Frankie Sandford and a new fangled application

How i mocked when I saw the Saturdays last year at the filming of The Fashion Show, I take it back now as they're a bit of a guilty pleasure. Fearne Cotton was there aswell as was Abi Clancy and George Lamb who was, and still is, a bit of a dick.
Anyway this latest masterpiece was created on Polyvore which i saw on the blog Cosmic Cobalt (read it) and sort of stole, still can't decide if I prefer using this or photoshop. Frankie makes a change from the LBD's appearing EVERYWHERE and dresses up a simple one shouldered tunic with some heels - I like it.
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  1. hah I went to the filming of one of the episodes of the fashion show too, it was well crigey but still quite fun? they only had Gabriella cilmi (is that her name?) there when i went which was booring. I cant stand Abi clancey but I think that Michelle girl was rad. also it was proper embarrassing when I watched the show because im about a foot taller than everyone else in the audience so all you see is my head the whole time.

    anyway sorry this was a really boring comment, just wanted to say hello and thanks and your blog is pretty rad too, I added you on my bloglovin as well coz thats always fun.

    With love from Toby Oliver Plastic Glitter Bonez x

    (sorry, Im in a really wierd mood? yessss its essay fever!!!)

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