Payday Came Early

I got paid early this month and I had planned to be extra carefull as it has to last me allll the way to the end of January, unfortunatly whilst clomping around Northampton in my new aviator boots (at 23 years old I'm still not used to heels - sigh) I spotted this in Boots. Actually it wasn't really a spot as such, as there were huge displays of them and queues full of girls/ladies laden down with them.
"This" being a rather large box of Soap and Glory products for the Christmas offer price of £25! It's meant to be 60 but every week boots are knocking off over 50% of something from their gift range. I'm planning on using some of the products tonight post a very warm bath and pre a big bout of self tan so as of yet I can't say if anythings actually any good, but I do already own the motherplucker lipgloss that gok wan raved over in How to Look Good Naked so the rest must be ok right?
Anyway here's a few snaps, excuse my cat Theodore he's clearly a photo hog and has been jumping in the box all day.

The products included are:

Breakfast Scrub - oat shea butter and sugar body smoother
Flake Away - shea butter, sugar and peach seed powder body polish
The Righteous Butter - body butter
Off Your Face - 25 cleansing cloths
Girligo - spray on body moisturising mist
Hand Food - hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow
Glad Hair Day - Shampoo
Clean On Me - Shower Gel
Scrub Your Nose in it - Face mask/scrub
Sext Mother Plucker - Lip plumping gloss

I reckon 25 squid for all that is rather good considering everything is about 8 -5 pounds if you buy it seperatly. Has anyone else snapped up some Boots bargains this year?
Anyway i'm now armed with Heat magazine and a brew and ready for a mammouth bath, i'll let you know my thoughts on the products tomorrow.

London's Calling...or it was

On Wednesday I got back from London, and I had such a good time. I didn't have loads to spend and wanted to save what I did have for clothes, so we stayed in one of the Easyjet hotels. After booking it I read trip adviser and was not looking forward to it at all; at £30 for the room per night you pretty much get what you pay for and there were many cries from disgruntled guests warning me to stay away. It's a good job we didn't listen to them because the place was great for what we needed - a superclean basic room with an ensuite - and I think I had the best nights sleep in months! I'd deffs reccomend it to anyone planning a mini holiday to London on a budget, you do have to pay extra for use of a tv, extra towels, and even a window but £30 for a room in earls court is a steal.

We did endless roaming of Oxford Street, ice Skated in Hyde Park, perused Camden, celebrity spotted in Selfridges (spied Katie Weissel, Mollie and Frankie from The Saturdays, some Arsenal Player and Joe Calzaghe), and cringed in the london dungeons. By Wednesday morning I was skint and blistered but very happy, the only downside is having to wait until christmas to get my mitts on the French Connection jumper the manfriend kindly purchased me for Christmas!

Our Tiny Bathroom

Ice Skating in Hyde Park


I didn't end up buying as much as I thought but here's a couple of things I did get (scuse the bad blackberry pictures)

Benefit "Hello Flawless" in Champagne

Necklaces, two for £10 - Camden

Boots £75.99 River Island, Jumper £20 Camden

My Blackberry's taking forever to upload photos so i've got a picture of my christmas present from French Connection's website

So that's been the highlight of my week, going back to the ol' credit control on Thursday morning wasn't much fun but today is Friday and tis only a week until Christmas Eve is upon us. Quality Street anyone?

Shoulder Length.....

So I've decided I'm going to take the mission of growing my hair more seriously. I'm constantly saying I want long hair and despite attempting to grow it for FOUR YEARS now it remains the same shoulder length barnet it was at the start of my university years. Sooooo hello ghd protection, repair treatments and lots of water, and goodbye ridiculously hot ghd straightneres - you've been a faithfull friend but for now we must part.
I did think of going completly o natural and casting aside the trusty bleach but I can't bring myself to do it, my mousy past is something I'm still running from. Here are some snaps a la facebook to show the extent of the crapness of my hair

A mousy shoulder length fresher                                 Shoulder length 20th Birthday

Shoulder length 21st birthday                          Shoulder length at 22

Present day shoulder length

Ugh i'm sick of the word shoulder length. If you have any tips on keeping hair healthy to make it grow do tell in the form of a comment!


Because I don't want to clean

My new flat is ridiculously stuffy and I'm meant to be tidying up tonight but instead im lounging around reading blogs and drinking apple tango - which I never thought I liked until today.
My first free weekend in Northampton has been quite pleasant, a stroll into town passing lots of lovely four storey houses that I can only dream of moving into, a very garlic mayo-ey burger in an american diner named Buddies, and a gift in the shape of a cheshire cat for the back of my car.

