Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love, Get Brown Tonight

I finally managed to get some dye lobbed onto my barnett, it's not exactly the dark blonde I eventually picked after spending ages looking at the little snippets of hair in the book they showed me, but it's been two days now and I'm starting to cope with the loss of my blonde locks.
It's only temporary in an attempt to grow rapunsel style tresses in time for next year and I'm really hoping the lack of bleach in my life will help. Thoughts? Be brutal!

So as not to simply post two pictures of my posed pout face underneith a not-so-cleverly changed song lyric, I thought I'd share a few blogs I've been loving recently. I've been writing on my blog for a while now and think I'm finally past the nervous pleasantries and it's time to primp, preen, and expose my google reader.

The Little Curly Girl - A fashion come lifestyle come beauty blog, the posts here are well written and funny. And Franki who writes it has nice hair.

Made-in-a-cup - Another fashion/lifestyle/beauty blog, this has some lovely posts and nice pictures. And just guessing but I'm assuming Meg likes Lady Gaga. She also has nice hair.

Katie Louise - I love how there's always jibes about work on here, I can sort of relate. This is a bit more lifestyley with a dash o' beauty thrown in avec lots of snaps, especially foody ones which makes me hungry and has just done so again. I'd feel rude if I didn't mention Katie has nice hair.

Gem Fatale's Style Blog - I'm going to assume everyone has read this before, but I'm liking how there's more posting action recently. Also has fantastic hair

I'm sensing a pattern here..."Hello I'm Eloise, I like rubbish reality tv and I'm looking for a blog with good hair and a gsoh"


  1. it suits you! i'm also on the hunt for lovely long locks but unfortunately i'm very unwilling to pack in the bleach so i'm not sure it's going to happen :( xx

  2. Your hair looks lovely, I think it really suits you x

  3. I like the color a lot! It looks really natural :)Just make sure you have a really good color protectant. I went from blonde to brown once and it faded really quickly because of the bleach underneath.

    Oh, and thanks for the blogs to check out! I'm a blog newbie so I haven't seen a lot of these yet :)

  4. I think the colour really suits you, Im currently taking sea kelp to help grow my hair after bleach damage, have you tried that?? x x

  5. I think it's a lovely colour! xx

  6. love your new hair! it looks gorgeous! makes your eyes stand out! x

  7. Great hair! My hairs in desperate condition at the moment as well and I keep threatening to let it go naturally darker but then after a few months of awful roots I just go straight back to the salon and ask for blonde! Good luck with your Rapunzel hair!! Ooh and I love Gem's blog! She has such good DIYs!x

  8. The colour really suits you looks lovely. Its taken me about 3 years to grow my hair out long since I stupidly chopped it all off, good luck with the hair growing mission! x

  9. i really like it! i did the same last month. i had peroxide blonde hair but it never grew so i dyed it brown &nearly cried. a month later though, i LOVE it. it's grown so much already & feels 100x healthier. plus i don't know about you but it just behaves better now it's not full of bleach?
    i think it really suits you xo

  10. hey lovely! thanks for the bday comment.
    i got my dress off asos last year :o)


  11. Loving the shade! Really suits your complexion :)

    Thanks for the blog suggestions - I'm looking for some new blogs to read so will be checking these out pronto :) x x

  12. Your hair looks great!
    Cute blog :)
    Teenage Daydreams

  13. Your hair looks lovely :} I'm on a hair growing mission too.. currently on a no heat ban D:


  14. Ooh yay, brunette locks! You look lovely! Welcome to the dark side ;)

    And thanks for the mention lovely, I really appreciate it! The bit about everyone having nice hair made me lol - you wouldn't be saying that about me if you could see me right now - it's a frizzy bed-head mess! x

  15. Brown really suits you! :) And should be a lot more healthy :L x


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