I used to watch a cartoon called Maxi's World

Top - Newlook
Maxi Dress - Missguided
Necklace - Gift from Char

Hallo! I jumped on the maxi bandwagon two years too late but alas, here is me sporting my recent missguided purchase. I've also found an eBay seller who's a little bit cheaper if anyone wants their own. I'm not too sure about it tbh, it's so tight and pretty much shows every bump of cellulite on my body along with a rather large vpl! I do like the colour though, rusts mustards and wines are wins for Autumn.
I don't really have any exciting news on this bizarrely hot day - just a tragic experience to share. Today was my first ever visit to the dentist where I needed more than a plasticy prod around and a sticker. Today was the day I had my first filling. Or should have had...
I've slacked on the dentist front for EIGHT YEARS. Yes it's gross but its something my mum always did for me and I just sort of forgot to ever register with one as I've moved around so much. So I finally did and last week they had a root around my mouth and told me I needed a filling, but today they drilled my gums so much that there was too much blood for said filling! I now have a mouthful of what can only be compared to grout and an inability to eat apples. Ha mini horror story over and apologies for the gum imagery, hope everyone elses wednesday has been a little better!!

anyone else remember this?

Birthday Weekend - Picture Heavy

This isn't a very fashiony post as I celebrated turning 24 by camping and a trip to the zoo - although I don't know if it's technically camping if the caravan has it's own shower, cooker, and fire? I still took it as an excuse to slob around in pyjamas and hoodies though! My birthday was actually on Thursday and I was ridiculously spoilt by the women at work (which sort of makes me feel bad calling them vulture washer woman), Tom, my family, and Char who completely surprised me with a parcel.
So here's some pictures from my weekend, if you don't like animals look away now...

I've eaten so much cake in the last three days, I can already feel this keylime pie attaching itself to my stomach.

One of my gifts from Char

Perfume curtosy of Tom

The caravan thinks it's a boat.

I sort of expected a Wolverine to look a little bit more threatening than this but apparently they eat deer so maybe they're like the hulk.

I had such a good weekend which I've extended to today with a day off, my plan is to watch the latest Jersey shore, catch up on Towie, drink a huge amount of tea, and have a mammoth blog catch up. Oh and whack some treatment on my hair, exciting.

Payday & Birthday Wishlist

So it's my birthday on Thursday and I'm getting old. Here's what I'd be wishing for if Tom scored a few numbers on the lottery beforehand.

1.New look, 2&3.Topshop, 4.River Island, 5.Miss Selfridge, 6.Just Gimme, 7.Topshop, 8.Places that sell perfume

I was going to write "guess how old and decrepid I'm going to be" but my email address on the left sort of gives it away....TWENTY FOUR. Ugh. I'm even starting to think the purple dress is a bit mutton dressed as lamb? I've asked for Newlook vouchers from the ol' work collection that does the rounds so I might get these boots as my trusty blacks are starting to look a bit bedraggled, the colour will pretty much go with everything aswell which is a bonus.
I haven't even got much planned, my parents are off raving in Spain to Northern Soul (cringe) so I'm going to have a weekend by the lake in the caravan - oh god I am getting old!

Elf First Timer

This is likely to be a pretty lengthly post for me so if you'd prefer I've done a little video of my elf opinions here. If you like a good read here goes....

I ordered my first ever elf experience when they did the last 50% off code, despite hearing so many good things about the brand I'd never really bothered with it because I'm quite shallow and tend to get swayed towards things because of their packaging : / It was the brow kit that drew me in, I actually wanted brow zings but I'm a constant pauper so I went for the cheaper alternative and ended up spending more anyway and filling my little virtual basket.

Turns out I'm not even that impressed with the brow kit. This is shade medium but the powder is quite light for me despite being naturally blonde(ish). The wax is a lot darker but it doesn't seem to make my unruly brows settle down even if I lather it on, I ended up sort of trying to press them down with my fingers which wasn't good. I'm not a fan of the brush either as to get any wax on it you've got to shove it into the wax and mine's starting to shed already. Rant over.

