Don't do it!

So according to vogue and various fashion websites, parading our underwear as outerwear is set to be big in 2010 making it's journey from the uber thin and uber glamourous to the general public. Here's a simple plea - don't do it. The thought of it is bringing horrific images of celulite brushing past me in busy town centres *shudders*

On an irrelevant plus not I've finally grasped how to make pictures bigger than the blogger uploader will let me, took long enough didn't it?!

Spring, Fairgrounds, and short dresses

Fairground have launched their 2010 lookbook. First thoughts? Gimme. It's full of uber short dresses that are simple enough to wear in the day with some added edge that can be used at night which seems to be a first for the brand as their past designs have been a bit too old fashioned for me. So Asos if you're listening please get them in stock soon and don't make them too pricey, guessing they're going to be around £50 which isn't really budget fashion but is worth it to own a dress that tons of people won't own *cough* Lipsy *cough*

Frankie Sandford and a new fangled application

How i mocked when I saw the Saturdays last year at the filming of The Fashion Show, I take it back now as they're a bit of a guilty pleasure. Fearne Cotton was there aswell as was Abi Clancy and George Lamb who was, and still is, a bit of a dick.
Anyway this latest masterpiece was created on Polyvore which i saw on the blog Cosmic Cobalt (read it) and sort of stole, still can't decide if I prefer using this or photoshop. Frankie makes a change from the LBD's appearing EVERYWHERE and dresses up a simple one shouldered tunic with some heels - I like it.
Find similar woman's tunics online

No Sales For Me

Christmas cash, a short drive to the Trafford Center and the morning off work, I was so ready to go shopping but due to the silly injection I had last night as the doctors had no painkillers I spent the night being ill, it'd have been nice to have been warned that sickness was a side effect. Anyways rant over and I missed the busyest (sp?) day of the sales. BIG SIGH. Gonna go rumaging tomorow I think but it'd be wins if you commented with your purchases of the day, I've got my eye on this tunic by Rare fashion, heres to hoping Topshop have it in stock tomorow.

Stephanie Pratt

Celebrities are wearing too much black. I know it's winter and it's freezing but even the tiniest splash of colour would make an outfit more exciting. Stephanie's exciting choice of colour here being a boring simple grey and apologies but I couldn't find a look a like for this top anywhere. If someone nice has given you some money then I'd definitly opt for the courts but otherwise the peacocks versions are an alright alternative.

Pixie Lott

I love Pixie Lot's style, not huge massive fan of her music but she has a wardrobe I want to steal and hair I'm jealous of. Here are two style stealers for daytime and night, they work well together and I've used the same necklace and tights for both outfits. If like everyone in Britain right now you've squandered away all your pennies on Christmas gifts then both sets of shoes will work for both outfits depending on wether you're a flats or heels lover. As always click the picture's to make them bigger as I've just previewed the post and the writing on the second can't be seen, if i try to make it big blogger makes it blury - sigh!

Kristin Cavallari

I love The Hills and as much as i wantd to hate Kristin I didn't. Her style is a lot different to Lauren's and one that's a lot easier to copy. It's not overly formal like some of Lauren's high collared shirt/black trouser combos and can be worn either day or night. After christmas when I'm not ridiculously skint those boots will be mine.

Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof is a tool. I thought this before watching Fearne Cotton's programme with her and I still do, she's spolt, inpolite, bratty, and says the word like way too much. I also don't like her tatoos nor her attempts at a career.
Anyway sometimes she wears nice clothes so here's a style stealer for her.

Find a Cheap Motel

Motel dresses are a winner and some of them are really versatile, but if you're not sure whether the whole floral dress thing is for you and don't want to splash out £40 - £50 for a new one then go to and have a peek at the hearts & bows dresses. They're pretty similar to Motel and at £20 to £25 they're half the price. Here are some I want need.

Scary-Kate Olsen

Oh dear. I used to love the olsen twins and before they went a bit crazy they had good fashion sense. But wtf has Mary-Kate done to herself here?! The bag lady skirt, the male teacher bag and that bizarre hat are awfull. And the lipstick is less Twilight and more Batman.

Lauren Conrad

Because it's freezing here this time of year I've changed the shoes a bit to non open toes. That and the fact that I trawled for too long before finding this pair. Wins for Matalan...a year ago I didn't think I'd be saying that, ah the life of a poor student.

Selena Gomez

Mylie Cyrus

Summer's long gone and it's time to cover up legs with tights. I'm not sure how much I like the lace type celebs are wearing as i always opt for plain black. However Mylie Cyrus seems to have got it right with black ankle biker boots, and a bodycon (ish) vest made wintery teamed alongside a simple black jacket. Click on the image to make it bigger.

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