Whoa we're going to Espania

Hello! I had this as a draft on blogger, and I'm currently using my phone to post this but below is a little catch up from the past week, apologies for the lack o snaps but I'm writing this from sunny Spain!

I've literally done nothing this week other than break my washing machine, complain to the evil vulture estate agents (who are making me pay £100 to fix it, despite it not being my fault), bitch about the evil estate agents, and buy some not very exciting products for holiday. Has anyone ever used p20 suncream? My dad raved about it for ages so I tried it a while back but found it ridiculous, it goes on so clear and thin that it's hard to tell where you've applied it, and because you only put it on once a day if you miss a spot you don't realise until it's too late. I had little red and white finger prints all over me and looked like i'd been tie dyed, can't say this was the nicest of looks but it kept the pervy spannish scooter men away.>

I also fell in love with that lace dress a'la Topshop on Sunday, but they only seem to have it in white nowadays and even though it's the most flattering thing to ever grace my skin I don't want to look like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls.

So thats been me for the past few days, exciting life aint it? Although I am going to be on moremagazine.co.uk for the next few months which does make up for the crappy week and I'm headed off to Sunny Spain tomorrow morning which will make the weeks of saving worthwhile - I hope. Being stuck in a mountain might lead to some here's johnny moments : /

So I'm off, I might try and do a few posts whilst I'm away but I'll be on a medieval laptop so they could be few and far between until I return lobster like in 2 weeks time. Hope everyone's been enjoying the sun and no ones had any p20 disasters!


Garnier: "Can I help you with those suitcases?"

Warning: This post includes a hideous pre makeup photo. Please bear this in mind!

I bought the Garnier Caffine Anti Dark Circles about 2 months ago when boots and it on offer, I think it was 2 for about £12. At the time I'd been using Touche Macique by L'oreal and although this was doing the job I'm a sucker for a gimmick so the cooling ball called out to me.

I bought mine in light but I think they do a very light, a medium, and a dark. The application is easy and you really do feel a cooling effect on your eyes, sort of like the time I put cucumbers all over my face as a child. I purchased this with the intention of banishing dark circles on an early morning as I don't really have much of an issue with puffyness, but if you do Garnier say this is supposed to "hydrate" tired looking eyes. IF you've read the little warning above you know what's coming, if you've missed it look away now

Gross. But as you can probably see it has reduced the suitcases under my eyes quite well. I usually dab the concealer under my eye, add a bit of foundation, then roll some more concealer on. I can still see a bit of darkness but all in all I'm quite happy with the results, I just need to find a super strong concealer to go over the top for groggier mornings. I don't think it's on offer anymore but I just had a look at Superdrug's site and they're selling it for £6.80 which I suppose is better as you don't have to commit to two.

Has anyone else used this? Is the roll on without the added concealer any good?

In other news I've spent today giving myself blisters washing my clothes over the bath after the estate agesnts refused to fix my washing machine. Glamorous goings on in my flat today!

Some Very Nice Nightime Playsuits

Very.co.uk have a 75% sale on, I came, I saw, I added to my wish list, I got annoyed at the fact I have no funds. Urgh. I think the list of things I want to buy with my wages now needs one of those windy scrolls...which I'll need a quill to write with *adds to list*
I'm just bitter as this supposedly cheap holiday to Spain isn't actually working out to be very frugal friendly, I couldn't put my boyfriend (or myself) through two whole weeks on a mountain with my parents so I booked a 3 night hotel stay in a nearby touristy town which was all lovely untill I started looking at cattery prices for Theo! He best be getting a three course meal followed by handfed grapes for what I'm paying.

So here's my playsuit fix for the next year or so. I've got a bit of an obsession for them at the moment (see here and here), and despite the fact they may make relieving oneself a bit difficult I can forgive them as they sort of merge three summer items (dress/vest/shorts) into one with the added bonus of one single Katie price. I've got a couple of casual slobbingbythepool playsuits but I'm liking the more dressier style for a night out. And watching Geordie Shore every week is making me want to go out a lot

1) £30 Love Label
2) £50 Lipsy by Pixie Lott
3) £130 French Connection
4) £49 Dianna Vickers
5) £77 French Connection
6) £49 Ted Baker

They're all taunting me under one roof at http://www.very.co.uk/

My expensive tastes have got the better of me as only the Ted Baker is actually in the sale, but how nice is the french connection one? And I think I'm getting a bit of an unhealthy obsession with Pixie Lott : / I'll deffs be heading back to very come payday - the shops in Northampton town anger me.

