Week Through my iPhone

I know technically this should be done on a Sunday but as it's bank holiday it still feels like the weekend.

1) We went to see the boyfriend's uncle and this is his beast dog Cassie. She stinks and slobbers everywhere but she's ridic friendly and even Theo likes her.

2) Since the sun has upped and left England for pastures new I've been slathering on the fake tan by the bucket load, I've always used Sublime Bronze due to it's semi cheapness and it's actually quite easy to apply and not overly streaky. Althoughhh this time I did whack some on my face and made an attractive chin splodge which took ages to budge. Note to self: Invest in some tan 'specially for le face.

3) From traffic jams to 9 week long roadworks, from trips South to countless supermarket visits, it seems I've spent at least half of this week in my car. I really should clean it as it's slowly turning into a sort of cat hair ball on wheels. Lint brushes are my best friend.

4) I'm loving the apprentice this year, I'm also hating Susan with a passion this year. Please go away Susan.

5) I went to the races today and didn't win a penny. It was full of quilted jackets, bodywarmers, and flat caps, this chap captures the day perfectly.

6) Sadly enough the majority of this week including Saturday was spent at my desk where I've drank my weight in tea three times over and used copious amounts of hand food.

Hope everyone's had a good Monday and isn't feeling the Sunday night dread as much as I currently am : / But a four day week aint half bad!

Saturday Night (Dance I Like The Way You Move)

You know when you're not sure about braving something outside the comfort of your own home so give it a sort of test run first? Well that's what I did here to try out the thigh wobble factor. I bought this last year from Warehouse and hardly wore it so decided to crack it out today to see if it fits.

It didn't : / Dunno if you can tell by the snaps but I'm clearly not the size I was last year, I seem to have acquired a layer of Enchiladas and Haribo around my waist that I'm determined to shift. Probs not the best time to discover this 1 month before my holiday!
Whist the self timer was beeping away Theo clearly got jealous that he wasn't in the limelight and tried to demolish my tower of dvds that was acting as a homemade tripod with his killer paws. Funnily enough he stopped attacking after I let him pose.

Off subject but it wouldn't be a true post from me if I didn't have the usual moan and whinge about the curse of the red cheeks, they're glowing away like little Amsterdam lightbulbs today sooo has anyone tried this?

Can't decide whether to part with £17.50 for something that seems a bit hit and miss according to reviews, any thoughts/advice would be great.

Hope the weekend's going good for everyone, I worked this morning and for once managed to last the whole 4 hours without anyone yelling at me for not knowing there's 31 days in April or accusing me of giving their husband a heart attack, twas very uneventful but a nice change not to be screamed at. Due to my early start I'm actually thinking of pj-ing up, hair masking up, and settling down with a brewski already and it's only half seven - wild times in my flat for a Saturday night! As Tinie Tempah so rightly said, "Heidi and Audrina eat your heart out."

Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love, Get Brown Tonight

I finally managed to get some dye lobbed onto my barnett, it's not exactly the dark blonde I eventually picked after spending ages looking at the little snippets of hair in the book they showed me, but it's been two days now and I'm starting to cope with the loss of my blonde locks.
It's only temporary in an attempt to grow rapunsel style tresses in time for next year and I'm really hoping the lack of bleach in my life will help. Thoughts? Be brutal!

So as not to simply post two pictures of my posed pout face underneith a not-so-cleverly changed song lyric, I thought I'd share a few blogs I've been loving recently. I've been writing on my blog for a while now and think I'm finally past the nervous pleasantries and it's time to primp, preen, and expose my google reader.

The Little Curly Girl - A fashion come lifestyle come beauty blog, the posts here are well written and funny. And Franki who writes it has nice hair.

Made-in-a-cup - Another fashion/lifestyle/beauty blog, this has some lovely posts and nice pictures. And just guessing but I'm assuming Meg likes Lady Gaga. She also has nice hair.