It occured to me whilst walking around that I looked a bit stepford esque today complete with high necklane and longer than usual length, a bit of a clash against studded gladiator sandles I suppose but its so stufy comfort is always going to rule over matching. Also apologies for the terrible attempt at a camera that my blackberry has, I haven't unpacked everything yet and can't find my camera charger.

I bought this dress to wear for work but dunno if it's a bit too casual slash summery for the office?

Ah I suppose I best go clean, as I want to fit in a nap and Big Brother (please British public wont you see that Shabby is horrific?) before picking up the boyfriend at 2am from his bar job. I'll leave you with some pictures of my company for the night.

My Transition into the Real World

Firstly I'm rather excited to get back into blogging, as this was part of my uni degree I haven't been able to update it untill the long marking process was over as if I had I'd have failed (again..ish). Sooo I'm back on blogger to unleash my ramblings onto the public.
In the last few weeks I've left my lazy, working part time in a bar, playing too much call of duty, and generally slobbing around too much student life in Stoke for a grown up existence of 9-5 days and finally owning my own car in Northampton.The move was ridic hectic and it's left me in a load of debt to my trusty parents but I've soldiered on with the 6:30 am starts with the prospect of payday looming ever closer... big. fat. letdown. The tax man stole all my moolar on an emergency tax code so i won't be able to reap in the benefits of living within walking distance of a h&m untill next month! Bah!

Anyways it's good to be back and if anyone has any nice outfit ideas for office wear they'd be very much appreciated : )

Pixie Lott and a Mini Rant

I've become a bit obsessed with Pixie Lott recently, not in a creepy stalkish way (well I hope it doesn't seem like that to others), but in a "please can I thieve from your wardrobe" way. I prefer her daytime style but the look below can be dressed up or down.

I'm writing this whilst watching Hollyoaks and Pixie Lott has just come on, it's probably a sign telling me to stop stalking. Perhaps I should refrain from trawling the pages of Zimbio for a bit. Not that this has anything to do with fashion but Hollyoaks is frustrating me loads lately; Josh looks like an ugly girl and Zack's behaviour is dispicable, both have gone right to the bottom of the Hollyoaks man scale. I think instead I'll watch some gossip girl to restore my faith in good tv.

Kate Nash

I'm listening to Kate Nash's album and it fits perfectly with the sunny weather we've been seeing in Britain the past week or so. It's been ages since she last released anything, the Daily Mail wrote yesterday this was due to stress from the success of her last album (story here!) so hopefully a well rested Nash will be back with avengence.
That aside she's got a brilliant retro style and didn't turn into a skeleton like the other female artists she's been compared with. Below are some pictures of my favourite outfits and how to copycat on a budget. The Oasis playsuit is a bit more expensive than the others and at £55 I know it's not exactly a steal but it's perfect for this post and I had to sneak it in.

In the middle of writing this yesterday I took a break to go shopping, it was my long awaited day off from both jobs and with summer dresses on the brain and the ongoing debate as to wether a playsuit woud look half decent on me I took to the nearest shopping centre. I ended up getting the dress below from Primark, it's not something I'd usually wear at all and as great as Primark is for accessories and socks I always think the dresses will fall apart, shrink, or stretch into a baggy mess in the wash. Never the less I only had to part with a mere £15 for this so if any washing disasters occur it won't be too much of a loss. I also swiped these shoes from Newlook for £16 thanks to the ol student discount.
'Scuse the awful quality and equally as awful "mirror shot", my Sister wanted a picture and the blackberry was the closest thing next to me - Sadly I have no excuse for the mirror.

Spot the Difference

So many high street labels have cheaper alternatives online, all it takes is a little patience for delivery...

I've seen loads of these skirts around recently and I always assumed they were from the same place - the wonderous world of Topshop. Now I'm not one to pick fault with Topshop as I'm usually an enthusiastic member of its fan club BUT I think the £28 they're charging for this bodycon number is a bit steep. Granted it has the detailing and vaguely replicates the likes of those found on net-a-porter and other extorsionate sites but if I'm honest all it is is a bodycon skirt. But never fear! If like me you've seen it on the hanger and ummed and ahhed over whether to hand over the plastic then umm and ahh some more as I've rummaged through some slightly more budget friendly sites and found these look a likes. Details where to find them below!

1) £28.00 Topshop
2) £15.00
3) £12.00

Walking about in Walkabout on a Friday and Saturday night gives me a lot of time to perve on people's outfits. There's been loads of Nautical dresses making an appearance and once again I've managed to scout out some bargains.