I was planning to end the post on that long and rambly note but wanted to share this awfull drink Tom bought the other day...

How gross is that? It tastes like sugar mixed with feet.

Shifting Back to the 60's

I do love a good shift dress, this was £8 from Primark 4 years ago.

Dress: Primark
Shoes: Matalan

I like how they've got a 60's feel about them, and how the shape's really flattering despite most being so short they barely protect your modesty. Sadly the one I'm wearing is almost ready for the bin, there's various little holes and claw marks where Theo's savaged it, and has probably been worn a good 100 times in the 4 years I've owned it - making each wear a bargain at 8p!

I've also attempted a mini beehive, thoughts? I think I look a little like a ginger bet lynch, I so should have had my hair like this when I worked in whetherspoons to scare off all the old men queueing for their ale at 9 in the morning with their 50p off vouchers....

For anyone else who shares a shifty love of dresses I've scounted around and found some nice'uns all for under £25. I'm currently deciding which one should replace my beloved primark frock.

Top Row 1. £17 Dorothy Perkins
2. £24 Dorothy Perkins
3. £24 Awear
4. £20 Dorothy Perkins

Bottom Row 1. £26.99 Missguided
2. £20 Boohoo
3. £20 Asos
4. £18.99 Misguided

Which are you're favourites?

Aye Aye Kaftan

Today I got up early to battle Primark

Dress: H&M
Necklace: Camden
Shoes: Primark

The Primark in my town is actually horrible. I don't think I've been to a smaller one and they stock about 3 of each thing. You've got to battle old ladies and girls that still wear hair gel to get around the huge wooden stands and then dig your way through 50p tees in the hope to find something ok-ish. I actually went to help find some man shorts for Spain but spotted a Kaftan that I had to have. When I'm on holiday I usually just lie back and let the sun fry me, but I really want to start looking after my skin, and it's gross how every summer the sun gives me more moles - I don't care if they're kisses just stop it please.
I bought one I liked in Tesco but it was a bit plane Jane so was more than prepared to rummage through awful underwear to find this.

It's the one on the left and I only had to part with six pounds for it, whilst the slightly maternity esque F&F Kaftan was eight! I'll be keeping them both though as they're deffs practical for my uncooked chicken skin. I also found these...

I dunno if you can see but they've got anchors and mini boats on them, I've seen a few nauticalish things curtosy of Primark on other people's blogs I'm quite impressed with the details they've have added, especially for a tiny £2.50!

Other than pottering around my flat and eating leftover apple pie whilst watching extreme home makeover, I haven't really done much else with my Saturday.
Oh annnd is anyone reading this planning on going to the Midlands Blogger meetup? Lemme know!

I Want to Look Like Pixie Lott

I was going to write that the blog may be a little clothesy for a while as I'm saving for holiday and havent actually bought anything new product wise, then I realised Spain is only a meer two weeks away so a while isn't really much of a while... Anyway I do like Pixie Lott Quita Lott and even did one of these here. I love how she doesn't have stick insect legs but still looks wins, and I'm rather jealous of her hair.

I would never be able to pull this off as orange has always been a no go for me, shoved against my whitey skin it makes me look like a carrot cake : / I might have to copy the black and colour combo though - Trinny & Suzanna I never did agree with your silly rules.

Oh and thanks for the nice positive comments about the pesky colleague, i'm actually starting to see the funnier side of working with this...

Gushing Over a Playsuit

A month and a half later my h&m discounted goodies finally arrived and has sparked a bigger love affair with the playsuit.

