Stephanie Pratt...Again

Not exactly head turningly individual but Stephanie Pratt mades laid back casual look well put together with just some studs and an oversized necklace. Her arm looks odd though, very E.T esque. Mishapen arm or not, this outfit slightly makes me wish I'd never thrown out my Converse from the early teenage days, though the horrific checkered vans I had at the same time can stay hidden away forever.

1)Black Super Skinny Jeans £20 Newlook
2)Studded Waistcoat £16 Asos
3)Cream Vest £10 Miss Selfridge
4)Sunglasses £15 Topshop
5)Mischa Barton Bag £30 Asos
6) Necklace £12 Asos
7)Converse Chuck Taylors £31

Military Style

As seen on Beyonce, Pixie Lott (see earlier post), and Cheryl Cole in her horrendous fight for this love video, military style jackets and cardigans have made their way to us minions via the highstreet and for £25 Awear have done a pretty good job. If you're in Europe and like me have purchased a Euromillions ticket then we have about an hour I think to dream of getting our mitts on that cash and purchasing the Phillip Lim. If you're ticketless then find your way to the nearest Awear, as in an hours time we will probably all be preparing to do the same.

Vintage Florals

The cut of the Dolce and Gabbana dress is clearly a winner, but with the right belt and heels the other two are a very close second

Breton (ish) Stripes

It's a simple striped oversized T shirt, but I'm in love. The Breton stripes have been around for a while now and by the looks of the nauticle explosions in most high street shop windows, it's not going anywear. Who can't resist the lure of a T shirt that can be transformed into millions (ok maybe tens) of different outfits merely by accessorising. Although a little wary at first of spending a whole eighteen pound on one top, it does take 3 hours slaving away in a bar for such money afterall, I soon pounced after spying one similar in Primark for £2.50 making an average of around a tenner a top! Shoppers logic rules again.

T Shirt - £18 Topshop
Extra Skinny Jeans - £20 Newlook
Flat Buckled Boots - £12 Asda (kids section)
Necklace - £2.50 Primark

Skirt bought last year £15 Topshop
Studded Shoe Boots £16 Matalan

Here's some more stripey goodness from Topshop:

Left to Right £35, £30, £60

Disney Fashionistas

Long gone are the gaudy clashing trouser/ T shirt combo's teamed with some form of clip in hair colour worn by every disney starlet, and we now see their own styles surfacing. Vannessa Hudgens is an idiot, this is 50 % due to the fact she's with Zac Effron and 50 % due to her inability to keep her clothes on whilst on her mobile, but she's an idiot with some very nice clothes and the ability to team them together well. Not a huge fan of the boots but everything else is a win.
As for Demi Lovato, I can't decide whether to lust after this dress or ridicule her for looking like Big Bird, opinions please!

First ever outfit post

I haven't posted in ages, I've been in egypt for the last week and before that was a major rush to get work finished for uni deadlines. I did plan to get some snaps of egyptian style fashion in an attempt to look cultured but alas all I could see were swarms of socks and sandles fashioned by others on the resort. Anyway after a week of sun, sea, and sickness (dodgy food not ftws) I returned and headed straight to Topshop to splurge some of my long awaited loan and by the looks of their new collections it doesn't look like that loan will last very long.

Dress: £30 Topshop
Cardigan: £10 Primark
Bag: Vintage Chanel
Necklace: Uber old from H&M, about £3

And for the Snow..

Its freezing outside and for some reason last year I braved the snow in tiny canvas pumps that left me moaning, cold, and wet. This year I've got some of these and worn with two pairs of socks they're warm in snow and rain. Probably not as good as ugg boots but I refuse to wear them unless they're the real deal. Snobbish? Yes.

Taylor Momsen

Ah Taylor Momsen, despite her sometimes-can-be-ridiculous outfit choices (see below) she somehow manages to pull off girly and hardened racoon eyed style. The dress makes a nice change from ripped tights and oversized shirts even if it is just an outfit from the Gossip Girl set which btw if you don't already watch you should, if not just to admire the clothes and the lovely Chuck Bass

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