Stephanie Pratt...Again

Not exactly head turningly individual but Stephanie Pratt mades laid back casual look well put together with just some studs and an oversized necklace. Her arm looks odd though, very E.T esque. Mishapen arm or not, this outfit slightly makes me wish I'd never thrown out my Converse from the early teenage days, though the horrific checkered vans I had at the same time can stay hidden away forever.

1)Black Super Skinny Jeans £20 Newlook
2)Studded Waistcoat £16 Asos
3)Cream Vest £10 Miss Selfridge
4)Sunglasses £15 Topshop
5)Mischa Barton Bag £30 Asos
6) Necklace £12 Asos
7)Converse Chuck Taylors £31


  1. oh, i love my converse. ;) also, great job finding pretty much exactly what she was wearing and making such an awesome polyvore!

  2. Have you noticed how incredibly skinny Stephanie is looking these days? I enjoy watching The Hills in my down time (one of my guilty pleasures, i admit!) and i just noticed that she looks freakishly thin compared to when she first came on the show. Her outfit is very cute though, long live the converses, i am all for casual and wear mine way too much!

  3. I know, I'm the same with the hills and it's like she transformed in the space of one episode. Apparently she had loads of surgery a couple of months back, I reckon she looked a lot better before.
    And don't even get me started on Heidy Montag

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