Spot the Difference

So many high street labels have cheaper alternatives online, all it takes is a little patience for delivery...

I've seen loads of these skirts around recently and I always assumed they were from the same place - the wonderous world of Topshop. Now I'm not one to pick fault with Topshop as I'm usually an enthusiastic member of its fan club BUT I think the £28 they're charging for this bodycon number is a bit steep. Granted it has the detailing and vaguely replicates the likes of those found on net-a-porter and other extorsionate sites but if I'm honest all it is is a bodycon skirt. But never fear! If like me you've seen it on the hanger and ummed and ahhed over whether to hand over the plastic then umm and ahh some more as I've rummaged through some slightly more budget friendly sites and found these look a likes. Details where to find them below!

1) £28.00 Topshop
2) £15.00
3) £12.00

Walking about in Walkabout on a Friday and Saturday night gives me a lot of time to perve on people's outfits. There's been loads of Nautical dresses making an appearance and once again I've managed to scout out some bargains.

1) £49.00 Rare
2) £25.00 Newlook
3) £20.00


  1. wow thats fab!

    For everything about fashion:

  2. Great post - really useful, glad I found you! x

  3. Thank you for the sweet comment! I really appreciate it!

    Love your style of writing, and this post is amazing! I don't know many people who can do that and I think its stunning! Extremely helpful!

    Sofia Leo x

  4. Great skirt!!
    Following :)

  5. awesome steals !

    re: yeah sure i dont mind you doing a style stealer version of one of my outfits :)
    thanks love !


  6. Fabulous post!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling, it means so much that you like the blog and I hope you become a regular visitor =]

    Would you like to exchange links?

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  7. Love all of these!! so cute!!!

    great blog!


  8. i really like this post, the sailor dresses are really neatx

  9. It is amazing how you can get something so similiar for so much cheaper!

    From Dolly

  10. hmm almost similar atyle but with different cutting
    a great find!

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  11. Fab.Blog.i like it.

  12. ha thanks for point out the similarities. I guess with fashion it's always like if you just wait a while, all of these things will just trickle down and then you can find them for cheap

  13. good eye! i loved the topshop one when i saw it but these are great alternatives!

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