Week Through my iPhone

I know technically this should be done on a Sunday but as it's bank holiday it still feels like the weekend.

1) We went to see the boyfriend's uncle and this is his beast dog Cassie. She stinks and slobbers everywhere but she's ridic friendly and even Theo likes her.

2) Since the sun has upped and left England for pastures new I've been slathering on the fake tan by the bucket load, I've always used Sublime Bronze due to it's semi cheapness and it's actually quite easy to apply and not overly streaky. Althoughhh this time I did whack some on my face and made an attractive chin splodge which took ages to budge. Note to self: Invest in some tan 'specially for le face.

3) From traffic jams to 9 week long roadworks, from trips South to countless supermarket visits, it seems I've spent at least half of this week in my car. I really should clean it as it's slowly turning into a sort of cat hair ball on wheels. Lint brushes are my best friend.

4) I'm loving the apprentice this year, I'm also hating Susan with a passion this year. Please go away Susan.

5) I went to the races today and didn't win a penny. It was full of quilted jackets, bodywarmers, and flat caps, this chap captures the day perfectly.

6) Sadly enough the majority of this week including Saturday was spent at my desk where I've drank my weight in tea three times over and used copious amounts of hand food.

Hope everyone's had a good Monday and isn't feeling the Sunday night dread as much as I currently am : / But a four day week aint half bad!


  1. Second time I've heard about the Sublime Bronze today.. must be a sign I should buy it :}
    Eugh Susan.. don't even get me started haha I had to mute when she was speaking so cringey!


  2. Looks like you had a nice week!

  3. haha love the photo montage! cassie seems so cute and i hate susan too! she's so damn annoying always going on about her amazing shop! :P please go away susan! ronan x


  4. teehee yes the sun has definitely gone away, hoping it comes back for at least a bit of the summer! in terms of face fake tan i recommend Nivea sun touch for the face. I got it with a glamour subsciption a while back and its amazing! just rub it in like moisturiser and it gradually builds! however dont get their body fake tan its rubbish! ]


  5. perfect blog..i like so much this post..keep on blogging honey..follow us and we will follow you back in the next few hours..
    kisses from GREECE.
    Modeliciousbites xxx

  6. i know exactly what you mean about susan! grr she's so annoying aha!

    half the world away.

  7. i love loreal's tanning line. They have the best drugstore tanners in my opinion.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Aw that dog looks so cute!! I love the apprentice too, Susan is def the most annoying.

    Sadie xx

  10. yay for lint removers! :D i hope you're having a great week! :)

    <3, Mimi

  11. Nice photos! We've had a bit of sun in the past dew days but it is quite patchy. Oh dear, the fake tan thing sounds like something I'd do! xx

  12. so jealous that you drive a mini! xoxo

  13. so nice! the pics are great!

  14. Love your blog and have already subscribed to it on my Reader!
    I was wondering what app you used to create this collage of photos? I don't know any app like that where you can use more then 4 pics...

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