Swift Asda Fail

When I first started this blog back in 2009 which seems yonks ago, it was originally for a uni module which then sort of fizzled out. The concept at the time was to theive celebrities outfits on the cheap which has also sort of dwindled into the realms of nothingness. Now that I'm posting more regularly and I'm semi settled/secure in my job/ have more time, I think I'll revive this as a weekly occurance. I know a lot of you have your own personal styles and what I might think looks good in a paparazzi pic will probs not be to everyones taste, but sometimes it's nice to see that you can cheat it for a smidge of the celeb price tag.

1) Brogues £14.00 Matalan
2) Lace Skater Dress £38.00 Topshop
3) Satchel £8.00 yoursclothing.co.uk
4) Heels £12.00 Matalan
5) Waist Belt £8.00 Accessorize
6) Babyliss Conical Wand £22.56 lookfantastic.com

I know you can't see Taylor's shoes, for all I know she could be wearing pink wellies, but I found these whilst looking for some plain courts on Matalan's website. The heels are currently out of stock online but there's a note saying they're getting some back in, and some of the larger shops probably still sell them. Allsooo whilst on the Lookfantastic website I've been spying some sweet make-up prices, are these verified sellers? As I'm so paranoid of getting something fake and smearing poster paint on my face.

To change the subject has anyone ever done online shopping at asda? Me and the Boyf are newbies to this and was expecting our first delivery today between 5pm-7pm. Now I know we were cutting it short as I don't get back from the wonders of credit control till around ten past but I wasn't expecting this little note...

I'm a stickler for gramma so I think this annoyed me more so than the lack of shopping, but I rang the Asda it was delivered from, which is about ten miles from my house, at twenty past five and they said he was almost back! Making his little time in the corner a complete lie. And why is he shouting the word shopping at me? What else would he be delivering?

Ugh rant over, hope everyone had a good Wednesday



  1. oh my that little note would shamefully really annoy me too! on the positive side i love the outfit you've put together x

  2. haha that note is hilarious! Love the taylor fashion bit though! X

  3. Loving the outfit you put together, I'm a sucker for cream dresses and brogues! Sounds like the worst delivery man ever x

  4. That note from the Asda delivery guy... WOW. The spelling just kills me. What could've made it worse, was if he was liberal with his use of exclamation marks. I hate it when people go overboard with them. A few are fine but ten (!!!!!!!!!!) or more is too extreme.

    Loving that Taylor Swift dress you featured! I picked up a dress just like that recently from the Yumi sale for £15. Score! x x


  5. That note really made me laugh...I'd kind of expect something more..standard, like a royal mail card!

  6. that note is hilarious! :)

  7. aw that sux that you missed the delivery guy, hahahha
    hes hilarious, aww maybe hes just learning english i can relate ahhahah
    oh i have to get back on the brand of the heels,i need to find them in my archive photos

  8. That note is hilarious! Awful grammar!

  9. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe that letter! Thats unbelievable! Did you complain at all?
    Thank you for your comment.
    Www.clashing time.blogspot.com <3

  10. Love the Taylor look <3!
    And ahhh that note is hilarious!

  11. Cute blog!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it. Thank you so much.

  12. the dress is too beautiful ! and everything goes very well together

  13. Found the note to be hilarious as well. But it looked so scabby!!! LOL

  14. I love the way it looks like he firstly spelt Asda wrong and then corrected himself. Clever boy xx

  15. oh my god this is the best thing ive seen in AGES. make a formal complaint and you will get a gift card no doubt! what an idiot! xxxxxx

  16. Ha, it actually pains me to read the appalling grammar on that note! I know it’s nasty to mock people’s intelligence (or more appropriately lack of it) but things like this do make me laugh! xx


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