I do love a good playsuit, anything that can make the crossover from day to night with a meer removal of tights is a good thing in my book. I also like how you can get away with wearing the sort of lengths that would deffs get the tramp label if it happened to be a dress. I can even overlook the fact that most make it an impossible task to go for a wee, which is something as I'm like seabiscuit on a night out (oh my - too much info?).

I ordered this with a £10 and a £5 online h&m voucher that I know reams of people used, (Joey essex I used your word properly) and reams of people waited ages for the delivery. What's up with you h&m? You take forever to get an online shop going then take forever once more to even ship an order. I also heard via Rosie that if you ring up to complain they yell at you for using online voucher codes! Customer service at it's finest....

I also got some pumps for work and a scarf to bulk my order up to £20. The scarfs a bit ugly tbh, I did attempt to wrap it around my head but I looked ridiculous so quickly removed it. It annoys me that I have hideous falling out hair but my head's too small to cover it with anything! Gah.

Anyway I made this little montage for anyone else out there feeling the playsuit love at the moment. I've turned into a bit of a penny pincher (if this means tight which I think it does, I'm no theif honest) as I'm saving for Spain so all of these bar one are under £25

1. £24.99 Republic
2. £25 Desire Clothing
3. £26.99 Ark Clothing
4. £25 F&F @ Tesco
5. £14 George @ Asda
6. £20 Boohoo
7. £25 Boohoo
8. £24.99 Misguided

Numbers three and eight are my favourites I think, what do you reckon? Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend and the weather, although it does seem to be a little tempermental? I'm off to Stoke tomorrow to scoff a roast and borrow some suitcases, v.glamourous indeed.

Same Face Different Day

By the time I've faffed around making cups of tea and watching Desperate Housewives in the morning I don't really have time to be that adventurous with my makeup. I end up having the same face for about 3 months before I mix it up, like a less extreme Nicholas Cage/John Travolta scenario. So here's what I use.

Face: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid
Garnier Roll on
Benefit Hello Flawless!
Max Factor bronzer
Benefit Sugarbomb

Eyes: Sleek Storm palette
Rimmel Kohl Liner
Maybelline One by One mascara
Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner

Lips: Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Bare All

Probably not the most exciting of combos to put together but it's safe for everyday. Sometimes if I'm feeling a little crazy I'll add some Barry M Dazzle Dust but at the moment this is a rarety, can't live too close to the edge!

Unless you're a bit of a hermit (which to be honest I am 80% of the time) you'll probs already know about the Benefit treats in Glamour this month. I'm guessing heaps of bloggers will do posts on these so instead I'm just going to chuck a picture of my face wearing them at you.

You can just about make out the slight shimmer of High Beam in this shoddy lighting. On a different note I tweeted today my predicament over my lip piercing, this little hole has been with me for quite some time now and I'm reluctant to let it close up and leave my face steel free, but I'm nearing 24 (ugh) and think it's starting to look a little manish? Thinking I might swap it for a more discreet ear piercing but I'm not too sure what to get, I did see a possibility on Charlene's blog and I'm tempted to pilfer the idea. Thoughts?

Wins tis almost the weekend! I wanted to celebrate early tonight with some cider/vodka but I scraped my last pennies together to buy three copies of the same magazine so it's going to have to be rum and smart price lemonade....

This Moan Might Lose Me Some Cred

In the whole year I've been there, today was one of the worst days at work I've ever had so I actually couldn't wait to whack on some comfys, get the kettle brewin' and slap on some Made in Chelsea.

Jumper: French Connection, Shorts: Miss Selfridge

This jumper was bought for me last year on a trip to London (which was fab btw, I definitely suggest anyone who's planning a trip there to check out Easyhotel for a cheap stay) as an early Christmas present from the boyfriend. I was going through an animalsonanything phase at the time and also got a zebra jumper but this has stood the test of time - and my evil washing machine! Alas the cheap camden zebra jumper has not, rip itchy knitted friend....
The shorts have also battled father time, I got them in my 2nd year of uni which would be three years ago now *gasp*! I'm clearly getting old, and the first sentence of this post isn't really doing much to dispute this.

