You Say "Don't you know?" I Say "Take Me Out"

I have very achey breaky thighs today thanks to yesterday's gym visit. I hate it when someone comes and uses the machine next to you, for some reason my body goes into ultra competitive mode and tries to keep up with them - last night's opponent being an old man who out cross trained me by far.
Anyway after having my hair hacked off by a man in toni and guy I now look like this.

So to cheer myself up from my elongated "bob" nightmare I popped into Primark and a cheapo jewellery shop in Northampton and snatched up these for a grand total of £6.50!

Bangle £1.50, Ring £1.50, Earlings £2, Headband £1.50

I was reaching for a pair of flower studs for a meer pound when I spotted these in Primark. Such. A. Bargain. As an impressionable youth I stupidly stretched my right earlobe during my "emo" phase, leaving me unable to wear dangly earings without my lobes hitting my shoulders : / But these are perfect, they do the job of covering it up whilst looking pretty and vintage-y at the same time!

These were from a cheapy type shop called "Diamonds and Pearls". Understandably tacky but they were having a closing down sale. I think quite a few towns have them as there was one pretty much identical to it when I lived in Stoke called Muse or something like that.

I've just gone to upload the picture of the headband but it seems I haven't even taken one. Oh well. Anyway this was purchased mainly to cover up the ever growing black stripe on the top of my head, I haven't worn a thick headband since primary school days so I'm unsure how how this is going to look.

And on that note I'm going to end the post, boil the kettle, and settle down to "take me out". Does anyone else watch it? It's such a cringe fest it's brilliant, Lucy and Jo Jo clearly have no shame.


  1. i like your hair, toni and guy is mega expensive but worth it.
    I like the ring from diamonds and pearl

  2. Oh my gosh I hate it when people work next to you at the gym!! I do the exact same thing!!
    Love those studs, they're so pretty!! And your hair looks great!!

  3. ooh love your hair! it always takes a bit to get used to after they've taken a bit off, but it really does look lovely.
    love all the primark goodies, i need to have a primark haul i think :)

  4. I love those stud earrings,

    and I used to get SO competetive with anyone who dared come on the next machine to me at the gym haha. Gotta love it x

  5. I love the hair!

    Those shoes you linked me are so so nice, I saw them the other day and was so tempted to buy them! But the rational side of me realised I don't really need twoooo pairs of leopard shoes.

    Are you going to get them?

    Chloe... x

  6. just found your blog and love it :) gotta love a good primark bargain :) x

  7. what your crazy i think you can pull off shorts amazingly your so skinny!

  8. I think your hair really suits you! Just a bit of new hair shock that's all. The earrings are cuteee x

  9. oh im loving your hair wish my hair looked that good xxxx

  10. I'm from Northampton too! That Diamonds and Pearls shops burns my retinas every time I walk past, glowing lights and mirrored walls are not the most friendly of combinations!!

  11. Not at uni yet, but I'll be starting there in September!

  12. your hair is gorge :) it wont let me follow you on here :S theres no wee follow button. I love the bangle it reminds me of gypsy wagons NOT big fat gypsy weddings haha! Bella bamba is nice but not worth the price tag unfortunatley :( what is sugabomb like? xxx


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