Marc B Olivia Bag

For some reason I'd always sort of put Marc B in the same bracket I would Paul's Boutique which was, if I'm being honest, a little chavvy. However during a mammouth handbag internet trawl searching for my own Christmas present I came across the Olivia Bag in Camel.

Marc B Olivia Bag

It was Neutral. It was leopard. It was Love.

In non bag lady news I have a pet hate to share, this being The city of Milton Keynes. I made the 40 minute journey to take some shoes back today but failed to do so as there were no parking spaces anywhere. After a very stressful hour searching (where hopes were raised from time to time by a sneaky smart car making it look like there was a space available) we gave up and headed home. A wasted time had by all. Milton Keynes I hate you and your city center of squares and roundabouts.

For Bloggers That Lunch - Meetup

So the other day I tweeted Sophie and it was mentioned that we needed to meet up again, Claire got in on the action too so it was soon decided that it was time for another meet up. We're thinking of "doing lunch" in London on the 3rd March so anyone that's up for a bit of a natter and some food leave a comment below and we'll keep you updated via email.

I will say now that I'm awful at organising so it will probably be a very cash(ual) affair but I think that's sometimes a nicer way to meet new people, and I know it's yonks away but we thought if we set a date now that gives everyone plenty of notice to make plans and sort out the horrors of public transport. So again, if you're interested please comment below with your email and we'll be in touch! ...ugh I sound like I'm interviewing for a job, don't worry we don't plan on interrogating anyone.
Oh! And there's a twitter hashtag of LDNLUNCH

Ode to Being Outgifted

So every year I get outfigted by Tom, I'm just not that thoughtful when it comes to presents and he always ends up getting the same sorts of things: clothes, playstation games, manfume, etc. This year I got him a pair of Toms (badumdum), a watch, a game, and a lot of other tat and he came up trumps AGAIN. I'm not posting this as a "look at how spoilt I am and feel well jel" post, I just thought I'd say nice things about my boyfriend as he got me things I'd wanted to buy myself for yonks but couldn't afford.

I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESSING TABLE, he'd sneekily put it together in our shed outside and I don't know how he managed to keep it a secret, it's exactly what I wanted and I can't wait to start decorating the spare room into a french boudoir and sing Frere Jacques as I'm getting ready in the morning. I really wasn't expecting anything else from him so was completely overwhelmed at everything else he bought.
Although the guilt did creep in and spread its horrid butterflies as he'd told me he had an "idea" of what to get me and I said "Can I have a bag instead?" I really did mean instead of not aswell as so I deffs felt like a Spoilt Susan. So all in all it was a rather nice day with some good food and the in-laws, the only thing missing was my own family - my mum and dad are living in Spain and my sister was visiting her own inlaws avec child so it didn't really feel like a routine Christmas for me, and I was made to wear a paper crown which is always a downer : /

Hope everyone had a guddun, I'm about to settle down with some Yule Log and trawl my google reader to stalk everyone elses Christmas!

The Week Before Christmas

It's December and Christmas hasn't happened yet which means all my spends have gone on presents for others and petrol to deliver said presents, so other than a million supermarket visits I haven't really done much. But if you're like me and like a nose then here's some of what I got up to at the weekend - it's edge of the seat stuff honestly : /

So there's my week, I'm hoping this weekend shall be a little better and will involve less gory affairs! It's my last day at work tomorrow and I cannot wait to get away from the ancient 80s radio we have in the office blasting out local radio blather and Christmas songs , if I hear the chap from Slade screech IT'SSS CHRRIIISSSTMASSSS like a screeching banshee one more time I will kill myself. Or maybe just staple my ears together....but that will involve more blood and gore.
So incase I don't post again before Sunday - hope everyone has a jolly christmas!

Waffling on About Perfume Bottles

Ikea Perfume Bottles
Perfume Bottles
After the spring dispenser thing (technicall terms only here) on my beloved Daisy broke I headed to ebay for a new glass bottle but all the versions I liked were around the £15-£20 mark so instead I started to use the power of my nails to spray a tiny bit onto my wrist whilst the rest dribbled down the bottle. Waste. I was actually perusing Ikea for a milk whisk when these beauties called me over and for £7 (ish, it may have been £7.99) for all three I couldn't resist, and the fact that Thomas was paying made it even better!
Not exactly an incredibly exciting purchase but they look nice so I thought I'd share. Another thing I've been loving this week are waffles. WHY HAVE I NEVER TRIED MAPLE SYRUP BEFORE? And eating them for breakfast as a week-off-work treat made them even better.
Waffles and syrup
I blame these for my lack of blogging this week. That and the fact I've spent the weekend visiting relatives I sort of forgot existed in the land of Grim(sby), it was a very Northern and a very Royle Family affair and there were tacky foil christmas decorations everywhere - poet. I did get to see my nephew again though which was nice, we had a full on conversation where the words "ball" "gone" and "bah" were repeated a lot.

