Fashion U Turn

Oh. My. I applied for a job a long time ago on a whim and a week ago got offered it. Here's how part of the phone conversation went:
him"Are you still interested in the job in Hanley?"
me "err... yes I think so"
him"Well basically all the girls have to be dressed glamorously and it's SELL SELL SELL."

I realise this sounds a lot worse than it actually is, though the job itself isn't at all glamorous and I am anything but. Basically I get to walk around a club trying to persuade overly drunk people to buy overly priced shots and get paid over double my usual wage to do so. Problem is I have nothing to wear and don't really want to part with my cash for skimpy trashy looking outfits. Sigh. Sooo if any of you lovely blog readers have an idea of what can look both trashy glamorous and can be used as everyday wear please let me know.

I'm also told Rosie Webster of Coronation street has or had the same job, sigh again, it's cringe but pays well.


  1. I have no idea, but good luck!

  2. gee.. i struggle with that too... i've ended up being relatively prim-looking for work and i try to add something to glam it up... like killer heels or a crazy leopard brooch...

  3. no idea..haha.. but good luck anyway dear :D
    great postttt !
    thank you for the comments in my blog ..
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    glisters and blisters

  4. Aaar Hanley, takes us back to our student days in good ol' Stoke. We miss it so much we're making a return this week haha.

    In regards to what you can wear... how about a playsuit? If all fails, killer heels lol

    Sunny, Wardrobe x

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