Swift Asda Fail

When I first started this blog back in 2009 which seems yonks ago, it was originally for a uni module which then sort of fizzled out. The concept at the time was to theive celebrities outfits on the cheap which has also sort of dwindled into the realms of nothingness. Now that I'm posting more regularly and I'm semi settled/secure in my job/ have more time, I think I'll revive this as a weekly occurance. I know a lot of you have your own personal styles and what I might think looks good in a paparazzi pic will probs not be to everyones taste, but sometimes it's nice to see that you can cheat it for a smidge of the celeb price tag.

1) Brogues £14.00 Matalan
2) Lace Skater Dress £38.00 Topshop
3) Satchel £8.00 yoursclothing.co.uk
4) Heels £12.00 Matalan
5) Waist Belt £8.00 Accessorize
6) Babyliss Conical Wand £22.56 lookfantastic.com

I know you can't see Taylor's shoes, for all I know she could be wearing pink wellies, but I found these whilst looking for some plain courts on Matalan's website. The heels are currently out of stock online but there's a note saying they're getting some back in, and some of the larger shops probably still sell them. Allsooo whilst on the Lookfantastic website I've been spying some sweet make-up prices, are these verified sellers? As I'm so paranoid of getting something fake and smearing poster paint on my face.

To change the subject has anyone ever done online shopping at asda? Me and the Boyf are newbies to this and was expecting our first delivery today between 5pm-7pm. Now I know we were cutting it short as I don't get back from the wonders of credit control till around ten past but I wasn't expecting this little note...

I'm a stickler for gramma so I think this annoyed me more so than the lack of shopping, but I rang the Asda it was delivered from, which is about ten miles from my house, at twenty past five and they said he was almost back! Making his little time in the corner a complete lie. And why is he shouting the word shopping at me? What else would he be delivering?

Ugh rant over, hope everyone had a good Wednesday


Clowning Around

Having fair skin that can get rather blotchy I have always shied away from blushes, and before this have only ever purchased a single one which when applied made me look a little lot like a clown. It was only a week ago that I decided to plunge into a blush again and after reading some reviews online got my £23.50 together and ventured into Debenhams to purchase Benefit's Coralista. Whilst pawing over all the brightly coloured products the very made-up sales lady asked the enevitable "can i help?" - translating "Can I help you spend every penny you have?" - and i explained my fear of blushes. Cynicism and appearances aside she was actually quite helpfull and suggested Sugarbomb, Benefit's box powder of four colours that actually merge together rather nicely. And if I'm feeling brave (or foundationed up to the max so the blotches don't show) I can just use the pinky shades for a slightly more dramatic colour. Here are some snaps and a very cringy photo of me.

I'm not a huge fan of the brush it comes with, feels a bit too coarse on my skin and sort of drags down my cheek making a too-defined line which I then have to blend with a powder brush anyway. But it seems to sit on the cheeks perfectly with a soft round powder brush.

See what I mean about the blotches? I've only put it on my cheekbones but underneith is sort of the same colour. Anyone know of any decent/relatively cheap skin prods that'll sort this out? All the one's I've seen are around the £30 mark.

And below is what I wore today, not very exciting but I work in an office with a lot olds so don't really have to make much effort, lazy I know.

Annndd a big thankyou to everyone who's following me, I know some people are in the thousands but there's 36 people out there at the moment that don't actually mind my rambles which is always nice.

Storm and a Saturday Night Teacup

Anyone who follows me on twitter may have seen that I bought my first ever Sleek palette today in an attempt to cheer myself up after ANOTHER rejection to colour my hair from Toni & Guy (now have to wait until May!!). I was uhhming and ahhing between the Sleek Range and the Accessorize range in Superdrug for a while, as I've got to service and mot my car this month so couldn't justify grabbing everything I wanted, and after lots of tester comparing and looks from lingering sales assistants (do i look like a shoplifter?!) I went with the Sleek Storm Palette. I figured 12 eyeshadows for £6.49 was a pretty good deal and the amount of shimmer awakened the magpie inside me. I know this isn't their newest of Palettes but here's my little take on their metallicy wonder.

The two on the left remind me of Twice Baked and Half Baked from my oh so trusty Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow box

My camera and bad lighting in my flat hasn't really picked up on just how shimmery and pretty these shadows are, but here are some swatches - scuse the odd bony looking claw!