Katie Louise - I love how there's always jibes about work on here, I can sort of relate. This is a bit more lifestyley with a dash o' beauty thrown in avec lots of snaps, especially foody ones which makes me hungry and has just done so again. I'd feel rude if I didn't mention Katie has nice hair.

Gem Fatale's Style Blog - I'm going to assume everyone has read this before, but I'm liking how there's more posting action recently. Also has fantastic hair

I'm sensing a pattern here..."Hello I'm Eloise, I like rubbish reality tv and I'm looking for a blog with good hair and a gsoh"


I have spindly lashes and finding a good mascara is quite hard, I actually prefer it at around a month once the clumps start setting in and it sort of glues my spider legs together. Because of this I've been buying Benefit's Badgal for a while now as it's humongous brush gives me the volume I crave and makes the vast space between my lashes a little more bareable. Sooo after running out last week I ordered the waterproof version from Debenhams and used my dried up old collection 2000 mascara whilst I waited for the postman to come a knockin'/drop a red slip in my postbox and run away without a knockin'.
It came and I felt conned. Despite being exactly the same price the waterproof version is almost half the size and the brush is a lot smaller, I'm probably being all novicy thinking they'd be the same size but all the same I took it back to Debenhams and got a refund as the store in my sleepy town doesn't stock benefit. This left my eyelids feeling too light for my liking and not wanting to wait another 4 days I grabbed this from Boots.

Feeling guilty, like I was seeking out a new bit on the side, I just fumbled around for the one with the biggest brush and ran to the counter. This turned out to be the One by One Volume Express a'la Maybelline.

The brush is quite creepily named the "Lash Catcher", I'm not too sure what this actually means as my lashes don't often fall out on a whim, however it's big enough and adds quite a bit of length. It doesn't seem to give me much volume though, making the Mascara's name a little deceiving.

Honestly? I wouldn't say this product is amazing but to be fair I'm stupidly picky. At £8.49 it's a decent price and if you're after lasting length and already have thick lashes I'd definitely reccomend it. I'd also like your eyes please.

Can't Touch This

When Harem pants first came to the high street a couple of years ago oh how I mocked them. "Why would anyone want to look like a genie?" and "unflattering pyjamas" were thoughts that first crossed my mind. But now I have the biggest of spoons to eat my words as not only do I now own a pair but I love them. Yes they do look a little pyjamary but at the same time they have the the same comfort of pyjamas and this wins anyday. I got mine last week and they're so good for this stormy one minute scathingly hot sunshine the next weather we've been having. I reckon they look best avec Gladiator sandals or Wedges and with my pale, shy of baring all legs demanding more of these comfy strews I've had a persue online and found these - the first pair are the ones I've already sniffed out in h&m.

Where They're From
Trousers (Left to Right): h&m, Topshop, h&m, Tesco, Matalan
Wedges: chockersshoes.co.uk, Newlook, linzishoes.com, Priceless Shoes, boohoo.com

I had no makeup on when these were taken and looking at the second picture now that was a rookie mistake on my part. Also I feel I need to defend the first picture - it was either an uncomfortable bend or a lack of head in the photo! My wedges are super old and were £5.00 from New Look as they were bought in January, I'm starting to think I should buy all my clothes out of season, how cheap are knitted jumpers and jeans atm?!

Hope everyone's having a good weekend, I had yet another failed attempt at getting my hair coloured today as I was told last time that I needed a toner, so I went ahead and booked for a toner to then be told today I don't need one? Ugh! And two of the stylists had the cheek to mock my reautiful locks! Ah well I'm going dark blonde now on Friday now : /
So I'm currently festering in my flat watching Paris Hilton's Dubai BFF (when will they stop?), scoffing penguin bars, and feeling bitter and sorry for myself. It's likely I'll cheer myself up with some cod action tonight - psn anyone?

Sleek True Colour and a Fake Cornetto

Last time Debenhams did one of their 10% off and free delivery offers I was sat at my laptop for ages deciding which lipstick to buy as my first step into the world of Mac cosmetics. With a Vegas Volt rolling around in the bottom of my online basket I was seconds away from clicking "buy now" when the sensible side of me was singing "spennnd lesss gooo to sleeeek" and to that side I listened.

