Barry M Barry M Barry M M M

Ok, so I know pretty much every blogger and their dog, and their dog's dog has blogged about Barry M's instant effects nail varnish, but I recently received these in the post as a giveaway price from Adrienne Adores so here's my novice-when-it-comes-to-nails take on them. *drumrolls*

They came in wrapped up in a purple parcle with some sweets thrown in, I only managed to scoff one before my cat jumped on the other and decided to bat it around the living room.

Black Magic, White Frost, Pink Fizz, Blue Print

I was lucky enough to win all four shades, and despite my nails being a bit gnarled (i munch at my desk) I got to painting straight away. The instructions couldn't really be anymore basic, paint your nails in any colour/any brand, add a single coat of Instant Effects over the top once dry, and a couple of seconds later watch some crackly goodness appear!

For the base colour I used Model's Own in Feeling Blue and Nails Inc's Warwick Avenue. Deffs prefer Model's own, the texture is a lot thicker and I only needed one coat, where as the Nails Inc polish was a bit watery and two coats still wasn't really enough. Then I messily slopped on some Barry M and this was the result, the blue and pink combo is my fave I reckon.

I'm guessing a lot of people have tried these already, what's your best colour combo so far?

On a less cosmeticy note I'm sooo happy for another long weekend, I'm starting to get a bit bored in my job and I've not even been there a year yet, there's only so much "Your balance is now due your account is on stop" I can take. Plus I get to see my newphew and sister again which should be nice.

And imma get me a case of bulmers

What are your weekend plans?


Not So Fahionable Easter

Hello! How's everyones Easter been? Considering I never usually get to see my family as they're either abroad or up north I had a rather family filled Easter. My Mum and Pops are visiting from Spain this month so my sister and her chap made the journey to Northampton on Saturday to visit with me and my own Boyf , then on Sunday we headed down the M1 to the campsite where my parents were staying for a pub lunch and some beers in the sun.

Twas made even nicer as I got to see/cuddle my new(ish) nephew and my grandparents drove the two hour slog for the occasion. With all this going down, as well as looking at ridiculouslyoutofmybudget wedding dresses, I havent really had time to stay up to date with blogs et twitter so I'm deffs getting back on he ball this week. I took loads of snaps this weekend so here are a very select few, I did some major filtering as 1. A coldsore the size of a planet has erupted on my face and 2) most of them included Oliver and I'm not sure if I'd want pictures of my baby (if I had one) on a non private blog without knowing.

A crazily tiny tunnel under the canal

Natalie ducking through the tunnel

Appaling iphone front camera picture of me inpersonating a giraffe

Yesterday was still tres hot so we took advantage of the park nearby and lazed in the sun with matching 99s, then later I moaned about my burn....there's clearly no pleasing me.

Sorry for a bit of a rubbish post, I purchased some makeup yesterday, and received my giveaway package from the lovely Adrienne Adores so reviews are on the way once my face is less grotesque

Kate Nash Sang About Foundations

I've not really been online at all over the weekend and it feels like an age, I'd actually like to know how many hours I spend a week on my laptop, bet its something ridiculous - gone are the days where I was allowed half an hour a night on neopets and yahoo messenger. Did anyone else ever used to use Neopets? I was obsessed.
If I haven't bored you already and you're still reading then thankyou, but my early 2000s nostalgia might just be as good as it gets.

With a blotchy face and £11 in my bank account last week I had to wave goodbye to plans of purchasing my first mac foundation *insert very sad face* and instead ended up grabbing a "drugstore" brand whilst in Tesco. I had been using Maybelline's Dream Matte Mouse in Porcelain and to be honest I wasn't a fan, it made my skin quite rashy and seemed so heavy it sort of clumped on my cheeks. Thinking this was probably down to my application I stayed true to Maybelline and picked up their Dream Satin Liquid Foundation but went for "Ivory".