1) £49.00 Rare
2) £25.00 Newlook
3) £20.00

Vanessa Hudgens

I've got loads of pictures stashed in my blog folder of Vanessa Hudgens outfits to copy which is bizarre as I don't much like her, those spot adverts she does are horrible and she must have been on commision for every high pitched giggle she screams out during hsm. However she always looks great and I must have those leopard print leggins, I'd probably never find the right time to wear them and instead just admire them hanging in my wardrobe but still... they look pretty. Sadly the Hudgens has a pair by Sass & Bride (which can be found on net-a-porter here) and they cost a huge £219, but luckily Shirimiri have some selling at House of Fraser for a lot cheaper.

Where did the sun go?

As I'm writing this i see clouds and greyness out my window and last weeks hints of summer seem like they never happened. It doesn't help seeing the heaps of celebrity snaps from Coachella where tiny dresses and bare legs were the biggest fashion choice.
I'm not one for shorts and tights as it seems a bit of a contradiction and the one time I did try it it made my legs look dumpy. The style stealers below show to great ways to work denim shorts into a summer wardrobe perfect for lounging around in the sun. Kristin Cavallari shows hers off with a hanky hemmed croptop whilst Mylie Cyrus opts for a more laid back look.

Fashion U Turn

Oh. My. I applied for a job a long time ago on a whim and a week ago got offered it. Here's how part of the phone conversation went:
him"Are you still interested in the job in Hanley?"
me "err... yes I think so"
him"Well basically all the girls have to be dressed glamorously and it's SELL SELL SELL."

I realise this sounds a lot worse than it actually is, though the job itself isn't at all glamorous and I am anything but. Basically I get to walk around a club trying to persuade overly drunk people to buy overly priced shots and get paid over double my usual wage to do so. Problem is I have nothing to wear and don't really want to part with my cash for skimpy trashy looking outfits. Sigh. Sooo if any of you lovely blog readers have an idea of what can look both trashy glamorous and can be used as everyday wear please let me know.

I'm also told Rosie Webster of Coronation street has or had the same job, sigh again, it's cringe but pays well.

I get ridiculously excited over Gossip Girl

Oh my, I've just watched the newest episode and it was very very good. My love for Blair and Chuck is growing, and if those pesky writers DARE change the coupling round to Blair and Dan I will be shaking my fists of rage at them. Though to be honest I'm not sure if I like it now I'm up to date, I much prefered it when I could while away a few hours at a time engrosed in the sordid lives of Manhattans' youths.
Clotheswise the characters seem to have gone to niche extremes, Jenny and her horrible extensions being perhaps more grungy than usual, and Blair's conservative style has become even more (if it's posible) perfect. There was also no Vanessa in the episode, and I like how she brings the glamour down with a more vintage street flair.
Sooo aimed with a cup of tea and homemade flapjacks (gross as is everything I make) I created two copycat fashions Gossip Girl Stylie, hope you likey.

1) Denim Shots £20 Dorothy Perkins
2) Yellow Tunic £25
3) Purple Bag £18.99
4) Necklace £12 Topshop
5) Bangles £10 Asos
6) Sandals £12 Matalan
7) Waist Belt £5 Asos
8) Ring £10 Accessorize


It's been forever since my hair fiasco, and therefore forever since my last post. Apologies for this, I've spent a silly amount of time working to pay off a huge gas and electric bill, and a fine I got from a policeman on a scooter who assured me that despite having tax on my car it is an offence not to display it (sigh). However after paying these minor money obsticles I'll be penniless and even more inclined to prowl for the cheaper side of fashion.
Keep your peepers peeled.
Oooh and Gossip Girl hits US tvs tonight. Watch online or wait till Wednesday for ITV2? decisions decisions!

A recipe for disaster

I'm writing this from the floor of my bathroom where I sit with a head full of some form of peroxide. In my quest to become a bright blonde I've spent far too much money in Toni and Guy, where they always persuade me that bleaching isn't the way to go and I should opt for highlights, which always leaves my purse around £100 lighter and my hair the same ashy wish-it-was-blonde colour. Well not anymore, I've just stupidly fearlessly purchased a lightening kit and am awaiting the results, I imagine it'll go bright orange and when it does I'll spend even more getting it corrected. Oh well.
Here's what I want it to look like (yes i realise she's a glamour model but her hairs nice)

And here's what this little experiment will probably result in

Wish me luck!

Demi Lovato's lack of colour

1) Black Lace Dress £28 Newlook
2) Lace up Boots £39.99
3)Black Blazer £15
4)Lace Tights £5 Asos
5) Belt £15 Miss Selfridge
6) Necklace £3.50 Peacocks
7) Sunglasses £15 Urban Outfitters

Ha I was looking for a picture of Demi Lovato's style in the early days and saw on heaps of websites that her and Selena Gomez are supposedly in the midst of a cat fight. Being a bit of a fiend for Not that I'm one for teenage celebrity gossip but people are claiming her recent all black outfit choices are a sign of her mourning the loss of her friendship. Regardless I think the whole pale skinned, red lipstick, taylor momsen esque look works for Demi and I love her boots and the look a likes I managed to find. I know where my bonus is going this month.
The black lace dress from Newlook initially seemed a little pricey for a usually student friendly priced shop, but it can be transformed into a million different outfits so is definitely worth the dollar.