I'll be where the eagles flyin' higher and higher

Motel Shorts
Shorts: Motel
Blouse: Newlook
Cardigan: Newlook
Burgundy Dress (worn as top): Newlook

These shorts were sent to me after the Motel event last month, I initually chose a dress but changed my mind after seeing numerous people in the shorts/tights combo and feeling jealous that the only shorts I owned were old, baggy, and denim. I actually took these photos on Saturday as I was planning on wearing one of the above to battle the general public to do a spot of christmas shopping but after half an hour of deciding whether or not they were too revealing I got scared and left the house in jeans. However ikea is obviously the place to flash a cheek or two as I was confident enough to donn them today whilst purchasing lint rollers and a milk whisk. Still not really sure how to style them so suggesions are welcomed with open arms!

In other news I visited the holy grail of supermarkets today, if you haven't been to the MASSIVE Asda in Milton Keynes you haven't lived, although I was quite disappointed a the lack of stuffed crust in the create your own pizza section - I like a cheese overload in a cosy doughy blanket and a thin n' crispy just isn't good enough : /

Oh and after watching haidee on youtube yesterday my old love for Hey Arnold now feels a little bit tainted.

Image found via google images

Meet my buds Vera Wang & Marc Jacobs

Vera Wang

I’m a creature of habit and once I find something I like I tend to stick with it for yonks, at the moment this seems to be the case with half baked eyeshadow and knitwear but it has always been the same with fragrance. I’m not one to hoard loads of difference scents and chop and change daily, I wear the same thing everyday and once the bottle runs out I buy another. Vera Wang will always be a dear friend to me, I first got this a couple of years ago from Thomas for my birthday and I’ve been dousing myself in it ever since. Yes it’s a very “girly” scent and I’d say due to it being quite sweet it’s probably aimed at younger people but alas I don’t care, I like it and it doesn’t make me choke like some stronger perfumes do.
Daisy was another gift from Thomas for yet another birthday and in my novicey opinion I’d say this feels a little bit “older”. I dunno the correct terminology for fragrance but I always class them as “Sweet”, “Fresh”, or “Spicy” and I’d say this is probably spicy, not in a tikka masala way just more like the female version of aftershave. GAH I can’t explain myself so I’ll stop, but all in all I like these two and I’ll probably be wearing these till I’m 60.

Hope everyone’s Saturday is going well, I’m emailing this blog post to myself from work where I’ll be stuck until 12 before battling the crowds in town for wrapping paper and baby clothes. I’ve started to film a shoddy vlog of my day which is probably super boring but if it’s something you’d like to see lemme know and I’ll decide if I’m brave enough to showcase myself to the world.

Insert Crazy Weekend Anecdotes Here

Christmas Dress
Primark Brogues
Dress: Love
Necklace: I Need More Jewellery
Shoes: Primark

I ordered this dress a while ago and wore it to the Motel Event, it should have been £34 but I found a discount code and snagged a cheeky £10 off. I do rather like the style as it reminds me of a playsuit but the silky material seems to be constantly welcoming my cat to rub his face on it.

I'm at a loss over what to write as I literally have done NOTHING over the past couple of days, I was thinking yesterday I'm going to have to start making up crazy adventures to tell the work olds on a Monday morning when they ask the inevitable "what did you do over the weekend?" question. There's always an uncomfortable pause before my answer of "errr not a lot really" which translates to TV, Call of Duty, Blogging, and chocolate. I don't think I hide the fact I'm a sloth very well....
With that in mind I'm off to eat a kit kat chunky. Thanks Asda, keep 'em at 1.00 and I'll love you forevz.

November Summary

November Summary

1) Sian's cookies that she oh os kindly made for everyone who journeyed to Birmingham for the Brum Bloggers Meet. It went down nicely with a huge brew as always

2) I haven't drank a drop of alcohol since this night. There's nothing quite as glamorous as starting the night with absinthe & skittles vodka and ending it cleaning up your boyfriends sick.

