Bright (ish) eyed and bushy tailed

Ugh I've had to escape into my fuhreezing bedroom to write this, as my cozy living room has been commandeered by my chocolate munching, Call of Duty playing boyfriend.
I've been meaning to write this for a while, but it's taken quite some time to actually build up the courage to take a photo of myself in the morning sans makeup but avec a very swollen schnoz (I don't know why it always looks so massive in the morning, it doesn't return to average size till at least 10am). Anyway some quick snipping curtosy of photoshop got rid of my nasal issues but the eyes? err well see below....

I grabbed some Boots Brightening Drops a few weeks back, it was the end of the month and I was living off the last few pound coins in my purse and I thought these would be a cheaper and perhaps more effective way of getting that bright-eyed morning look - I'd previously opted for caking my lids in shimmery metalic eyeshadow in the hope that'd work. Thoughts? Well despite having a bit of a problem dropping extra fluid into my eyes whilst half asleep they. are. amazing. One drop in each lid takes me from evil excorcist demon to relatively normal, and all for a bargain £3,00 ish. I reckon even if I didn't have red eye issues I'd still use them as they just make you feel a lot more revived, could all be psychological but for 3.00 who cares?!


  1. YES! I love eyedrops, such an essential for bright eyes x

  2. I need some of these!! What a total bargain at only 3 quid too! ;)

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    T & J



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