I know every blogger and their dog, and maybe even their dogs' dog owns one of these lipsticks but I thought I'd do my own review of them anyway.
I bought Bare All and Pink Freeze from Superdrug on a 2 for £6 offer and I'm so happy with my choices. I'm also quite glad I decided to take the trip into town in order to see the colours in the flesh (?!) as Bare All looks very brown online and I probably wouldn't have looked twice at it. In fact it's a lovely shade that, against pale skin, is a super pretty orangey/peachey colour. Pink Freeze is a vibrant shade that I reckon would look nice against any skin tone, it can be worn in the day (I was actually complemented on it in my office full of olds) or applied heavier as more of a statement for a night on the razzle.

Going by the name I'm assuming Bare All is intended to be a nude, but do you see what I mean about the peachey goodness? They're both amazing though and last.so.long. I went a bit smacker happy before work the otherday with Pink Freeze and once in the car realised I might look a tad overdone and my lipstick might not match my headset - so I spent the jouney rubbing at it and it would not budge at all. Obvs this is a good thing as not everyone has to wear a hideous headset 8 hours a day.

Gah lip closeup, Im actually cringing a little I'm having to scroll down so I can type without being blinded by my mouth : /

So that's my take on Sleek True Colour, anyone else loving the same shades as me? Hope everyones Wednesday's going good, the highlight of mine has been a Morrisons own brand toffee cornetto that took me all of ten seconds to scoff and Made in Chelsea on catchup. Is it just me or does Spencer have the most ridiculously overctive face? He pulls such dramatic expressions when they're not needed and it's starting to make me angry - infact the boy in general makes me angry


Ghds for Bhds

Oh my. Back in the day when I worked in the workhouse of despair that was Wetherspoons, drunk women (usually between the ages of 40-60) occasionally slured that that they liked my big hair and asked how I did it. So if any of those women are reading this, feast your peepers on the video below. It may look like I'm talking to myself, i was actually trying to talk through the swirling motion but my voice is appauling so I thought Benny Hill could do a better job. Also please note that whilst my hair may look greasier than...well... a wetherspoons breakfast (to add context) it's actually just a huge root issue.
ooh and before you mock - because lets be honest who wouldn't mock that ridiculous image you're greeted with - I'm desperatly trying to update it but youtube say this could take 36hrs : /

I've whacked some products on my barnet today in an attempt to give it a push to grow.

I've never tried the 3 minute conditioner before but there's been some good reviews and at 2 for £5 in Superdrug at the moment I'm willing to try anything that might de frazzle my locks. For anyone that hasn't used it, it's a deep conditioning treatment for damaged hair which is supposed to "smooth rough cuticles and restore shine" - unsure if I have any cuticles left

The Umberto Giannini mask is amazing. This is also for dry and damaged hair and works so so well and smells so so lovely. I can't really describe the scent other than...clean? I'll deffs be taking this to spain for when the sun has attacked me with its rays.
What's everyone else's favourite treatments? Also apologies for the amount of 's in this post.

Topshop sort of vs Missguided

Drumroll please...

I do love Topshop so very much, but with rent to pay and bills cheekily raring their head every other month I can't always afford to sell out £30 + on clothing. I've been on the missguided site before but for some reason always got it confused with desireclothing.com (see my spot the difference featuring them here) and thought they were one of the same. Turns out they're both equally as good but after my visit to both of them today I think Missguided is my new fave. This could be partly due to desireclothing forgetting to mention that the shoes I ordered were out of stock, took my money, and didn't tell me till 3 weeks later...
I won't go on about the similarities between Topshop and Missguided, I think the pic above sort of speaks for itself. I haven't actually ordered anything from them so I can't compare on the quality of any of their stuff. If anyone reading this has lemme know so I can start spending my non existant dollarz.