3) Very creepy Santa at the christmas Market

4) Not really a lifechanging occurance in November, but Theo making beds out of everything is cute.

5) My first experience with Papa John, it was the size of a hula hoop. We ordered two.

6) Boots graced my attire for the first time this year, apparently I look like a gypsie in them.

7) The only cupcakes I know how to make, the plan was to make a load and freeze them but instead I made a load and ate them all.

8) Tacky but super comfy Primark pyjamas, winter nights are so much better than summer ones.

9) Glossybox controversy. To be honest they say you'll receive samples so that's what I expected so I wasn't particuarly enraged about this.

Looking at this, perhaps I should make more of an effort to do exciting things in my everyday life rather than just sit in comfy clothing and eat : /

Skater Dress & a Bad Fake Tan

Blue Skater Dress
skater dress
Cardigan: Ebay
Dress: Love Curtosy of Rosie's Giveaway
Necklace: Accessorize

This is what I wore to the Birmingham bloggers meet at the weekend, I thought the amount of wool on the cardigan would keep me nice and toasty whilst battling the elements in the german market...I thought wrong. It was freezing. And busy. And an incredibly drunk man compared me to Sienna Miller, although what he actually said was "hellodarrlinoolookikesennamyllerrr" - nice.
Judging by the first picture I was also a shade of mahogany for the whole day and looked like I was trying to bring back TOWIE on the streets of Birmingham, so apologies to anyone who came close enough and got a stench of biscuits!

I was going to do a seperate post about the meet but sadly I only had my Iphone camera and it failed in the rubbish light, so in short I had a fab day where I managed to see the lovely Emma, Rebecca, Char, Hayley, Michelle & Gemma again and I also had the pleasure of meeting the rather funny Annabel and the oh-so-kind Sian who made us all cookies which I snaffled as soon as I got home with a good brew. If you aren't already followers of these ladies blogs they're all pretty darn good so go have a looky.

Hope everyone's well, the stress of planning a wedding hit me today in the form of family politics so I'm going to get my agression out in the form of cleaning my horrific bathroom followed by trash tv.
Oh and I want this girl to be my bff.

Christmas Outfits

Christmas Dresses
Link1 Dress £29.99 Quiz, Clutch £30 Aldo, Shoes £62 Topshop
2 Dress £58 Motel, Clutch £5.60 Peacocks, Shoes £24.99 Newlook
3 Dress £38 Love, Clutch £35 Aldo, Shoes £20 Debenhams

There's always a huge amount of sparkle at this time of year, and every year I find myself looking at outfits for the Christmas season but never actually buying anything. I think it's because an outfit like this can only really be worn a couple of times but I should maybe invest as glitter is glitter whether it's 2010 or 2011 and it'll probably continue to do the rounds every Christmas for a while. I'm not too sure which one of these outfits is my favourite, surprisingly I'm really liking the Quiz dress which is a bit hypocritical of me as I've always "pah!-ed" at this shop for being a bit chavtron, but the oversized bow is rather Blaire Waldorf esque and Gossip Girl is my favourite.
Hope everyone's planning a good weekend, Ima head to Birmingham tomorrow and spend Sunday watching films. Wins.

I Think I Wanna Barry You

I've found myself regressing a couple of years and re igniting my love for ol' Bazza...
Barry M Dazzle Dust
Barry M Dazzle Dust Green and GoldBarry M Swatches
My camera did not want to co operate with poor lighting today

Yes, if applied without a sturdy hand you can look like you're crying tears of glitter. Yes, if you happen to be wearing a white top little clouds of colour explode onto it, and yes, the product always seems to leek out of the screw top. But I always seem to go back to these little pots and I don't think I could ever even part with even the more hideous colours I've bought.
The two here are so ancient they don't have shade names but the greeny colour on the left is actually dazzle dust's more glamorous relative "Fine Glitter Dust" and it makes my eyes BLUER THAN THE SEA. Ok that's a lie as mine are a funny grey colour but this definitely makes them look a lot brighter. I've started using the gold dazzle dust again as I've ran out of my trusty Half Baked and it's proving a good yet messy alternative, it's more of a browny gold than a copper gold but I likes the shimmer.
Right I'm now going to sit down with a brew and a million digestives and catch up on blogs before trecking out in my pjs to pick up Tom from work at 11, how horrible is it that I then have to be up tomorrow to take him to his morning shift for 6 O CLOCK?! The perrils of sharing a car...