And to finish some snaps of my mug wearing the two shadows I found reminiscent of Urban Decay

My Brows are terrible

This is definitely full of 12 wearable shades that can be dressed up or down and who knows? might even become a new trusty.
Anyway I best be off, my sister is ringing me asking me to join her for a cod date, how tragic am I on a saturday night?!

p.s If on the off chance anyone is reading this whilst at the same time thinking "oh my, wouldn't it be nice to own a Rare leopard print skirt?" - you can have a looky at my ebay listing here

Payday Wishlist

Like the majority of the working world, come this time every month and i'm rubbing my palms together in anticipation of payday. I even get a small bonus this time around, and despite my car needing it's service and mot in April I'm already pawing over various websites lusting at their spring delights. It doesn't help that I was meant to go to Ikea today for a desk (..so exciting...) but my boyfs uncle is round and they're engrosed in call of duty and swearing at the screen. This has given me even more time to trawl, so now not only will I be peter panning up to the max, but I'll have to sneak a few beauty products in too. Here's my wishlist for payday, and perhaps a few after, I've put the prices and where they came from below incase anything here catches your eye too.

1) Yellow Peter Pan Dress £24.99 Republic
2) Models Own lipbalm in Ballet Pink £5.00
3) Models Own Eyeshadow duo in Pretty Baby £5.00
4) Benefit's Bella Bamba £23.50
5) Floral Dress £24.99 Republic
6) White Peter Pan Blouse £30.00 Topshop
7) Camel Peter Pan Blouse £38.00 Topshop
8) Benefit's Finding Mr Bright £28.50
9) Floral Skirt £14.99 Ark Clothing

I'm trying to whittle down these options as unfortunatly rent and my obsession with Muller Corners won't let my buy them all. I'm thinking deffs the models own lipbalm, as my smackers are pretty gross and dry at the moment, and their fuscia shade that I'm currently wearing is lovley, but more for night time drinks than office wear. And I really don't want to rule out Finding Mr Bright but the price is putting me off a bit, I've never tried any of the products in the kit so I don't know whether it'll be worth it?
Clothes wise I love and want them all! What do you reckon are the best choices?

Hope everyone's having a lovely sunday, I'll leave you with a snap I took earlier of my cat and boyfs uncles dog, just cus it's cute.


Bright (ish) eyed and bushy tailed

Ugh I've had to escape into my fuhreezing bedroom to write this, as my cozy living room has been commandeered by my chocolate munching, Call of Duty playing boyfriend.
I've been meaning to write this for a while, but it's taken quite some time to actually build up the courage to take a photo of myself in the morning sans makeup but avec a very swollen schnoz (I don't know why it always looks so massive in the morning, it doesn't return to average size till at least 10am). Anyway some quick snipping curtosy of photoshop got rid of my nasal issues but the eyes? err well see below....

I grabbed some Boots Brightening Drops a few weeks back, it was the end of the month and I was living off the last few pound coins in my purse and I thought these would be a cheaper and perhaps more effective way of getting that bright-eyed morning look - I'd previously opted for caking my lids in shimmery metalic eyeshadow in the hope that'd work. Thoughts? Well despite having a bit of a problem dropping extra fluid into my eyes whilst half asleep they. are. amazing. One drop in each lid takes me from evil excorcist demon to relatively normal, and all for a bargain £3,00 ish. I reckon even if I didn't have red eye issues I'd still use them as they just make you feel a lot more revived, could all be psychological but for 3.00 who cares?!

Style Steal - Whitney Port

It's been yonks since I uploaded one of these, after moving to Northampton way back in June I think I'm finally starting to adjust to the ol' 9-5, I suppose ringing people to ask them to pay for their bricks etc can be quite tiresome.
Anyway I've rummaged around and found a cheapo alternative to Whitney Port's outfit below. I don't usually like her conservative/a bit mis-matched jumble sale style but this is more summery rather than officy.

Blazers - 1) Elizabeth & James, 2) £49.99 Zara
3) £5.99 sephinelondon on ebay
4) £22.99 Newlook
5) £5.00 Dorothy Perkins
6) £19.99 Republic

So maybe the Elizabeth & James blazer isn't exactly a budget buy, just thought I'd slide it in there incase anyone reading my little blog would like to spend an unhealthy amount on a single item. I do like the Republic dress though.
Change o' subject - I reckon it's time for a layout change but haven't a clue what I want. Does anyone have any sites they can recommend that has heaps to chose from?
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