Whoa we're going to Espania

Hello! I had this as a draft on blogger, and I'm currently using my phone to post this but below is a little catch up from the past week, apologies for the lack o snaps but I'm writing this from sunny Spain!

I've literally done nothing this week other than break my washing machine, complain to the evil vulture estate agents (who are making me pay £100 to fix it, despite it not being my fault), bitch about the evil estate agents, and buy some not very exciting products for holiday. Has anyone ever used p20 suncream? My dad raved about it for ages so I tried it a while back but found it ridiculous, it goes on so clear and thin that it's hard to tell where you've applied it, and because you only put it on once a day if you miss a spot you don't realise until it's too late. I had little red and white finger prints all over me and looked like i'd been tie dyed, can't say this was the nicest of looks but it kept the pervy spannish scooter men away.>

I also fell in love with that lace dress a'la Topshop on Sunday, but they only seem to have it in white nowadays and even though it's the most flattering thing to ever grace my skin I don't want to look like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls.

So thats been me for the past few days, exciting life aint it? Although I am going to be on moremagazine.co.uk for the next few months which does make up for the crappy week and I'm headed off to Sunny Spain tomorrow morning which will make the weeks of saving worthwhile - I hope. Being stuck in a mountain might lead to some here's johnny moments : /

So I'm off, I might try and do a few posts whilst I'm away but I'll be on a medieval laptop so they could be few and far between until I return lobster like in 2 weeks time. Hope everyone's been enjoying the sun and no ones had any p20 disasters!



  1. have fun on holidays and dont get too burnt!

    shel xx

  2. Have a great time :)


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  3. Ohh that is so exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. Cool, really great news - have a great time!

    Amy x

  5. Have fun on your sunny holiday :)

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Have a great holiday! :D

  7. Hope you have a great time!

    Nat x

  8. so jealous! sounds like you're having an amazing time (: glad to hear you haven't forgotten the suncream ;)


  9. Have fun in Spain, you are gonna love it!

    Check out my 4th of July special and don't forget to follow if you like it (:

  10. Have fun on holiday! (I am so jealous of you right now! :P )

    Maria xxx

  11. have fun on holiday, remember the sun cream! :)

  12. i love your blog, simply because like you "i need more clothes".. hihi, hope you have a great time ;)

    btw- am new follower here.. i would love if you could also come visit/follow mine.. thanks sweetie ;)



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