A Leopard and a Whale

leopard print bodycon
Skirt: Ebay
Top: Missguided

I took these photos whilst trying on night out outfits and this was the winner for last night, just with heaps more fake tan, lots of eyemakeup, and no tights. Because of said night out I'm now suffering the effects of excessive alcohol consumption (yes I still have a hangover at 8pm) and did something today that should have been done a long long time ago...poured what was left of our big bottle of absinthe down the sink,that evil green monster has ruined many a night out for me and it will ruin no more!
So my day has actually been spent on the sofa watching Saturday afternoon movies and I've fallen in love with Free Willy all over again, I remember back in the day I used to get so jealous of Jesse as he was caught vandalising and his punnishment was to befriend a whale?! I suppose he did see the error of his ways and grew into quite the environmentally friendly risk taker. I'm rambling. In all it's been a very uneventful day and I'm going to spend the night with x factor, a duvet, and lots of self pity.

Can You See the Sky (or dress) Turn Red

red skater dress
Dress: Ebay
Necklace: Primark

I never wear red, I think I have a subconscious dislike for it. For me red equals blotchy skin, burn after 3 seconds of exposure to the sun, and my cheeks' ability to blush ridiculously easily. I don't usually take fashion advice from the olds at work but one of them said "red would look lovely on you" so I thought I'd give it a go...and I don't hate the result, I do however hate my orangey browndyegonewrong roots and the singing demonic girl from the littlewoods christmas advert. Oh and my arms looking a bit sausage like.
This dress was super cheap but the quality sort of reflects the price as it feels a bit clingy in some places and sags in others, for £14 I shouldnt really complain but I sort of wish I'd saved my money and bought the topshop version.
I have nothing else to say really, trying to save my pennies for christmas so haven't been getting up to any adventurous things - although Brum blogger meet pt 2 is soon, who else is going?

Motel Rocks & Glossybox Event

My blog turned 2 on Thursday and what better way to celebrate than to hope on a train to London (after faffing about and failing to find my booking confirmation) to oggle at nice clothes and mingle with other bloggers who I've stalked followed for a while.

Me, Rebecca, Dina & Lucy

Rebecca & Dina

Rebecca & Sophie

After meeting the lovely Rebecca and Dina at Euston we squeezed onto a cramped tube to Oxford Circus, got lost a little bit trying to find the Whistles pess day, got a little bit snubbed at said press day, then made our way to Motel where we were faced with so many bloggers! Being the Nervous Nelly I am I was actually a little overwhelmed but the girls I did manage to speak to were all lovely and the Mojito helped ease my nerves a little.
I'm a big Motel fan and fell in love with pretty much everything I saw and found myself being drawn to anything leopard print, the oh so generous Motel ladies allowed every blogger at the event to pick out an item from the new collection and even arranged sweets and candyfloss on tap - pretty much paradise for me! The Glossybox team were also there with a tower of irresistable Lola's cupcakes which I found an impossible feat trying to eat in a ladylike fashion so instead hoovered up in one, so apologies to anyone who happened to glance over and saw this not-so-pretty site : /

Overall it was a great night and huge thanks to everyone at Motel and Selina for inviting me, big kudos of the night goes to the lovely lady on the door - it was quite chilly!

I didn't manage to take many photos through the sea of bloggers but here's some of my favourite items from the new collection, I'm sensing a pattern with the print...

1, 2, 3, 4

Colonel Mustard

Fur Collared Coat: Primark

I saw this coat two weeks ago in the tiny Primark in town and got in a bit of a strop when I went back for it on Saturday and all they had were size 8's, luckily I went back in to assess the knitwear situation and found a 10 sneakily hiding in the back. I really like the mustardy colour and the fur will keep me extra toasty if the weather decides to turn arctic again this year, although probably not the most practical of materials if it gets wet - I'm thinking drowned rat.
I'm not really liking the fact it's only Tuesday, this week seems so long already! I guess it's a bit rubbish wishing your life away but I'm working 6 days this week so cannot wait for a lazy Saturday night/Sunday with X factor and films.
So over and out, bit of a short post but at 6:33am I'm finding it hard to make this week sound exciting!