Honestly I only bought this as I was apprehensive and a bit curious, a few makeup brands have been labelling products as "HD" and I don't really get it? Surely as real life people we are hd? Hmmm. Anyway I opened this after a long day at work where I'd constantly been brushing my fringe off my forehead which left a nice greasy shimmer (nice), I swiped some of this over it and it disappeared! Wins. I don't know if it made me hd but it definitly turned me into less of a shiny mess so I'll be carring this around with me for flustery days.

Luckily I was blessed with a lack of spots but with good always comes evil and I was given the joys of overly red cheeks and under eye circles. I pounced on these straight away as I was sure they'd help in my quest for flawless skin and luckily for my bank balance they sort of do! The under eye concealer is a really thick consistency and pats into my skin nicely without rubbing off, I use two layers and they hid my 5 hours sleep circles oh so well! It comes with a highlighter which I probably won't ever use but this is great value for dollar regardless.
The tone correcting concealer was an obvz buy for me, I'm assuming it's main purpose is to cover up blemishes and spots but I've been slapping it over the lower part of my cheeks where the dread of red hits the hardest before foundation-ing and it's doing the job! The only issue I have with it is the smell, I recognise it but can't place it, and it's a little overpowering - especioally as I'm waving it around so close to my nostrils in the morning.

I've been an avid user of the Rimme Exaggerate Liquid Liner for years and I've never even tried anything else which is some dedication on my part! I feel a bit sad now though as I've come to realise there's better fish in the sea and it's time to move on. I love how much easier it is to draw a line with this pen style but I don't love how faded the colour is. Anyone know of something similar that comes out a lot blacker? Sorry Rimmel, our paths must part....

I've not got a lot to say on this really, love the colour and the pigmentation - hate the fact it shows up every little chap in my lip. Does that last part even make sense? I dont have lots of little men lined up on there...

I'd heard so many rave reviews about Elf's studio and bamboo brushes but as I've stated many a time, I'm a cheapskate so went for the regular no frills option. As a complete makeup novice I'd say they're fine, both are super soft and neither have shed yet but tbf I haven't been using them for that long. I've used the eyeshadow brush everyday though, it's firm and really gets into all the nooks and crannies of ones eyelid - ha how gross does that sound? - and applies eyeshadow so much better than those awful foamy brushes so this is a must have for brushytailed beginners like me.
I can't really give an objective review on the foundation brush because I just don't like the feeling of painting foundation onto my face. I feel like a painter decorater when pasting it on this way and it's gross so I reckon I'll stick to using my hands. Maybe a flat toppedbrush would be better?

So if I've not bored you to tears and you're still reading I applaud you! I'm not used to writing such long posts and my eyes are already starting to blur, shower time for me and a bit of Big Brother before bed. Anyone watching this year? Who're your faves? DOWN WITH REBEKKAH

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Cardigan: Primark
Dress: Motel
Necklace: I Need More Jewellery

I don't know when I bought this dress but I remember it was with my student loan, I graduated (does it count if I didn't actually go to the ceremony?) over a year ago so it's a safe bet to say it's pretty old. I've worn this repetitvely and being leopard print it's easy to pretend it's not ancient and still manages to look ok hanging in my wardrobe shoved messily in a pile with my newer dresses.
Last night I wrote my final post as a mini blogger for more magazine and I think I'm actually going to miss keeping to a deadline, a concept the stressed and proplussedup me of two 2 years ago battling journalism dissertations would find sick and twisted. It's definitely made me want a career in writing eventually, but with my birthday creeping up next week to remind me I'm becoming shrivelled and haggared faster than I'd like it's probably something I'll daydream about whilst trying to explain accounting to builders.
Oh god how woe is me does this sound?! Swiftly changing the subject.... I'm liking my first elf order a lot and I'm thinking of videoing my thoughts, if I do d'ya reckon it should stick to the realms of youtube or should I add it to the blog? Or should I keep to what I know and write a lengthy post with some non moving pictures and less of my face? Hmm decisions.

