabbing glamour when they were giving away free mini bottles of high beam I've used it pretty much every day since. As it's such a small bottle (4ml) it's lasted quite well but it was nearing that time when a repurchase is necessary and I'm always a bit "wah" about repurchasing products, as it's just not as exciting as trying new things. It doesn't help much when it's nearing the end of the month either and funds are becoming a bit dry.
Enter Beat the Blues

I've never tried anything by MeMeMe Cosmetics before but there was actually a few products on their stand that looked quite impressive, being boring and practical I thought I'd see how the Illuminator held it's own before trying anything else. There were two shades available "Moonbeam" and "Sunbeam" which was a little confusing as it's Moonbeam that's the dupe for High Beam, and Sunbeam resembles Benefit's Moonbeam....still with me?

Top - Mememe Beat the Blues
Bottom - Benefit High Beam
When I took this photo I initially thought the High Beam had a runnier consistency whilst the Beat the Blues seemed to be a lot thicker and managed to stay put, but after blending the product in it was actually the High Beam that stayed in place - more confusion.

So even though there's a slight difference in the consistency as you can see from the swatches the shades are very similar, and after more blending they both gave my skin the "glow" I always need on an early morning! I did take a photo of the Beat the Blues on my cheeks but my face looked all puffy and gross so I've decided not to offend the eyes of anyone reading this.

The only other slight difference I noticed between the two was the difference in quality of the brushes, the High Beam brush was sturdy and held its shape whilst the Beat the Blues was a little flimsy. Although to be honest I only use the brush to apply the product onto my cheeks and I use my fingers to blend it anyway so its not really too much of an issue for me.

Sooo I'm actually rather happy I came across MeMeMe's Beat the Blues. Yes the product itself might be a little thinner than High Beam and yes the brush might be a little bit of a pain BUT it costs £5.25 whilst a trip to the Benefit counter will set you back £18.50 - so you could actually buy THREE beat the blues for less! And I'm more than willing to sacrifice an extra minute to blend the product for such a good price. Speaking of which Superdrug are actually selling it for £3.25 at the moment which was a pleasant surprise when I got to the counter.

Red Red Wine You Make Me Feel So Fine

Top: Newlook
Jeans: Newlook
Boots: Primark
Necklace: Accessorize

It seems an age since I last did an outfit post but I've been feeling gross and recently my dresses have been swapped for un snap worthy jeans. I've also decided I'm like these people and own a maximum of two poses. Hello hand on hair for the 582737th time!
Buuut for what has been the first time in a few weeks I chose not to fester away in my flat on this bright and crisp Saturday and instead worked during the early hours of this morning, ventured into town for a shop, battled the Morrisons' Monsters in the name of an extra tasty roast chicken, AND cleaned my car. Festering with Jersey Shore and Karl Pilkington will no doubt resume tomorrow.
Speaking of tv, if anyone is as tragic diehard as me and is still watching Big Brother then feel free to tweet me your thoughts - my sister was my go to for housemate hate (Aaron) but since she became with child her texting ability has become quite shoddy.
And finally my week has consisted of applying for jobs! I've decided to try and shed the role of credit controller and attempt a new start, I've always thought of my job as a "stop gap" and realised the other day that if I didn't do anything about it, then like my colleagues I too will spend 30 years gazing out of the office window wondering whether the rain will ruin the washing I put out this morning.

Oh and if you recognised the lyric then WINS, UB40 are what the 90s were made of. And blind date.


Hey batta batta batta SCHWING batta

1. Not overly Keene on the van but I was liking the Beuller love enough to snap a picture. Anyone else want to save Ferris? "Anyone.... Anyone...Anyone....."

2 & 6. I went shopping with mein mother and found the wedding dress. Getting measured for said dress resulted in a farewell to cake and hello to limp and lifeless salad. My hips, chebs and tum apparently vary between three sizes making me an improportioned bride to be. I'm even tempted to embrace exercise...

3. Wedding decisions gallore this week, I've decided on this cake in three tiers and a very nice friend at work said she'd make it for me at half the price of an extortionate bakery. Im'a stuff my face with chocolate fudge and be too bloated for a first dance. Well that'll be my excuse.

4. Mammoth traffic jam on the way to work, I was sat in this position for at least half an hour thanks to some silly drivers. I whiled away the time watching Franki's newest YouTube video. Unless that's also illegal whilst stationary... If so I kept my eyes on the traffic and my hands at ten and two

5. My humble abode for 8 hours a day/40 hrs a week. I refuse to decorate my desk with various stuffed animals like many other women in the office do. It's just distracting clutter.

7. Autumn is a comin' and the leaves are a fallin'. I actually have an irrational fear of walking on wet leaves which was a bit embarrassing when my newly introduced housemate had to give me a piggyback at uni, but they do look pretty and they do equal knitwear.

So that's been my week via instragram, I've had it on my phone for yonks and never really got round to using it, another thing I bandwagon-ed late!

My Second Ever Mac Order

Last weekend (or at least I think it was last weekend, the days are going so quickly lately) Mac were offering free delivery, I'd wanted Club after seeing Adrienne's post and there's always room in my makeup bag for more lipstick so who was I to scoff and turn down free postage?

Club is a duo-chrome, highly pigmented eyeshadow that changes from brown to green whenever the mood/light takes it.

Ah I think I'm in love, the colour reminds me of a lizard but in this case it's a good thing. I've always liked green eyemake up but it can sometimes come off looking like I've been punched in the face, the brown in Club really tones down what could be a harsh green and the two work so well together. It also makes my eyes "pop" which is something I've always tried to seek out in an eyeshadow.

After an obsessive about of deciding I finally went with Creme Cup, I'm always drawn to blue based pinks and I'm not very adventurous so bought another - this time I was even crazy enough to buy a NUDE blue based pink. I do live on the edge me.

Scuse the dry lips. I think Creme Cup is a great daytime lipstick for those undaring types like me, and the pinky nude shade makes it friendly with even more nude shadows or a dramatic "night on the raz" eye.

Did anyone else take advantage of Mac last week? Annnd I know this is a complete change of subject but down with Frankie Cocozza, you are not and never will be a libertine. Go away.

Braved Bandaged Bodycon

Top: Newlook
Skirt: Ebay
Necklace: I Need More Jewellery
Ring: Some cheap shop in Northampton

I was going to buy an identical skirt to this from Newlook but it was overly tight, you can't see this in the photo but it's a bandage style with a zip at the back. Luckily I didn't as I found this on ebay for half the price and it's a nicer colour.
The tights were probs a silly idea in this freak hot weather we've been having - how hot has it been for october?! Whilst most people have enjoyed the sun today doing various outsidey things I was at work scoffing toast & peanut butter and then battling crazed shoppers in Morrisons. All I wanted was toothpaste/deoderant/salad but as always on a Saturday it was like that scene from the Lion King where Simba runs from the wilder beasts, a man even stood inches away breathing on me whilst I was using the self serve and I hadn't even finished paying before he plonked his bags down and tried to scan. Ugh.

Ha I'm a dab hand at Photoshop obvz

Edit I've realised today how short this post is which is a bit of a fail moment for me. Although I have added a sneaky youtube video today which can be seen here - honest opinions appreciated!
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