To expand on my work troubles; for once it wasn't being bombarded with complaints and accusations that made my day hellish, it was just the bitchy atmosphere in the office making everyone feel uncomfortable. I work with 13 other women who are mostly close to retirement but treat the office like a playground and constantly bitch and make up little sing songs : / There are three other girls around my age but one of them is actually crazy. She's 25 but will TELL ON YOU (!!!) to the supervisors if you do something wrong like a slimy little Randal from recess, and has spent the last three days bragging about how she's reported her neighbour, complained to the council about not being able to go to swim aerobics, annnd how she triumphantly got her 23p back from the canteen when they didn't put mushrooms on her breakfast. I. Hate. Her.

Apologies for the rant, it really does sound petty reading it back but it's made my day so gah. Anyone else have pesky colleagues?

Ah well, time to look forward to the finer things in life.....

Note: I wasn't reffering to these "ripped" men, they make me feel a little ill. Just the programme!

Hello Flawless!

This was a bit of an impulse buy last year in London, and if i'm being honest I was sort of talked into buying it by the very enthusiastic counter man. Hello Flawess! Is said to be a "silky powder cover up" which "glides on naturally sheer and layers beautifully for customised coverage". And as anyone who's read my recent posts my already know, I'm becoming more obsessed with covering redness and attempting to get that "brightened" look recently.
So here it is

As soon as I had this I started using it daily, and although the Benefit chap said I could use it instead of foundation, for ultimate coverage I used it lightly over the top of Maybelline's Dream Matte Mouse. I was in love. The shade I have (Champagne, or "Me Vain?") is a little darker than natural skin tone but I use quite a bit of fake tan so tisn't really a problem.
I used this everyday for about a week, I know it's described as Silky but it's definitly a matte finish and covered up my redness relitively well, although I think to banish the bane of my life completly it'd have to be used with a concealer from the gods.

After a week though I started getting a little bit blotchy and pimply so I cast Hello Flawless to the dark depths of my make up bag and only bought it up for air once a week. However the pimples and blotches kept on a'comin and I quickly realised it was the Judas of makeups the dream matte mouse that was attacking my skin. Oh Hello Flawless why did I doubt you? Here, have your well deserved ! back....
I now use this every day (as you can tell by the little silver splodge coming through) over my Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid and the two have a very nice little relationship going on.

Like most Benefit products a lot of thought has gone into the packaging, you get a mirror, a brush and a sponge with 0.25 oz of powder which might not seem like much but I've used this every day for a while now and I really don't use it sparingly. It's £24.50 which was a huge splurge and a bit of a silly risk for me but It was deffs worth it and I'll be buying it again as soon as it runs out.

Right, I think I might have rambled on enough. Has anyone else tried this? Had good/bad experiences? Lemme know!
And as always, as I always seem to post on a Sunday, hope everyone's had a good weekend. I went to Wembley yesterday to watch England Vs Switzerland which wasn't the best of games but the atmosphere (especially from the Swiss who put us to shame a little bit) was amazing.

Blazin' Squad

I bought this blazer for a job interview last year and since then it's been dust gathering in my wardrobe. I dunno what it is about blazers, they seem to look good on millions of people but when I put this on I feel a bit, well, manly? When my quest for long locks is complete hopefully this will stop as this is soo comfortable and a win for breezy evenings.

Blazer: Zara, Shorts: Republic, Top: Oldschool Topshop

I've been feeling a little bleurgh today and I think it's that pesky hay fever kicking in again, I got it for the first time last summer and spent hours looking oh so sexy at my desk with my nasal spray and inhaler! I really hope it goes away, no one wants to spend the entire summer with a permacold.
This feels like a bit of a filler post aswell as I haven't really got a lot to say as the most exciting thing that's happened to me so far this week is the ice cream sunday I'm going to make later complete with cornish ice cream and asda's own chocolatey treats.

Ha whenever I have a night in on my own I scoff like a lonely spinster, I don't know what it is but a night without snacks sends me into a bit of a frenzy and I start raiding the cupboards, dry cereal gets eaten, lumps of cheese, anything that's there apparently. Note to self: Start running asap.
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