Where Them Girls At

Sorry if you hate this cheesey David Guetta song but alas I love it and blasted it from my car like a chav on the way home. So today was my first day back at work where I was faced with 200 unopened emails : / but I went shopping yesterday for office attire with my leftover holiday spends and this is what I bought.

Top £14.99
Trousers £22.99
Shoes £8.00 (!!!)

All Newlook

Hobviously I have to wear anything new straight away but I am quite pleased with my buys, the brogues were in the sale which is definitely a double win as I can never find anything I like in shoddy Northampton even if it's full price. A trip into town usually just makes me angry at the amount of markety shops that keep popping up...
Ah this post feels a little dull, since I got back on Tuesday the most exciting thing to happen was walking into my flat and facing the stench of mouldy meat - actually that wasn't really exciting it was just gross - my boyfriend felt my wrath as he'd turned off the electric before we went making the freezer a lovely cocktail of melted ice cream, fungus pies, and rotting chicken. So off to iceland we popped where I found this

I had my first slab last night and intend on polishing the rest of with some Harry Potter this evening.
Hope everyone's well and mould free!


  1. OMG I bought that cake yest, its too moreish... I had far too much for 1 person haha x x x

  2. The Peter Pan collar on the shirt makes it look so cute! Lovely shoes too!
    And omg this cake! It sounds and looks so delicious! I want! ;)

  3. I live in northampton too!! and know exactly what you mean by market stall shops!!! that place needs a serious overhall!!!

    check out my models own giveaway!


  4. Great shoes :)


    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;



  5. That cake is sooo nice! Really like your new clothes too xx

  6. I love this outfit - I am on the lookout for new clothes for work and I love some of what New Look has to offer!x

  7. I want a new look store in my city NOW! hahaha, it looks great on you!!

  8. I love that song, Nicki Minaj is amazing!
    eeew your freezer sounds a bit minging, glad it's all sorted now, that dessert looks lovely x

  9. Love those shoes!! Great look, and that desert looks divine :)


  10. Your outfit is lovely, I love the neutral tones!

    Maria xxx

  11. Rather liking the shoes on that, very nice. And man that dessert looks YUMMY!

    I also love the song, Have a bad habit of blasting all manner of music in a chavvy fashion...

  12. see you at the meet up :) yay x

  13. Gorgeous outfit! I really love it!

    Plus that dessert looks so yummy! Sad about the freezer though, bet your boyfriends in the dog shed tonight! I can't imagine coming home to anything worse :(

  14. gosh that cake looks gorg! love the top! x

  15. hahah i'd have had the whole slab, YUM! you look lovely- great buys! :D xxxx

  16. How can you NOT love this song? Love the shirt too.

    Helen, X

  17. love the cute little collar on your top, sooo cute, as are your shoes, you look beautiful <3

    thanks for your lovely comment :)
    claire xo

  18. That dessert looks DELISH! And I love your top - great buys! :)

    sorelle in style

  19. I love that song, it is always stuck in my head. Thanks to working in a nightclub mind!

  20. Love the blouse, you're gorgeous dear! Have you seen the new Harry Potter movie yet? It was great, the cinematography was so well-done!

    xoxo Madeline

  21. Really like this outfit, I want some trousers like that :) That dessert looks so yummy!!

  22. Lovely outfit! I never really know what's suitable clothing for an office environment resulting in my work outfits being pretty boring. So I'm gonna take a cue from you!

    And that freezer situation sounds like it was grim, haha. At least it resulted in cake. YUM.

  23. love the shirt, I love the idea of spending your left over holiday money - I am definitely going to do that next time I go on hols.

  24. Wow... You are so pretty :D
    Nice blog. Follow each other?



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