Payday Wishlist

I wish someone would give me a dresses and knitwear fund

1) £42 Topshop 2) £65 Topshop 3) £42 Topshop 4) £48 Urban Outfitters 5) £39 Motel
1 & 2) £48 Motel 3) £26.99 Missguided 4) £22.99 Missguided

I've seen so many chunky cardigans that I must have for this Autumn/Winter, sadly the majority of them are topshop so I'll probably have to stick to making wishlists for the time being. Although I am heading up to Stoke this afternoon with plans to hit the Primark tomorrow so I might branch out and try their knitwear, but it always feels a bit to scratchy in the shops? If anyone's had any PrimKnits were they longlasting? I'm also on the hunt for some nice dresses so hopefully it'll be a fruitfull adventure

Ugh I'm watching Jersey Shore as I'm writing this and I've just seen "the situation" spit all over Ron whilst going a bit mental. I actually hate him and can't understand why so many seemingly normal girls agree to "smush" him on camera - yes he's famous but he's hideous and you're embarrasing yourselves, go away.

Tarzan with Charlie Sheen cheeks

I do like leopard print, I'm even writing this wearing pink leopard print chavesque pjs.

Top: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Primark
Necklace: I Need More Jewellery

I bought this top last year and I love how loose it is over the belly area, especially on days where two Kitkat chunkies might be sitting in your stomach from the night before...Ha I'm a fiend for a Kitkat and I demand they bring back the peanut butter versions *drool*.
Other than getting into a row heated debate with a colleague nothing worth mentioning has really happened this week, although I guess it's only Tuesday so there's still 5 days left for me to win the lottery/get a promotion/become a rockstar or all of the above! I did make this on Friday though which has been sat in all it's glory calling out to be drank so deserves a mention.

Tis skittles vodka! If you've never had it before I urge you to make some as it's ridic easy, just dump two big bags of skittles into a bottle of vodka, leave it for a day or two, give it a few shakes and it's done. It tastes amazing with lemonade but it's pretty lethal - it tastes just like liquid skittley goodness so you forget you're drinking spirits. Anyone tried this method with anything else?
I've just realised my blog is becoming rather junk food orientated, I'm trying to cut it out of my life, I really am!

P.S - I did my first ever guest post for Maria which is on her fab blog today.

Size Doesn't Matter

Top: Max C London
Skirt: Newlook
Sinead Tights: Asda
Necklace: I Need More Jewellery

This top was given to me at the #brumbloggermeet curtosy of Max C London. It's a couple of sizes bigger than my usual wears but I thought I'd try it with this skirt for a sort of baggy/bodycon combo and I like. I don't think I'd go for the Sinead Hollyoaks esque tights (isn't her story line with Jason/Jasmin ridiculous?) on a night out though - i'd probably just cake my legs in fake tan instead. I probably wouldn't leave the house with such horrific hair either - recently I've sacrificed my ghd's and glossy locks for the cool setting on the hairdryer and a frizzy mess in an attempt to get it to grow. So far it's not working and I'm still shedding more than my cat.
Urgh I feel so gross, I've spent most of today cleaning my flat for an inspection on Monday and I'm caked in a layer of dust and weird back stuff that seems to be coming out of our taps? If anyone else has this please let me know as it's a bit too ghostbustery for my liking....
Hope everyone's having a good Saturday, my evening is going to consist of a bath, Jersey Shore, X Factor, and Big Brother. I have a reality TV problem.

Oh and I added these to my shop today, all items there have free postage to lure you in.

Benefit That Gal - My Thoughts

I'm a media's dream and so easily swayed by adverts, so when I saw "That Gal" in a million different bridal magazines telling me I could have "dull to darling" brightened skin in one application I bought it.

After a mix up where paypal thought I was a cheeky fraudster ordering from Spain and blocking my account, I finally got my inpatient hands on it. For 21.50 you get 11ml of gunk product which comes in a sort of prittstick like container and spurts from the top a little like a playdough factory. It's a bit of a gimmick but I like it.

