My Jumper is Tan because I'm not

As if it's May already, next month we will be half way through 2011, madness. I went shopping on Monday to the roundabout kingdom of Milton Keynes and for the first time ever didn't get cut up by a company car driver on the way. I actually went in search of a bikini for Spain, ended up buying one I don't like (mint green and pale skin makes me look like a cucumber), got in a bit of a mood, and then got bought this awesome tan jumper type thing from the boyf. Probs to smarm in advance for the drunken night out with his friend tonight : /
Oh well I got me some knits.

I'm wearing
Face: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Porcelain
Benefit Hello Flawless in Champagne ("Me Vain?")
Benefit Sugarbomb
Eyes: Benefit Stay Don't Stray
Urban Decay Half Baked
Rimmel Exaggerate Liner in Black
Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner in Black
Benefit Bad Gal Mascara
Lips: Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Pink Freeze

Anyone else just watched the last episode of Towie? I know it's majorly scripted but I hate Lauren and Mark with such a passion, she looks like Noel Fielding when he plays the moon and he looks like a berk.


  1. Love the jumper. Shame about the bikini hunt! Though your description made me chuckle :)


  2. You made me laugh too :) I tried a mint green nail polish once and it also looked awful against my skintone! The jumper is gorgeous though - where is it from? xx

  3. I LOVE that jumper, and your makeup :)

  4. I've only just started getting into the only way is essex... and i kinda of like it - its bad but its good!
    i loved the ending tho haha ;P

    Really cute knit jumper too :)

  5. Laaaav the jumper and the lippy , looking lovely :) x

  6. Lovely jumper, I have a similar top and am forever getting caught on things! x

  7. TOWIE is so bad yet so good. I can't stop watching it. Mark is everyhting that I hate in a man, he is such a knob. Lauren deserves to be treated like that because she puts up with me. Chuck him! She is so nasty, not got a nice word to say about anyone! I go so into it as you can tell haha!
    I love the jumper, its such a lovely colour!

  8. The jumper is awesome - where is it from?!

    Great blog :)

  9. Thank you cHic :) i love the name of your blog heheh awesome blog x

  10. Thats a gorgeous colours, like a rust/tan amalgamation!
    And is that an owl necklace I spy, albeit twisted backwards? I'm wearing one right now too :)

  11. Love the jumper! I watched TOWIE every now and then, love the comparison with the moon! x

  12. Superb sweater! Like tan colour! Great blog! Follow you) follow me?

  13. Pale is the new tan, haven't you heard? Great sweater.. :D

  14. Eee, MK is my hometown :D I strangely miss all the roundabouts when I'm at uni haha the title of this made me giggle! Nice jumper :) xxx

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