In other news I got myself a snazzy mug

And then I took a creepy photo of myself showcasing my new floral blouse a'la h&m, I got it to chuck over a bikini on holiday but I do like it with shorts, even if I look like I've made the mistake of purchasing a maternity top!

Hope everyone's Mondays weren't too dreadfull.


Beauty Wishlist and a Not-so-Great Blush

In a Russel Brand voice...Exciting. I made this beauty wishlist and then literally five minutes later whilst googlereader-ing I saw on Catherine's blog that next month Glamour magazine will be giving away FREE benetint, posietint, and high beam! I'm going to be ruthless in my little Asda I tell you. Those slow people using the self serves better watch out....*shakes fist*

1) Benefit Posie Tint - I've wanted this for ages but at £24.50 I've stopped myself. It has heaps of excellent reviews but without seeing it in the flesh I don't really want to part with the dollar. My nearest benefit counter is quite a drive away so I cant easily go and try the products. Alsooo I get a little intimidated by the counter people, sometimes I feel they're a bit "oh...you're only buying one thing?" Anyway I will now ponder not! Come the 9th of June I shall be grabbing myself a freebie.

2) Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - I really want to try this. I've got a bit obsessed with having flawless skin and covering my rubbish redness at the moment and after hearing Fleurdeforce describe it as a sort of "second skin" I wanted to purchase. Shame its £31.65 in Debenhams. I cannot justify this unless my wages go up, and I dont think that's going to happen.

3) Benefit Bad Lash Waterproof mascara - huge brush gives me huge lashes. I love this product and mine is about to run out.

4) Eyeko graffiti eyeliner pen - I want me some cat eyes please. My own attempts with liquid liner make me more Cat Slater.

5) Clinique Redness Solutions Urgent Releif Cream - My redness makes me cringe, which unfortunatly makes me more red. Double the cringe. This product will be mine one day and it will be my saviour.

6) Benefit Benetint - I could pretty much type number 1 all over again here

7) Mac Surf Baby lipstick - I don't actually want purple lips but the hibiscus shade looks lovely. Red but not overly red, a definite day and night shade.

8) Moraccanoil - If you've read a few of my posts you probably think "stop going on about your hair" (i get that a lot) but it's actually depressing me at the moment. I've gone from bleaching it every month and having white locks to an awful, yellowy, two toned mess. I blame Toni & Guy who've told me that if I want it long, this sacrifice I must make. I've had this product used on me a couple of times and it leaves your hair mega soft and mega shiny, perfect for anyone with straw barnetts like me

and now for something I don't like very much....

This is becoming quite a wordy post for me. Although I've just thought adding this on the end might finish off rather bitter. Oh well this product has made me bitter!

As if my Accessorize blush has cracked, I haven't even been carrying it around anywhere. It's been sat in my makeup bag which gets moved from one room to another once a day! I know I could still use it but it's a bit of a hassle, it crumbles everywhere and leaves a pink mess. Accessorize I feel cheated out of £4.00.

Has this happened to anyone else?

My Jumper is Tan because I'm not

As if it's May already, next month we will be half way through 2011, madness. I went shopping on Monday to the roundabout kingdom of Milton Keynes and for the first time ever didn't get cut up by a company car driver on the way. I actually went in search of a bikini for Spain, ended up buying one I don't like (mint green and pale skin makes me look like a cucumber), got in a bit of a mood, and then got bought this awesome tan jumper type thing from the boyf. Probs to smarm in advance for the drunken night out with his friend tonight : /
Oh well I got me some knits.

I'm wearing
Face: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Porcelain
Benefit Hello Flawless in Champagne ("Me Vain?")
Benefit Sugarbomb
Eyes: Benefit Stay Don't Stray
Urban Decay Half Baked
Rimmel Exaggerate Liner in Black
Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner in Black
Benefit Bad Gal Mascara
Lips: Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Pink Freeze

Anyone else just watched the last episode of Towie? I know it's majorly scripted but I hate Lauren and Mark with such a passion, she looks like Noel Fielding when he plays the moon and he looks like a berk.
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