The product is sold as a bightener/primer but according to Benefit's website you can wear it on it's lonesome to brighten all skin tones. As a primer I find it ok, the dewy/tacky consistancy seems to hold my concealer and foundation fine and it has a nice bubblegum-ey smell which I really like. However as a brightener it really doesn't do much for me, it could be my freckly inconsistent skin tone playing it's part in the process but to get a small result I have to slop so much product on my face which then seems to bring out my pinky tones even more.

I bought the product with the wishful thinking that on a rushed morning I could oh-so-glamourously swish some of this onto my cheeks and instantly look fresh and revived. Instead for the same results I use this, concealer, foundation, powder foundation, and finish off with High Beam (which I actually love). And to be honest I could probably cut That Gal out of this routine and should have used the money to buy more highbeam.

Who knows though, it could just be my rubbish skin refusing to play nice. Anyone else tried this? Thoughs?
And if you didn't see my tweets yesterday I'm starting a blog shop, there's not heaps in there atm but tis early days (day two infact), so if you like vintagey/quirky necklaces then click on the spectacles below!

Oh lip piercing, is it about time we part?

I was going to start this post with "I don't know if I like this dress or not" but how many times do I do this?! I clearly need to be more decisive when buying dresses/tops/everything. To be fair it was only £10 in the sale but it's sort of an odd length on me, I don't know if I can pull off the midi-ness... I do like the bows and collar though.
I realised today I have 400 followers which i'm rather thankful for. After taking a break from my course in creative writing at uni for a year and eventually graduating with a (probably below) average grade I sort of lost all confidence in writing words so it's nice to know that some people keep coming back! I even tried to film a little video as a thankyou but cringing is not the word for my reaction on playing it back - since when did I get so nasal? Ew.

Hope everyone's well. For once I'm not shovelling the delights of Asda down my throat tonight as I've become old mother hubbard and my cupboards are indeed bare, even Theo the cat has more choice than me tonight! Right off I go to watch American kids try and become famous...

Selena Gomez Style Pilfer

Hello! I am feeling decidedly more chipper than I was on Saturday which is nice as I didn't think my head was ever going to stop spinning. I went to bed oh so early and slept like a baby, and I've learnt the lesson that I'm sure many have already... Vodka is the enemy. It may look tempting (especially mixed with skittles) but eventually it will end the hazy friendship brutaly.
Alcohol issues aside I realised I haven't done one of these in forever so here's Selena Gomez in her maxi glory.

1- £35.00 Missselfridge
2 - £5.00 Matalan
3 - £6.50 Missselfridge
4- £45.00 Warehouse
5- £10.00 Bank

In the original snap she had a handyman helpfully holding an umbrella for her, unfortunately I couldn't get a price tag for him : / Not counting her fondness of swoopy haired idiots I quite like Selena Gomez and recently she's started to look less disneyish and a lot more stylish - Im liking her use of fringe here, shame I can't say the same about the Bieb...

And now Bieber hatred issues aside, I'm attempting to sell the following on here after they failed eBay. The motel dress was bought brand new from eBay and the skirt is from Rare. Neither have been worn by me at all

Motel Dress - Size small but would probably best fit a petite 6/8 - it's really short! Missing the clip in shoulder pads as they looked a little silly, I took them out to try it on and lost them..
£7.50 inc postage (first class standard)

Rare Skirt - It's a lantern/tulip style in Size 10 but again it's so short! Would probably best fit an 8.
£7.50 inc postage (first class)

If you'd like any please leave a comment below with your email and I'll hola via googlemail about where to send paypal payments too. Unfortunaly I won't be providing refunds as the wearz are as described

Saturday Slobbing with Big Al

Today I am feeling incredibly hungover and full of self pitty so have spent the day in the following.