I actually really like this product, I've always gone for matte finishes (through my student days I went through tonnes of Rimmel's Stay Matte) so to have a lighter, satin finish was a welcomed change. Apart from the HORRIFIC coldsore that decided to ERUPT on my face this morning I'm actually loving how my skin looks whilst wearing this, the only con is that it doesn't seem to last that long so you'll get through it quickly, but I suppose the bottle's quite big and you get 30ml of product as opposed to 18ml of mousse.

I'm a paley and this is actually a tiny bit darker than my skin but alongside the ever faithfull Dove tanning moisutrizer it works perfectly.
I know it's probably not as exciting as a shiny new brand but I'd deffs reccomend this foundation to anyone whos scrimping before the end of the month.

To go completly off subject I also bought some paper bag shorts the other day! I've wanted some for yonks but haven't ever got round to buying any. These were from Republic and were £24.99.

I'm rather looking forward to some hot weather in spain so I can blind folk with my white pins. A big ol' thankyou also goes out to Alice at Schadenfreude for showing me how to edit my snaps. She has a rather nice blog go and have a look.

Hope everyone had a good weekend/Monday/Tuesday


Soap, Glory, and a Bit of a Ramble

I blogged about the uh-mazing Soap and Glory offer I bagged in Boots here and despite most of the products being awesome and well worth the £25 i paid for the lot, I've placed two of the products on the highest of high pedestools.

I know there's a gazillion different types of scrubs and a lot of people already have their faves, but this. smells. fantastic. I've never actually been one for regular exfoliating, getting out of the shower to put it on, to get back into the shower to rinse it off, especially when in a flustered rush in the morning, always seems like a bit of an effort. Buuut I've skipped a step and use this as I would shower gel and it's doing the same tricks. Even after rinsing it of it leaves the gorgeous syruppy smell for a couple of hours.

Its quite a big pot and a little seems to be going a long way, which is a win if it's on offer as buying one full price will set you back £9.45 in Boots and that's so much more than I'd ever normally spend on everyday skincare - should probs start saving the coppers now for when it runs out.

To be honest I had sort of disregarded these, facewipes are yet another thing I get a little enraged about buying, as I'd rather spend my hard earned dollar on stuff that'll make my face look nicer, not take said stuff off. But I saw Fleur mention them in a vlog so gave them a chance. They have the typical soap and glory ultra-clean scent which I love, and don't sting around the eye area at all . One wipe takes off a full face of make up and they contain glycerin to make your face baby bum soft. Only con again is the price but all Soap and Glory is 1/3 off in boots at the moment so you can get them for £2.73. I'm deffs going to stock up on Saturday.

Urgh I attempted another outfit post today after work, if I want this to be a regular thing I'm blates going to need a tripod, balancing my big ol camera on the edge of the bed whilst running from the self timer is a bit rubbish. I also look ultra uncomfortable, I'm clearly a "behind the scenes" gal.

I always feel scruffy at work, could be because that trusty cardigan is yonks old and has clearly seen better days. Or it could be the roots which are really starting to get to me, so much that I almost grabbed a brown dye t'uther day : O

Hope everyone's had a good Wednesday, the weekend countdown always starts on a Wednesday evening for me and this Sunday I'm going to look at the wedding venue again and I cannot wait.

Isn't it rather pretty? Hurry up please 2012


Style Copycat

I may get slated for saying this, but I am quite the Saturdays fan. Ok their music isn't exactly that of a lyrical genius but it's catchy and bouncy and blasting out "Karma" whilst driving home from work on a sunny afternoon is always a win. Mollie and Frankie have been jumping from one fashion page to the next recently and I'm liking how they pair ridiculously expensive handbags (cut out from the picture below btw, who needs expense?) with Topshop. I managed to spot them last December in Selfridges purchasing said ridiculouslyexpensivebags which was the best celebrity spot of the weekend and probably told most people I know about it. Ugh I'll stop gushing now before I sound like too nuch of a fan girl/stalker.