It's about time Silas got caught

This is my 100th post, I feel I should have done something a bit more spesh but I didn't even realise until after I'd taken the pictures : / I got this dress last year from Primark, I'd seen one really similar in Armani a couple of months before but couldn't justify £99 on a dress so this was the far better option at less than £20. It does seem to cling on to the most unflattering parts of the body but I suppose that's my own fault for choosing to wear it during the time my womb decides to show how much it hates me and makes me bloat.
I managed to brave weekend supermarket shoppers today and tootled along to Tesco. Never again. I actually broke a sweat, got insanely flustered from carrying my overfilled basket, and managed to split my Saver's bag of goodness which spilled out across the floor. Luckily the huge cans of hairspray and the St Moriz (first timer!) I'd bought remained unscathed, but I did lose my 19p paracetamol.
Ugh the phone just rang whilst I was writing this and someone tried to tell me my laptop is "sending out dangerous files far worse than a virus, let us help you". I said to him I don't know how he'd know that as my internet is with BT, he then said "Yes we are calling from BT and can tell". I'm not with BT fool! I lied! Is it not enough that scanners plague me by email everyday but now the phone too?!

First Ever Elf Purchase

After a failed attempt at collecting this yesterday (why are post offices only open for half a day on a Wednesday?) I was finally handed my first elf experience by a very polite post office lady this afternoon.

It sounds so snobby but I've always strayed away from elf due to the packaging, is it just me or does it look like something your mum would have leftover from the 80s? Or something from the 80s still gracing the shelves of poundstretcher....hmm enough 80s. The only reason I moseyed over to the website was to buy the eyebrow kit but I saw the 50% off and ended up filling my boots.
I haven't really had chance to try anything properly yet but I was quite surprised at how small the kabuki brush was

I thought the box was empty to begin with, they'd squeezed it into a tiny compartment at the bottom which is a little odd - why not just make the box smaller? It does feel soft though.

Ugh I had my work course today which was trying to teach us how to make an effective phonecall. As a "roleplay" we had to phone each other infront of everyone to show how we'd react in a difficult situation, worse still the calls were recorded...My reaction? Get incredibly flustered, blush beetroot, and hang up. Cringe.

Review - Benefit Bad Gal

How awful is the weather today? I ventured out to Asda earlier to buy some chocolate mousse for work luches (i am a child) and the air was so damp and frizz inducing – gross. So instead of doing outdoorsey things I thought I’d russel up a review of the cosmetic love of my life – bad gal.

I think this is sort of a marmite mascara, a lot of people don’t get on with it due to how massive the brush is but I love it. Bad Gal was my second step into the land of Benefit and since then I’ve coated my way through about 4/5 tubes.

I have horrible little spindly lashes that resemble little spider legs so I’ve always gone for volume, I’ve tried various wands in various shapes/sizes/textures and it seems that the classic but oversized was the way to go

I will never use a thin plasticy brush again, infact they make me angry with their false promises! Yes I’m looking at you Rimmel Glam Eyes. Badgal is £16.50 and for that you get 8.5g of product, I was a little a lot dissapointed when I bought the waterproof version a few months ago and was graced with a measly 6g for the same price so I guess I'll have to stop all my spontaneous american movie style jumping in pools. Oh well.
I also did a little video of other Benefit products here if you want to listen to my thoughts aswell as read them.

Primark Threads

This is pretty much everything I described in the video below avec a shoddy attempt at the smokey eye

Dress £15 Primark
Shoes £8 Primark
Belt £1 Primark
Tights £1 Primark

A whole outfit for £30? Thanks Primark, shame we can't be friends more often. I'm gutted I didn't get the black version of this dress aswell whilst it was hanging so nicely and un mauled, there's no way I'll be able to find it shoddy Northampton's little run down hut they pass off as a store : /
Hows everyone's Thursday been? I got all excited that it was going to be a speedy four day week untill the weekend but alas I'm working on Saturday so I'll be spending it filing and putting letters in envelopes - 'xiting! Although more exciting is the presence of September, despite this being car tax month (ridic) it's also the month I celebrate my own birth and this year I'll be commiserating celebrating becoming old with a HUGE catering sized fudge cake which is so massive it wouldn't fit in the freezer - so I'll have a candle in a pre cut and frozen slice I suppose...
Annd along with September comes dark nights and cold weather, which means my cat slater leopard fur jacket can come out of hiding! Wins.

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