Ohhh and I also found this treat on youtube, Demi Lovato used to be fat and erm.. liked to play the trumpet (go to 2:12)

Also quick apologies for lack of posts recently, I've been reading other blogs but not keeping up on my own, I fail.

So today I wore

Vest- £14 Newlook
Denim Shirt - £18 Newlook
Leggins - £12 Miss Selfridge
Necklace - £2.50 Primark
Bangles - Primark (can't remember price but if it's primark then probs ridic cheap)

Today I was clearly suffering from some sort of 80's nostalgia, not that I was old enough to actually remember anything from that decade, with a hint of Cheryl from Hollyoaks thrown in. I wish I could get my hair bigger, still can't find a strong enough spray to get the full on lion mane effect without it turning into a big clumpy mess.
I do love Cheryl though, her style is awfull but she's great.
On that note I'll end the post.

Mulberry Bag Envy

I'm suffering from a major case of bag envy. I. Must. Have. This. Bag. I'm telling myself it definitly falls under the need catergory in the wants/needs spaces in my wardrobe, and at £795 for the oversized version pictured it'd only take me 137.6 hours pulling pints at minimum wage to afford it. Which is only about 23 shifts and it'd make smiling at drunks whilst serving them ale at nine in the morning worth it.
Rambling aside this wonderful bag is Mulberry's Alexa bag for Spring/Summer 2010, based and named after Alexa Chung and her take on a typically traditional British style. After being spotted by creative director Emma Hill lugging around a vintage Mulberry briefcase she inexpectedly became style inspiration and this amazing buffalo leather satchel was born. Yes I'm gushing but who wouldn't?

Sadly I have to pay rent and other boring necessities so I've had a rummage of the internet and found some look-a-likes that are well worth the spends.

1. £32 Asos
2.£15 Newlook
3.£45 Topshop
4. £6 Peacocks
So the Grammy's were last night and those privelaged enough to be there had the chance to show off their fashion preferences to thousands/millions(?) of viewers. To be fair I think it was a bit of a mish mash, revelaing mini's alongside over the top couture was a clear sign of which celebrities take fashion seriously and/or have more money. Despite this some looked amazing, some not so much, either way here are some snaps

Apparently Katie Perry's inspiration for this outfit was a recent trip to India. The flowers on this Zac Prosen dress are pretty but the colour makes it look like one of those creepyskin suits they have in films to make them look naked.

Well isn't Lady Gaga lucky, having Georgio Armani personally create something just for her, and something that completly owned the red carpet. Although probably not suitable for anyone, this lilac dress over the top of a crystal encrusted body makes Lady Gaga look like she's stepped out of an alternative fairy tale, and her towering platforms finish it off perfectly

Oh. My. God. Somebody needs to tell Britney Spears that the Grammy's are a big deal, and yes there will be people there taking your photo, and yes you do need to make a tiny bit of effort, and no it's not the place for fishnets.

I haven't jumped on the Glee bandwagon but I think Lea Michele was one of the best dressed on the red carpet. Her Romona Keveza dress is simple yet the feathers give it just the right amount of detail. I know in a previous post I pointed out that Demi Lovato looked a tiny bit like Big Bird in her electric blue feathered number but this dress is awesome.

More feathers. Rihanna's white gown was designed by Eli Saab and it could have looked a lot prettier if it wasn't for the big shoulders. But i suppose Rihanna's known for her metrosexual sort of fashion so it works well with her individual style

Ew. Fergie's trying too hard to make the transition from trashy cheap fashion to err.. whatever statement she's trying to make with this dress.

Taylor Swift won 4 of the 8 awards she was nominated for (Kanye West probably sat looking smug in a corner somewhere) and looked very shiny in this midnight blue dress designed by Kaufman Franco. Is it just me or does this picture make her belly look odd?

One final thought for this post has nothing to do with fashion, but whilst trawling through hundreds of photos on Zimbio I spotted a picture of Aaron Carter arriving on the red carpet and was shocked and appaled. As youngun I was a bit obsessed with him (cringe) and I might have even owned a poster or two torn from dog eared coppies of Smash Hits. Anyway he's definitly done a reversal on the ol ugly duckling tale and his poses are just embarrasing, what happened?
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