1) Denim Jacket £29.99
2) Skorts £18
3) Wedges £24.99 Bankfashion
4) Skirt £35 Topshop
5) Sunglasses £6
6) Belt £3 Matalan
7) Dress £28 Topshop
8) Tan Heels £24.99 Newlook

Apologies if anyone is liking the blue dress, I trawlled for a while but the closest I could find was Topshop's red jersey dress - tis nice though.

1) Sleeveless Shirt £28 Topshop
2) Belt £6 Dorothy Perkins
3) Paper Bag Skirt £35 Topshop
4) Heels £24.99 Newlook

Even though the majority of this is Topshop and probably will be seen in various town centres on various Saturday nights for the next few months - I actually love this outfit. I'd probably need to add a whole bottle of tan though to try and pull it off, I don't think my mole ridden pasty pins will be much of a match.

Is everyone having a good Sunday? I've spent the day making stew and cupcakes (again!) which are now stinking the flat out they bubbles and cool away, and searching for a bikini in tesco. I failed at the latter. Thinking now I should spend the money I had on some shiny new make up? The boyf also snapped a shamefull picture of me cheffing it up wearing the glammest of glam aprons. *crinnnggee*

Backcomb in a Bottle

I've seen this reviewed on a couple of blogs, so always one for a gimmic I took myself and my flat hair to the nearest boots, and with the lure of 2 for £7.50 how could I not? The idea of this is to reduce the damage of constant backcombing followed by bouts of hairspray followed by more backcombing, so it sort of incorporates the two into one bottle.

The directions on the bottle aren't really that clear, but using my noggin I assumed you style your hair as normal and then blast it with product. The first time I tried it my hair had gone really lank from straightening the day before and hadn't been washed that day (unless dry shampoo counts?!) so after spraying the Backcomb in a Bottle all over the stop of my head I was just left with a greasy looking mess.
Not wanting to give up, especially if the prize could be wonderfully huge hair, I tried again today and here are the results.... Please note the barnet has been pinned up all day so there's a reason for the poodle fluff.


The result

After combing the product out

As you can see from the pictures after brushing this out - which was actually quite easy - it does make hair appear a bit slimy, especially if you've got as much root going on as me. Howeverrrr it does pretty much do what it claims, and smells saloney.
Anyone else tried this? What vas it like fur you?

Ebay & Cupcakes

I've had my eye on this peter pan blouse for a while and even blogged about it here after doing a bit of window/screen shopping. Well I didn't know if I liked it enough to part with thirty eight hard earned pounds so scoured ebay and found a seller acutioning a few off all for around the 20 mark. I got to bidding and managed to win the auction for 19.99! Winner.

I'd also seen these wire headband things (such a literate description) in Newlook for 7.50, but ebay had them for 99p. Quick to snap up anything that'll cover my yellow root head I slammed the buy it now button and had both of my purchases in a matter of days.

The only problem with the top is it's a size 10 and it's massive. The sleeves sort of droop over my hands and I don't know if it makes me look a bit bag lady? It's also very see through which i'll have to address - Shabby old primark types are best hidden.

Eurgh these pictures looked a lot less awkward on the tiny preview screen. Why must I look zombified in the evening?! Could maybs be something to do with the stress of my rubbish car m.o.t today - £397! All they did was put two new tyres on it and in the process covered it with black stuff that i've just braved the dark to clean off.

Anyway to chear myself up and to keep occupied on my night in I decided to make some malteser cupcakes that I can scarf down later. I tried these a while ago after seeing them on Rosie's Blog and they're gorgeous. Definitly recommend the recipe and her blog, it's a rather good read and her baking skillz make me "well jeal". Although I probably won't be o nice about them once i've gained a stone or two!

Hope everyone's having a good weekend.


ooh and p.s the headband can be found from this seller and the top was from this chap/chapesse.
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