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I may get slated for saying this, but I am quite the Saturdays fan. Ok their music isn't exactly that of a lyrical genius but it's catchy and bouncy and blasting out "Karma" whilst driving home from work on a sunny afternoon is always a win. Mollie and Frankie have been jumping from one fashion page to the next recently and I'm liking how they pair ridiculously expensive handbags (cut out from the picture below btw, who needs expense?) with Topshop. I managed to spot them last December in Selfridges purchasing said ridiculouslyexpensivebags which was the best celebrity spot of the weekend and probably told most people I know about it. Ugh I'll stop gushing now before I sound like too nuch of a fan girl/stalker.

1) Denim Jacket £29.99
2) Skorts £18
3) Wedges £24.99 Bankfashion
4) Skirt £35 Topshop
5) Sunglasses £6
6) Belt £3 Matalan
7) Dress £28 Topshop
8) Tan Heels £24.99 Newlook

Apologies if anyone is liking the blue dress, I trawlled for a while but the closest I could find was Topshop's red jersey dress - tis nice though.

1) Sleeveless Shirt £28 Topshop
2) Belt £6 Dorothy Perkins
3) Paper Bag Skirt £35 Topshop
4) Heels £24.99 Newlook

Even though the majority of this is Topshop and probably will be seen in various town centres on various Saturday nights for the next few months - I actually love this outfit. I'd probably need to add a whole bottle of tan though to try and pull it off, I don't think my mole ridden pasty pins will be much of a match.

Is everyone having a good Sunday? I've spent the day making stew and cupcakes (again!) which are now stinking the flat out they bubbles and cool away, and searching for a bikini in tesco. I failed at the latter. Thinking now I should spend the money I had on some shiny new make up? The boyf also snapped a shamefull picture of me cheffing it up wearing the glammest of glam aprons. *crinnnggee*


  1. I adore Frankie! She is stunning!


  2. I LOVE Mollies style!!! She always looks fab xx

  3. arrgh i love their style! those skorts are lovely :) xx

  4. ohh look at you the little chef

  5. Love both of these
    We'll follow back

  6. Ahh, their music is my guilty pleasure! I love Mollies style, shes so cute. xo

  7. Hey El, ornament is from a vintage shop in town. A lot of those kitch shops sell them xxx

  8. Great post! I love their style (and I agree, their is something so likeable about them as a group!)

  9. I love their style! :) They're both so gorgeous! xxx

    also, I'm having a mini giveaway - maybe you'd like to check it out? :) Love Hannah xxx

  10. I spotted Frankie in Selfridges back in January, she must live there haha! I proper bogged her out to check it was her, she gave me a funny look haha!
    Ooooh that sleevless lace shirt is on my wish list for payday in cream and black, didnt realise it came in yellow. Now I dont know what one to get! I love the heeled loafers!

  11. Forgot to add, yes VK tropicals are so good for a night out! Cheapest thing in a club haha! The joys of a student!

  12. Molly and Frankie have such amazing style!
    You've replicated their clothes so well here, love the outfits :)

  13. Love the look you put together!

    I just started a blog and am doing a giveaway
    please check it out!!

  14. Cute, cute, cute! Your style is just adorable, and I love your blog!

  15. I love this look! very cute!



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