Denim & Poultry

Scuse the Alien arm on the top right
Dress: Topshop
Necklace: Camden

This was actually what I wore yesterday, as today I'm slobbing in a misshapen Allsaints T-shirt and jeans after washing my car and vaguely cleaning the flat. I got this dress yonks ago from Topshop and it's from one of their "studio brands" Love. I like the denimness and the shape of this dress, however I do not have the chebs to pull it off at all so in order to get it to fit I've had to smuggle a sneaky safety pin between my lady lumps which seems to be working. Although it is really low cut so I'm not sure whether it will actually look better on the larger breasted ladiee?

Hmm this might now get a barrage of boob men finding my blog so I shall move on. I haven't really done loads this weekend, I went to comet to lust over macs and debate whether to finance one (still haven't decided), had a jaunt around tesco, and almost bought a pink coatstand from homesense - ege of your seat stuff I know. Tom cooked a meal of poultry goodness last night which has probably been the highlight of my weekend

He stuffed it with peperoni and halloumi, and on the side we had peppers, feta cheese and sundried tomatos. It was a nice change from our usual frozenandbadforyou food we usually eat! I've attempted to top his cullinary skillz today with my chocolateyandbadforyou cupcakes which I will be demolishing in a minute.


There are too many Moons on Eastenders

Blouse: Primark
Shorts: H&M
Tights: Newlook
Necklace: Primark
Vest: Newlook

I bought this on Saturday at the Birmingham blogger meet and I like! I feel very hot hair balloon but it's perfect for fat days, maybe the hot pants aren't good for such days but they can always be swapped for jeans when I'm feeling hostile towards my thighs. I wish I bought it in some other colours as they had a very nice duck egg blue and Danni mentioned there's cream ones knocking around but as always I played it safe and regretted it after. Sigh(mon Alvin Theodore).

I was actually going to do a review of the new primer I purchased last week but after t'uther nights #blogdebate I didn't want a barrage of "omgzzz be ethical woncha?!" thrown at me, I wasn't going to throw my two cents in (i'm sure there's an english version of this phrase but pounds sounds wrong) but I'm about two in a couple of sentences so if you hate this subject look away:
I read blogs because I like them, if I don't like a blog I will unfollow. I'm sure people are intelligent enough to see for themselves if a blog is full of paid "sponsored" praise and everyone has the option to unfollow. A set of "ethics" for bloggers is, in my opinion, a bizarre aspect of political correctness which is highly uneccesary.
And that's me done.

Changing the subject my friend bought me this the other day and I'm cheating on my treseme with something a little cheap...

1.50 for this massive bottle! It's from a shop called "savers" which I think is a chain, it smells a bit like a fusty old woman but add another spray for a cheeky menage et trois and the smell is masked. Wins.

Everyone's A Winner Baby

It's true, the Birmingham blogger meet was such a fun day so big thaks again to Fritha and Claire for organising it all. And another thankyou to the oh so generous Tesco for uniting me with this playsuit, I love it, I feel like a glamourous mechanic and i won't even try to explain how comfy it is.

Playsuit - Clothing at Tesco
Cardigan - h&m
Necklace - Primark

I'll try not to ramble on too much but despite nerves (I'm definitly a words on paper/laptop screen gal) I trained it to Birmingham where I met some fabulous folk who all looked uh-maz-ing. We starbuck'sed we shopped, we ate, we drank cocktails and we got stared at by a lot of Birmingham. I'm glad (and geekily proud of myself) I went - luckily there wasn't too many cringe moments waiting to jump out at me once I was lulled into feeling secure, I did have a bit of a moment in Starbucks with those little flasks but I'm hoping no one saw....seems I was channeling Dr Seuss there.
It was also great to finally get to see people in the flesh after tweeting them and stalking them reading their blogs. I got to chat to Maria, Char (who somehow managed to walk around bham in very high heels - jel), Danni, Elizabeth, Joy, Louise, Hayley, Gem, and Florrie. Selina who looked stunning and won best dressed bought us all some Motel goodies and Sara came loaded with missguided treats! Along with THE yellow bags Fritha brought from Max C London it was like a mass bloggers birthday. I only managed to briefly speak to Gem, Emma, Lily, Rebecca, Emma, Michelle, and Hattie but if another meet is ever on the cards I'm there fo sho.
Ok I said I wouldn't ramble and I have, here's some of my appaling iphone snaps from the day.

P.s Is anyone else as tragic as me and a bit intimidated by mac counters? I didn't even understand the process of buying there?! It was super busy though.


I can never decide if I like this dress

I like the pattern but the shape isn't too flattering which is odd as I own exactly the same dress in polka dot which seems to fit fine, I just think it looks a little maternity wear. Maybs it's a psychological thing, or maybe it does just look crap and I've been kidding myself all these months!
I've felt a bit bleurgh today, how come whenever you feel a bit rough it always shows in your makeup? If I have a cold or I'm hungover my makeup seems to be on a little mission to let everyone know..."Hello bags I'm eyeliner, lets work together to make Eloise look like a 2 patched pirate" - Ugh.

