Fashion U Turn

Oh. My. I applied for a job a long time ago on a whim and a week ago got offered it. Here's how part of the phone conversation went:
him"Are you still interested in the job in Hanley?"
me "err... yes I think so"
him"Well basically all the girls have to be dressed glamorously and it's SELL SELL SELL."

I realise this sounds a lot worse than it actually is, though the job itself isn't at all glamorous and I am anything but. Basically I get to walk around a club trying to persuade overly drunk people to buy overly priced shots and get paid over double my usual wage to do so. Problem is I have nothing to wear and don't really want to part with my cash for skimpy trashy looking outfits. Sigh. Sooo if any of you lovely blog readers have an idea of what can look both trashy glamorous and can be used as everyday wear please let me know.

I'm also told Rosie Webster of Coronation street has or had the same job, sigh again, it's cringe but pays well.

I get ridiculously excited over Gossip Girl

Oh my, I've just watched the newest episode and it was very very good. My love for Blair and Chuck is growing, and if those pesky writers DARE change the coupling round to Blair and Dan I will be shaking my fists of rage at them. Though to be honest I'm not sure if I like it now I'm up to date, I much prefered it when I could while away a few hours at a time engrosed in the sordid lives of Manhattans' youths.
Clotheswise the characters seem to have gone to niche extremes, Jenny and her horrible extensions being perhaps more grungy than usual, and Blair's conservative style has become even more (if it's posible) perfect. There was also no Vanessa in the episode, and I like how she brings the glamour down with a more vintage street flair.
Sooo aimed with a cup of tea and homemade flapjacks (gross as is everything I make) I created two copycat fashions Gossip Girl Stylie, hope you likey.

1) Denim Shots £20 Dorothy Perkins
2) Yellow Tunic £25
3) Purple Bag £18.99
4) Necklace £12 Topshop
5) Bangles £10 Asos
6) Sandals £12 Matalan
7) Waist Belt £5 Asos
8) Ring £10 Accessorize


It's been forever since my hair fiasco, and therefore forever since my last post. Apologies for this, I've spent a silly amount of time working to pay off a huge gas and electric bill, and a fine I got from a policeman on a scooter who assured me that despite having tax on my car it is an offence not to display it (sigh). However after paying these minor money obsticles I'll be penniless and even more inclined to prowl for the cheaper side of fashion.
Keep your peepers peeled.
Oooh and Gossip Girl hits US tvs tonight. Watch online or wait till Wednesday for ITV2? decisions decisions!
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