Well Look-ey here - Competition Entry

Ok so I'm sort of using this post to sell myself - which I'm not a massive dooer-of as salespeople make me cringe. Just to point out, I'm not secretly a balding old man trying to force a sofa on you, honest...
I saw a Tweet from @lookmagazine earlier today that has probably sent the blogging world into a bit of a frenzy, they're running a competition to find five bloggers to write for them during the famous Look Show and whilst I would normally think "eeek I’m not fashionable enough for this", the part of me that's ready to launch my call centre phone out of the window was niggling away singing "enter, enter!". So in an attempt to shut out this annoying singsong voice and possibly be given an uh-maz-ing opportunity to write for Look I decided to give it a good old bash - the competition not my phone.
I'm not actually sure who I should be addressing this too, obvz I'm hoping Look read this but it's also a blog entry so it should be aimed at everyone (and if you're not one for words then just have a cheeky gaze at my outfit today which should be posted above) and hope for the best. The question has been asked "Why should you be front row at The Look Show AW11?" My first thought was "Because I'm not that tall and people would be able to see over my head easily" but I didn't think that one sentence would really get me anywhere : /
So why do I think I should be there? Honestly? Because I love clothes. I love looking at them, lusting over them, searching ebay for them, and trawling blogs for them. If I’m not scraping my wages together to buy clothes I’m photoshopping wishlists to myself. I'm definitely more high street than high end but I'm actually happier this way, if I won the lottery I'd way prefer a supermarket sweep around h&m and Newlook than purchase a couple of items I'd be too scared too clumsy to wear, and since starting my blog back in ol' 09 when I focussed mainly on "style steals" I've come to realise the high street do pretty much identical copies for a mere slither of the price!
Is it a bit tragic/creepy to mention that it'd be wins to meet some more bloggers that feel the same way? Last year I moved to a new town and started a full time job where I spend 8 hours a day reminding people they need to pay for bricks, and most of the women in my office are a few minutes away from retirement. If I approached them with "how awesome is the Topshop version of THE Frankie Sandford dress?" I'd be met with a blank stare and probably a rant about how youngsters today spend too much money following fashion. Oh dear now it sounds like I'm begging for buds!...
I’m probably starting to ramble but I've been reading Look for years now and writing for them would be an amazing experience, so I couldn't not attempt a (perhaps fluffed up?) entry.



  1. LOVE this post Eloise, Good luck with Look Magazine, got everything crossed for you x x

  2. Good luck eloise (: I would love for you to win this. It would be brilliant to read about the show and see your faf (funny as fuck) witty remarks every few sentences haha. Rootin' for ya!

  3. ohh, good luck! (and i can completely empathise with the being short thing, those tall girls just don't understand!) xxx

  4. Good luck :)


    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;


  5. fantastic post! They'd be silly not to choose you! I've been reading some of the entries that have been tweeted and yours is easily the best i've seen :) I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you (well maybe not my toes, that would be painful) best of luck my love x

  6. Good luck with it, I hope you get it! I looked at entering, but I couldn't think of any reason why I should be there, so I quickly retreated! As a short female, I empathise with you! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  7. Good luck for the competition. I am definitely in the same boat when it comes to height, I loved your one-liner reply to the question!
    I contemplated entering too, but really don't feel like I have the blogging experience to blog for Look! Really hope you get it! Couldn't think of a better person x x

  8. same here my room is far took hot!
    good luck, you look great as well :)

  9. great blog and post lovely .

    do check out/ follow 'betsie'.

  10. the fact that people would be able to see over your head is a fantastic reason!

  11. for fashion lovers:
    love your blog!
    please follow and comment! :)
    thanks! xx

  12. Good luck, I entered too :)


  13. Wow, this entry actually made me 'LOL'! I hope mine is as good as yours! :|
    Love your blog by the way!


  14. Dropping by to say good luck and well done for a very well written post xxx

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