My Transition into the Real World

Firstly I'm rather excited to get back into blogging, as this was part of my uni degree I haven't been able to update it untill the long marking process was over as if I had I'd have failed (again..ish). Sooo I'm back on blogger to unleash my ramblings onto the public.
In the last few weeks I've left my lazy, working part time in a bar, playing too much call of duty, and generally slobbing around too much student life in Stoke for a grown up existence of 9-5 days and finally owning my own car in Northampton.The move was ridic hectic and it's left me in a load of debt to my trusty parents but I've soldiered on with the 6:30 am starts with the prospect of payday looming ever closer... big. fat. letdown. The tax man stole all my moolar on an emergency tax code so i won't be able to reap in the benefits of living within walking distance of a h&m untill next month! Bah!

Anyways it's good to be back and if anyone has any nice outfit ideas for office wear they'd be very much appreciated : )
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