Eyeko Fat Balm Review

I know a lot of bloggers/blogs that I follow - Gem Fatale , Brittany Love , and Fleur De Force , to name a few (or three) are Eyeko ambassadors, and even more have posted reviews about their products, so I had a peruse of the website and the lure of free delivery persuaded me to purchase Fat Balm in "Frosting". So I used Gems code, parted with my £6.50 and waited for the postman.
It was delivered three days later and in all honesty I'm not that impressed. It came in cute, girly packaing which was a nice touch, but once open your merely left with a plastic grey tube.

Now I know a product shouldn't be measured on how on bright their ... dunno the word..housing?..is, but I am a sucker for Kitsch, and this just looks a little bland in my opinion.
The Fat Balm itself is a lovely colour, I have horrible pinky/freckly skin so bright fuscias and reds make me look like a clown but this seemed to suit me and it blended in well on my cheeks, my problem with it was the awfull smell! It stinks! It's like the cheap play makeup you used to get as a kid that was overly waxy and cheap. I don't know if I'm just overly sensitive to smell but I can't wear this on my lips without the waxxy stench making me want to gag.
It did however draw my cat Theo in.....

This was probably just a one off, but I'm a bit apprehensive now about trying anything else Eyeko. Anyone have any suggestions?

On another note my new Iphone has got me tweeting away and I reckon if you're reading this you should follow me or send me a tweet or two, as at the moment my time is spent mostly reading the thoughts of Jersey Shore cast members, and as much as I love PaulyD and his solid hair I doubt he will ever follow me back.


  1. Ewww I hate it when makeup smells gross!! And the least they can do is make the case pretty!!

  2. euughhhh i've never been a fan of eyeko actually, it just doesnt appeal to me! your cat is absolutely lovely though xo.

  3. Nooo...smelly makeup is NO good. Eyeko used to have such cute, pink packaging for the fat balms, when they first came out, sad they changed it :(

  4. hi there darling:) I hate that with makeup! i really stop using it after one time! We're hosting a giveaway on our blog by the way! Come and take a look and join to win :)


  5. Awww your cat is so cute haha! At least the makeup was appealing to Theo! x


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