A recipe for disaster

I'm writing this from the floor of my bathroom where I sit with a head full of some form of peroxide. In my quest to become a bright blonde I've spent far too much money in Toni and Guy, where they always persuade me that bleaching isn't the way to go and I should opt for highlights, which always leaves my purse around £100 lighter and my hair the same ashy wish-it-was-blonde colour. Well not anymore, I've just stupidly fearlessly purchased a lightening kit and am awaiting the results, I imagine it'll go bright orange and when it does I'll spend even more getting it corrected. Oh well.
Here's what I want it to look like (yes i realise she's a glamour model but her hairs nice)

And here's what this little experiment will probably result in

Wish me luck!

Demi Lovato's lack of colour

1) Black Lace Dress £28 Newlook
2) Lace up Boots £39.99 chockersshoes.co.uk
3)Black Blazer £15 boohoo.co.uk
4)Lace Tights £5 Asos
5) Belt £15 Miss Selfridge
6) Necklace £3.50 Peacocks
7) Sunglasses £15 Urban Outfitters

Ha I was looking for a picture of Demi Lovato's style in the early days and saw on heaps of websites that her and Selena Gomez are supposedly in the midst of a cat fight. Being a bit of a fiend for Not that I'm one for teenage celebrity gossip but people are claiming her recent all black outfit choices are a sign of her mourning the loss of her friendship. Regardless I think the whole pale skinned, red lipstick, taylor momsen esque look works for Demi and I love her boots and the look a likes I managed to find. I know where my bonus is going this month.
The black lace dress from Newlook initially seemed a little pricey for a usually student friendly priced shop, but it can be transformed into a million different outfits so is definitely worth the dollar.

Ohhh and I also found this treat on youtube, Demi Lovato used to be fat and erm.. liked to play the trumpet (go to 2:12)

Also quick apologies for lack of posts recently, I've been reading other blogs but not keeping up on my own, I fail.

So today I wore

Vest- £14 Newlook
Denim Shirt - £18 Newlook
Leggins - £12 Miss Selfridge
Necklace - £2.50 Primark
Bangles - Primark (can't remember price but if it's primark then probs ridic cheap)

Today I was clearly suffering from some sort of 80's nostalgia, not that I was old enough to actually remember anything from that decade, with a hint of Cheryl from Hollyoaks thrown in. I wish I could get my hair bigger, still can't find a strong enough spray to get the full on lion mane effect without it turning into a big clumpy mess.
I do love Cheryl though, her style is awfull but she's great.
On that note I'll end the post.

Mulberry Bag Envy

I'm suffering from a major case of bag envy. I. Must. Have. This. Bag. I'm telling myself it definitly falls under the need catergory in the wants/needs spaces in my wardrobe, and at £795 for the oversized version pictured it'd only take me 137.6 hours pulling pints at minimum wage to afford it. Which is only about 23 shifts and it'd make smiling at drunks whilst serving them ale at nine in the morning worth it.
Rambling aside this wonderful bag is Mulberry's Alexa bag for Spring/Summer 2010, based and named after Alexa Chung and her take on a typically traditional British style. After being spotted by creative director Emma Hill lugging around a vintage Mulberry briefcase she inexpectedly became style inspiration and this amazing buffalo leather satchel was born. Yes I'm gushing but who wouldn't?

Sadly I have to pay rent and other boring necessities so I've had a rummage of the internet and found some look-a-likes that are well worth the spends.

1. £32 Asos
2.£15 Newlook
3.£45 Topshop
4. £6 Peacocks
So the Grammy's were last night and those privelaged enough to be there had the chance to show off their fashion preferences to thousands/millions(?) of viewers. To be fair I think it was a bit of a mish mash, revelaing mini's alongside over the top couture was a clear sign of which celebrities take fashion seriously and/or have more money. Despite this some looked amazing, some not so much, either way here are some snaps

Apparently Katie Perry's inspiration for this outfit was a recent trip to India. The flowers on this Zac Prosen dress are pretty but the colour makes it look like one of those creepyskin suits they have in films to make them look naked.

Well isn't Lady Gaga lucky, having Georgio Armani personally create something just for her, and something that completly owned the red carpet. Although probably not suitable for anyone, this lilac dress over the top of a crystal encrusted body makes Lady Gaga look like she's stepped out of an alternative fairy tale, and her towering platforms finish it off perfectly

Oh. My. God. Somebody needs to tell Britney Spears that the Grammy's are a big deal, and yes there will be people there taking your photo, and yes you do need to make a tiny bit of effort, and no it's not the place for fishnets.

I haven't jumped on the Glee bandwagon but I think Lea Michele was one of the best dressed on the red carpet. Her Romona Keveza dress is simple yet the feathers give it just the right amount of detail. I know in a previous post I pointed out that Demi Lovato looked a tiny bit like Big Bird in her electric blue feathered number but this dress is awesome.

More feathers. Rihanna's white gown was designed by Eli Saab and it could have looked a lot prettier if it wasn't for the big shoulders. But i suppose Rihanna's known for her metrosexual sort of fashion so it works well with her individual style

Ew. Fergie's trying too hard to make the transition from trashy cheap fashion to err.. whatever statement she's trying to make with this dress.

Taylor Swift won 4 of the 8 awards she was nominated for (Kanye West probably sat looking smug in a corner somewhere) and looked very shiny in this midnight blue dress designed by Kaufman Franco. Is it just me or does this picture make her belly look odd?

One final thought for this post has nothing to do with fashion, but whilst trawling through hundreds of photos on Zimbio I spotted a picture of Aaron Carter arriving on the red carpet and was shocked and appaled. As youngun I was a bit obsessed with him (cringe) and I might have even owned a poster or two torn from dog eared coppies of Smash Hits. Anyway he's definitly done a reversal on the ol ugly duckling tale and his poses are just embarrasing, what happened?
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