Oh remember I mentioned Randal the Peter Pettigrew of the workplace? Well she came out with such a corker yesterday as an excuse not to make anyone a drink, she actually said she couldn't walk down the stairs because she's five months pregnant?! Que? I cannot wait for her to spawn her offspring so she can go away. Buuuut to make up for a shoddy and uneventful start to the week at work my 200 word ramble on The Apprentice is now on More Magazine's website, have a cheeky read here.

Anyone else suffering from a little midweek blues?

Missguided Lace Dress & Some Potter Glasses

After so much uhming and ahhing whether to shell out on the Topshop version of this dress or the Missguided, I finally took another online shopping plunge and went with Missguided.

I have such bad luck ordering clothes online, they usually either don't fit or look anything like the picture (*cough* tesco bikinis) and then you end up getting swizzed as they don't refund the postage - and in my case have the shame of handing over your club card for the points to be brutally taken away by a smug sales assistant.
So to be honest the reason I didn't go skipping off to Topshop was because they only do it in white nowadays and I didn't want to look like a bride. I'm so so happy I didn't though because this version is half the price and identical. Apologies for the crotch area picture but before I got mine I was worried about the length and a few people had said that the Missguided version is a lot longer, sooo here it is in all it's glory. I think I look a bit david Browie aswell today.

In non dress speak here's how I've spent my weekend.

Potter in 3D (amazing) on Saturday and a trip to Asda today. It's an old Netto that's just been changed in my town and people are actually going crazy over it, silly really as theres an asda exactly the same size about a ten minute walk away, I think I counted about 10 screaming children and heaps of 90s perms on my trip there today : /
I've also had a pretty shoddy afternoon, a text came through saying "Please call this number urgently reference the illegal cat residing in your flat. Regards abm property". I freaked as my cat is sort of squatting here as we aren't allowed pets and actually bawled to my mum (more cringe) as I didn't want to get rid of him. So I sat down and wrote out this huge spiel of what to say to them, but when I eventually calmed down and rang the number my sister was pissing herself on the other end of the line. Not happy at all!
Midlands meet next week though, getting a bit nervous and I'm already thinking of potential wears - d'ya reckon this dress is a bit too much for shopping? I kind of want to parade it around Bham but I'll probs give anyone who reads this d


Where Them Girls At

Sorry if you hate this cheesey David Guetta song but alas I love it and blasted it from my car like a chav on the way home. So today was my first day back at work where I was faced with 200 unopened emails : / but I went shopping yesterday for office attire with my leftover holiday spends and this is what I bought.

Top £14.99
Trousers £22.99
Shoes £8.00 (!!!)

All Newlook

Hobviously I have to wear anything new straight away but I am quite pleased with my buys, the brogues were in the sale which is definitely a double win as I can never find anything I like in shoddy Northampton even if it's full price. A trip into town usually just makes me angry at the amount of markety shops that keep popping up...
Ah this post feels a little dull, since I got back on Tuesday the most exciting thing to happen was walking into my flat and facing the stench of mouldy meat - actually that wasn't really exciting it was just gross - my boyfriend felt my wrath as he'd turned off the electric before we went making the freezer a lovely cocktail of melted ice cream, fungus pies, and rotting chicken. So off to iceland we popped where I found this

I had my first slab last night and intend on polishing the rest of with some Harry Potter this evening.
Hope everyone's well and mould free!


Hello! Golly I feel like it's been an age, I'm still in Spain so the following pictures may be a bit awfull/stretched as I'm not using my own laptop. Plus a coldsore the size of a Cornish pasty has attached itself to my face so hopefully you can look past this if it's managed to get in on the photos, also hopefully you can look past that vile description? Apologies if you were reading whilst tucking into a pastry!

Top - Both dresses Motel
Bottom Left: Motel
Bottom Right: French Connection

I've pretty much been living in Motel dresses and flip-flops for the past week and haven't really bothered with my hair. I like how in other countries I get so hot and flustered I'm past caring what my legs and the dot to dots of moles on my skin look like, so end up wearing stuff I go to wear in England but always change out of before leaving the house into something less fleshy.
I haven't really taken loads of photos as I'm mega paranoid about stuff getting broken/stolen, and I've spent the last four days away from my parents house in a hotel by the beach so sand. = major stressing over breakages. Here's a random selection of pictures I have managed to snap.

Right - Cheap vodka made a happy me, it also made a sickintoabedat shameful me

View from my parents house

View from the hotel balcony

Jackson the pet tortoise

Overpriced Italian restaurant who humfed and tutted at us for not ordering wine

Left - Creepy cat at said Italian, it didn't move or blink throughout the whole meal.

I'm back with my parents on the mountain now untill Tuesday when We board bmi and say goodbye to siestas, air con, and peely skin (honestly I'm becoming a human satsuma) and hello to everyday routine - massive sigh.
Hope everyones doing ok, I'm going to have a blog reading session in a mo to try and catch up - apologies for not posting much at all but with staying at different places its been quite difficult. I did manage a ramble to More before I left for the seaside though, have a peep here
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