Edit: This blog post hasn't taken me 14 hours and 38 minutes to write, it was drafted in a blury eyed haze this morning

A Wishlist I Might Have to Wait a While For

1. £34 Love
2 £80 Topshop
3 I will own a Chihuahua one day
4 £A Lot Mulberry
5 £35 Urban Decay
6 £32 Topshop
7 £89 Kurt Geiger
8 £1099 Apple

I was actually planning on an outfit post today, but after a trip into a town full of children (why do they congregate in the most awkward of places?!) it was too dark when I finally got back. Maybe I'll do some of my usual poses tomorrow.
I've spent so much time lately online window shopping and I don't know why I do it to myself, especially with Christmas creeping up on us and swallowing up any spare change left after rent/bills/addiction to crap food. But after Christmas I'm hoping to lure a pair of black boots into my wardrobe and these two are on my hitlist. If only the topshop pair were stud free - the heels and buckles I like, the studliness I do not. I could overlook this if a miracle happened and topshop decided to SALE them.
I don't think the Mulbery or the Chihuahua are going to happen anytime soon unless I sneakily start giving out my own bank details at work for people to make payments too...but when I eventually have my own house I'd like a little chap like this running around, I think Tom would probably object but I've got years to convince him a Chihuahua is just as much mans best friend as a K9 or Turner & Hooch type dog would be!
Just to mention x factor AGAIN I'll be watching on my own tonight so I'll be keeping twitter close by for x factor related humour, if anyone wants to send some my way please do.

Leopard Print is Taking Over my Wardrobe

Trying to hold the jacket together=awkward hand position

I bought this fur jacket last year for cheaps from Republic, I do love it and it makes me feel like a stuffed animal BUT i'm having trouble styling it. I've tried it with a dress and I feel Bet Lynchified, I've tried it with skirts and I feel prostituty with my bleach damaged hair, and I've gone for shorts here and it looks too cas(ual)? My last attempt will be some wine skinnys which could work but might again look a bit too dressed down, espesh as I wanted to be draped in leopard fur for my trip into London on Thursday. So any suggestions would be most welcome!

Today was actually a last minute day off from work for me as the landlords were sending a maintenence man around and I had to play hide the cat once again, the poor little mite has spent most of the day hiding in the bedroom listening to post hardcore (If I call it emo I feel too old to be listening to it) at a non offensive to his cat ears volume whilst eating dry food in an attempt to stop him leaving little gifts on my clothes. Other than a trip to the doctors this has pretty much been my day - why do people always cough so much more in the doctors? You don't need to prove your illness to me : / I'll be spending tonight catching up on blogs, enjoying a bath, and most likely watching big brother...GO HOME FAYE.
And just to throw it in another post, GO HOME FRANKIE YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS

I found this on google images, I'd like to credit this lady as she looks fun but I don't know who she is

Make Your Tan Last Longer

I'm quite pale so usually before a night out or anything that involves showing my stumps legs I'll hit the bottle (of tan). I've been using the L'oreal Sublime Bronze for years now and as much as I like the colour it gives me it has two downfalls. 1. It stinks. 2. It's quite expensive, it's usually on some sort of offer in supermarkets/superdrug but at full price it costs around £12 which isn't as pricey as some brands but it still adds up quickly if you use it a lot, especially as it's a gel texture and you can often misjudge how much you actually need and end up wasting product.

The answer to this should have hit me years ago but it didn't. Instead a friend suggested it and I facepalmed.

Yes. Mixing a strong tanner with a gradual tanner. AND it saves on pre tanning moisturiser! I think I overlooked this as they're completly different textures, and to be honest when you do mix the two together the finishing product does come out looking a bit rude....

Childish humour aside I actually find this method better as you can apply twice for a darker shade - sort of like a gradual tanner but without having to wait a week to get a result. I did take a picture of part of my legs to demonstrate but I have a bit of a complex about my moles so couldn't bring myself to show them to the world just yet.
So that's it really, not a hugely exciting post but I thought I'd state the obvious for anyone else out there like me who has been missing this trick! I also made a little video about self tanners a few weeks ago which can be found here.
Hope everyone's had a good weekend, I'm feeling a little worse for wear after a night on the razzle last night so I'm about to settle down to some Karl Pilkington adventures with a Papa John's pizza. I'm sure it will go down a treat after the cheese and bean toasties I had earlier - I literally cannot stop gorging on savories when hungover.

Trusty Blacks

For a very long time I've had a pair of trusty blacks, I don't really go out "on the razzle" very often so I don't like to shell out on heels that might only be tottered about in once. So instead I always buy a staple pair that go with everything and pretty much wear them continuously until they fall apart/get so much drink chucked over them they disintegrate. I thought I had three generations of these to photograph but sadly the grandmother of trustys had to be laid to rest after she turned grey and wasn't too sturdy on the heels.
Here is my latest edition to the cause.