Its hardly fashion but on days like this which are becomming few and far between for me I have to be comfortable, if I even attempt to put makeup on it will be rubbed off within minutes. So after showering and blowdrying the "day pyjamas" have made an appearence and I couldn't be happier. Ugh anyone else feel like they're suffering actual torture when drying hair the morning after a few shandies? It ends up taking me at least half an hour, heat is not my friend today.
I bought this t shirt last year ish and it's from topshop, it didn't come with the creases and cat hair I've thrown those in myself : )It's by a brand called Rock Rebel which I find quite apt, as last night a random boy tried to insult me with the following: "You're not fit, you're just trying to be Avril Lavigne" !!! I can't say it's ever entered my mind to aspire to be like Avil Lavigne, I think he was upset as after sliming his way over to our group he was very clearly shot down. He looked like an egg.

Sooo the rest of my evening is being spent eating savoury snacks (I shouldn't ever go to asda when peckish) and watching trashy tv. Thanks to Kirsty I now have the new Jersey Shore to laugh at whilst I nurse my sore head.


My home for the evening - go away cheeky bulmers can

Anyone else doing the same tonight? Or if you're being super active/sociable please let me know so I can live an exciting Saturday though you!

I'm baking like a potato in my oven of a flat

How hot has it been the last couple of days? The tights today were clearly a fail but they've now been shed (ew) and replaced by some tiny slobbing shorts, and I intend to spend the rest of the night attatched to the fan. I sort of attempted to channel my inner Waldorf here, she's by far my favourite Gossip Girl character and anyone who stands in the way of her and Chuck Bass will have me to answer too. Although I'm not sure if this skirt is the best fit for my shape? I wear it constantly anyway, I bought it about two years ago from topshop and it's had a silly amount of time around my waist - my cost per ratio must be rather low, Gok would be proud!

Ugh I've just had a look out of the window and it's clouds a plenty, isn't that hot muggy heat where you can't sleep the worst? Yet I still refuse to sleep without the duvet incase spiders crawl all over me in the night, I'll live with this fear forever.

Well Look-ey here - Competition Entry

Ok so I'm sort of using this post to sell myself - which I'm not a massive dooer-of as salespeople make me cringe. Just to point out, I'm not secretly a balding old man trying to force a sofa on you, honest...
I saw a Tweet from @lookmagazine earlier today that has probably sent the blogging world into a bit of a frenzy, they're running a competition to find five bloggers to write for them during the famous Look Show and whilst I would normally think "eeek I’m not fashionable enough for this", the part of me that's ready to launch my call centre phone out of the window was niggling away singing "enter, enter!". So in an attempt to shut out this annoying singsong voice and possibly be given an uh-maz-ing opportunity to write for Look I decided to give it a good old bash - the competition not my phone.
I'm not actually sure who I should be addressing this too, obvz I'm hoping Look read this but it's also a blog entry so it should be aimed at everyone (and if you're not one for words then just have a cheeky gaze at my outfit today which should be posted above) and hope for the best. The question has been asked "Why should you be front row at The Look Show AW11?" My first thought was "Because I'm not that tall and people would be able to see over my head easily" but I didn't think that one sentence would really get me anywhere : /
So why do I think I should be there? Honestly? Because I love clothes. I love looking at them, lusting over them, searching ebay for them, and trawling blogs for them. If I’m not scraping my wages together to buy clothes I’m photoshopping wishlists to myself. I'm definitely more high street than high end but I'm actually happier this way, if I won the lottery I'd way prefer a supermarket sweep around h&m and Newlook than purchase a couple of items I'd be too scared too clumsy to wear, and since starting my blog back in ol' 09 when I focussed mainly on "style steals" I've come to realise the high street do pretty much identical copies for a mere slither of the price!
Is it a bit tragic/creepy to mention that it'd be wins to meet some more bloggers that feel the same way? Last year I moved to a new town and started a full time job where I spend 8 hours a day reminding people they need to pay for bricks, and most of the women in my office are a few minutes away from retirement. If I approached them with "how awesome is the Topshop version of THE Frankie Sandford dress?" I'd be met with a blank stare and probably a rant about how youngsters today spend too much money following fashion. Oh dear now it sounds like I'm begging for buds!...
I’m probably starting to ramble but I've been reading Look for years now and writing for them would be an amazing experience, so I couldn't not attempt a (perhaps fluffed up?) entry.


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