Beauty Wishlist and a Not-so-Great Blush

In a Russel Brand voice...Exciting. I made this beauty wishlist and then literally five minutes later whilst googlereader-ing I saw on Catherine's blog that next month Glamour magazine will be giving away FREE benetint, posietint, and high beam! I'm going to be ruthless in my little Asda I tell you. Those slow people using the self serves better watch out....*shakes fist*

1) Benefit Posie Tint - I've wanted this for ages but at £24.50 I've stopped myself. It has heaps of excellent reviews but without seeing it in the flesh I don't really want to part with the dollar. My nearest benefit counter is quite a drive away so I cant easily go and try the products. Alsooo I get a little intimidated by the counter people, sometimes I feel they're a bit "'re only buying one thing?" Anyway I will now ponder not! Come the 9th of June I shall be grabbing myself a freebie.

2) Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - I really want to try this. I've got a bit obsessed with having flawless skin and covering my rubbish redness at the moment and after hearing Fleurdeforce describe it as a sort of "second skin" I wanted to purchase. Shame its £31.65 in Debenhams. I cannot justify this unless my wages go up, and I dont think that's going to happen.

3) Benefit Bad Lash Waterproof mascara - huge brush gives me huge lashes. I love this product and mine is about to run out.

4) Eyeko graffiti eyeliner pen - I want me some cat eyes please. My own attempts with liquid liner make me more Cat Slater.

5) Clinique Redness Solutions Urgent Releif Cream - My redness makes me cringe, which unfortunatly makes me more red. Double the cringe. This product will be mine one day and it will be my saviour.

6) Benefit Benetint - I could pretty much type number 1 all over again here

7) Mac Surf Baby lipstick - I don't actually want purple lips but the hibiscus shade looks lovely. Red but not overly red, a definite day and night shade.

8) Moraccanoil - If you've read a few of my posts you probably think "stop going on about your hair" (i get that a lot) but it's actually depressing me at the moment. I've gone from bleaching it every month and having white locks to an awful, yellowy, two toned mess. I blame Toni & Guy who've told me that if I want it long, this sacrifice I must make. I've had this product used on me a couple of times and it leaves your hair mega soft and mega shiny, perfect for anyone with straw barnetts like me

and now for something I don't like very much....

This is becoming quite a wordy post for me. Although I've just thought adding this on the end might finish off rather bitter. Oh well this product has made me bitter!

As if my Accessorize blush has cracked, I haven't even been carrying it around anywhere. It's been sat in my makeup bag which gets moved from one room to another once a day! I know I could still use it but it's a bit of a hassle, it crumbles everywhere and leaves a pink mess. Accessorize I feel cheated out of £4.00.

Has this happened to anyone else?


  1. Oh my goodness, I feel sorry for your blush! It ruins my day when I accidentally drop a powder compact and it cracks in pieces :(

    Lol for Benefit, I've read numerous times that their sales assistants are so pushy with their products... As for Benetint, you could try instead the Body Shop's cheek stain- it's a staple in my makeup bag and I love it dearly!

  2. well, in my case, it always happened on my pressed foundation..

    by the way i love your wish list

  3. that happened to me to but it was with their eyeshadows though :/

    i've been to 3 different benefit counters and the sales assistants have all been really nice and not pushy a all and i love Benetint and Posie Tint!
    oh and i cant wait for the Glamour magazine !! gonna get me 3 copys :L

  4. Poor blush :( The benefit positint i think on glamour magazine around june they are going to give some benefit goodies. I think is benefit posietint, beneting and high beam small sizes. One per issue.

  5. I loveee benefit posietint!

  6. I'm so excited for the Benefit freebies :)

    I've already got a small sample of Posie Tint and adore it, you'll love it :)


  7. Oooo I love marraconoil , my hairdresser always uses it on my hair. I will also be one of the people bargeing to get Glamour mag !xx

  8. ♥oh. so nice post.)) i love your blog.))♥

  9. benefit mascara is the best mascara!!!

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

  10. Great wishlist! Have you tried the Accessorize shadows?

  11. Great wishlist, thanks for mentioning my blog :-) I'm going to be getting all three too, if I can get hold of them but want Posie Tint the most.

    Thats rubbish about that blush what a waste of £4.


  12. benifit is one of my favorite brands along with smashbox

  13. I want everything on your wishlist! :)

    and I looove your blog, now following you xx

  14. oo obenefit freebs! thanks chick!
    pretty excited about this :)
    must say, thanks for commetnin and making me click on your blog! youd dead funny and just cheered me up!
    and everyone is raving about morrocan oil, i need to try this! i have scarecrow hair and i bloody hate it!

  15. love your wish list!!! i have a few blushes that are like yours soo heart breaking! visit us if you like :)

    Danniella x

  16. I agree with everything on your wish list! I too am suffering from a severe lack of dollar as well though!

    Lauren x

  17. Thanks for the comment darling!! I love these picks.. definitely loving Benetint on cheeks/lips combo for a wind-flushed look!

    PS i recently read a blog about re-shaping eyeshadow that had crumbled... I'm sure it can apply for blush too! There's a way! I just can't remember how :X <3

  18. OH NO - I've been wanting to try that blusher, what a shame! You should DEFINITELY send these pictures to customer services or something though, I'm sure you'd get some sort of compensation ;)


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