Left: Reliable trusty - Matalan
Right: Newfound Trusty that might hurt me - Newlook

Matalan has actually been the breeding ground for two pairs of going out shoes for me but I decided to live dangerously and try Newlook this time. Well that and I had some vouchers. I was planning on wearing them on Saturday for a night out but I'm not sure if the platforms make me look more like a lady of the night with the bodycon skirt I had prepared. hmmmm.

In other mid week news, the most exciting part of my day today was seeing kit kat chunkies on offer for a pound, winner.

Spent the Weekend Listening to Crunk

Dress: Newlook
Cardigan: Newlook
Tights: Primark
Necklace: I Need More Jewellery

I'm glad velvet has "come back" as I bought two of these dresses last year from New Look and I feared they'd be cast aside never to be worn again. I like how they're bodycon but not overly tight and they don't show off all the jiggly bits like some dresses do. Annnd they seem to cling to the right places rather than straight to the belly - I hope!
Ugh I can't believe it's Sunday evening already, although for once I can actually say I've had real plans this weekend (I don't think dates with Pauly D and The Only Way is Essex counts) as me and Tom made the hideously long journey to Grimsby yesterday for my Nannas' 70th. It was nice seeing my close family again but there was many an awkward moment where some long lost relative twice removed introduced themselves and I was unsure what to do, I don't like kissing unknowns, i'm not a male so don't like shaking hands, and it's just creepy hugging older men you don't know! I am socially retarded....
I've also been sehr busy today blitzing the flat for an inspection tomorrow, I get such a feeling of dread when a letter comes in the post from the estate agent and this week it was a double Linkwhammy 1 They put our rent up and 2 We have an inspection despite having one two months ago. So after a day of extreme cleaning I'm going to spend tonight snuggled up with a brew and X Factor, and speaking of which I'm not sure if I'm enjoying it as much as last year as there's just not that many people I actually like - Bring back Cher Lloyd, One Direction & Matt Cardle please!

So that's me done. Hope everyone else has had a pleasant one. I also listed some wears on ebay today so if you fancy a peek click here!

Mememe Cosmetics: Beat the Blues

After grabbing glamour when they were giving away free mini bottles of high beam I've used it pretty much every day since. As it's such a small bottle (4ml) it's lasted quite well but it was nearing that time when a repurchase is necessary and I'm always a bit "wah" about repurchasing products, as it's just not as exciting as trying new things. It doesn't help much when it's nearing the end of the month either and funds are becoming a bit dry.
Enter Beat the Blues

I've never tried anything by MeMeMe Cosmetics before but there was actually a few products on their stand that looked quite impressive, being boring and practical I thought I'd see how the Illuminator held it's own before trying anything else. There were two shades available "Moonbeam" and "Sunbeam" which was a little confusing as it's Moonbeam that's the dupe for High Beam, and Sunbeam resembles Benefit's Moonbeam....still with me?

Top - Mememe Beat the Blues
Bottom - Benefit High Beam
When I took this photo I initially thought the High Beam had a runnier consistency whilst the Beat the Blues seemed to be a lot thicker and managed to stay put, but after blending the product in it was actually the High Beam that stayed in place - more confusion.

So even though there's a slight difference in the consistency as you can see from the swatches the shades are very similar, and after more blending they both gave my skin the "glow" I always need on an early morning! I did take a photo of the Beat the Blues on my cheeks but my face looked all puffy and gross so I've decided not to offend the eyes of anyone reading this.

The only other slight difference I noticed between the two was the difference in quality of the brushes, the High Beam brush was sturdy and held its shape whilst the Beat the Blues was a little flimsy. Although to be honest I only use the brush to apply the product onto my cheeks and I use my fingers to blend it anyway so its not really too much of an issue for me.

Sooo I'm actually rather happy I came across MeMeMe's Beat the Blues. Yes the product itself might be a little thinner than High Beam and yes the brush might be a little bit of a pain BUT it costs £5.25 whilst a trip to the Benefit counter will set you back £18.50 - so you could actually buy THREE beat the blues for less! And I'm more than willing to sacrifice an extra minute to blend the product for such a good price. Speaking of which Superdrug are actually selling it for £3.25 at the moment which was a pleasant surprise when I got to the counter.
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