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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

£20 Primark "Out Out" Outfit

black lace playsuit black playsuit lace back Primark black lace playsuit
Playsuit: £12
Shoes: £8

Alas I can't link any of these as they were gems found in Primark, but I've found some similar lace playsuits so they're linked below for your perusal.

I originally bought this for "Out Out" drinks on Saturday, but I've since decided to cut back on my alcohol consumption and I'm now planning on eating my weight in Mexican food. Either/or, this playsuit is perfect as it's super stretchy around the stomach area so it welcomes the inevitable carb bloat - no more unbuttoning jeans in public for me!

In other news, today I went to the gym. Then the gym man came and tinkered with the air con next to me, then it blew very cold. I got paranoid that it was tinkered with because I looked gross and clammy. I left shortly afterwards. One day I'll be one of those extra confident gym go-ers that don't rush home to do ab exercises in fear of looking day.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter: Radiant Lights

makeup revolution strobe highlight pink makeup revolution highlight strobe makeup revolution strobe on cheeks

I bought the Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter as just a regular highlight. Because as much as I like beauty and read a tonne of blogs, I STILL don't really understand the concept of strobing.

So I just googled it. "Loss of continuity sometimes seen in lines and stripes in a television picture". I don't really want a lack of continuity in my face and I definitely don't want to be stripey....

Turns out strobing is just excessive highlight. Which I suppose is what I do anyway. You can definitely achieve this with Radiant Lights (this shade) as it's ridiculously pigmented and sort of sits above the skin, so it doesn't get lost in a layer of foundation. Because it has such a good colour pay off you don't need anything dense to apply this, I use a fan brush which seems to do the trick as the application is more "sweep" than "pack".

It's not the most subtle of highlights but that's not its purpose, the Makeup Revolution website even says you can apply it wet for an even more intense look, the glowyer the better I suppose.

And the cost of looking all illuminated and fresh faced I hear you say? Just three English pounds! I've used this every day since swiping it from the ransaked-by-teens stand in Superdrug, so for me it's definitely worth the dollar.

What're your favourite highlighting/strobing products?

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Trying To Go Smart Casual. Again.

blue boyfriend shirt smart casual work outfit

Blue Oversized Shirt - Newlook
Black Skinny Trousers - Newlook
Shoes - Primark (Similar)

These photos are pretty old and I miss my ombre (ish) hair. In the space of 2 months I went brown and decided I didn't like it, then went blonde, and now I'm brown again. I reckon it's time to just leave it and stop coating it in chemicals. Could be the reason why it's snapping off all over the shop.

This outfit is oh so basic, I was having another one of those smart casual Pinterest moments. Although clearly I didn't think an iron was necessary.... Also, it's swealtering in my flat right now and I couldn't think of anything worse than wearing long sleeves. I realise every blog post written in the UK this week will probably mention the weather, but as I draw closer to the ripe old age of 29 the onset of Autumn would have made things a bit more bearable - instead I'll just feel old and flustered from the silly out-of-season heat.

As i'm writing this I can hear and smell my hamster Chuck trundling about his cage, so I'll keep it short and sweet and do battle with the sawdust.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Benefit High Beam Review

benefit high beam highlight review benefit high beam

I've lost track of the new releases Benefit have bought out over the last year or so, but High Beam is one of their cult products and one I'd only ever owned as a mini freebie. Way back in 2011 as a young whippersnapper I compared it with it's cheaper dupe Beat The Blues but didn't really give High Beam the recognition it deserves.

So High Beam is a liquid highlight in a champagne pink colour that's ideal for pale skin. I am partial to a bronzy highlight but they can look a little muddy, especially without fake tan. This pearly colour is more of a "oooh your skin looks extra dewy" rather than "look at that glow!", which is probably more season appropriate.

Benefit say it can be applied to pretty much every crevice (shudder) on the face, and whilst this might work for some, I tend to only use it on the little amount of cheekbone I have. Apparently you can get extra radiant skin if you mix a few drops with foundation too, something I might go wild with and trial tomorrow.
I use the nail polish esque applicator to draw weird upside down ticks on my face before smearing it in with a real techniques stippling brush. It makes me look sprightly and lasts 'till the end of the day.

At £19.50 it's not exactly cheap but it'll last FOREVER and you'll constantly be fresh faced. Wins.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Being A Semi Bridesmaid: The Asos Kate Dress

asos kate bridesmaids dress lace lace navy mini bridesmaid dress asos lace kate mini dress

Asos Kate Dress
Newlook Nude Heels

Pleas excuse my very yellowy hair in these snaps, I'd like to say it was down to the lighting but alas my locks were in the pre toner stage in my quest to go back blonde from brown. But now I think I want to be brown again, decisions decisions.

I purchased this dress back in June to be a semi bridesmaid for my sister, she actually got hitched in Las Vegas (sadly not by Elvis) the month before but then decided to have a sort of post wedding wedding with all the trimmings. By trimmings I mean Krispy Kremes, shots of Sambucca, and a photo booth. It was a grand day and I felt extra feminine and demure flouncing around in this Kate dress from Asos, although the photo booth pictures tell a different story...

The best thing about it is the way the lace design is cut on the back, it sort of goes into a point which means you can wear any sort of bra and don't need to spend the day hitching up a strapless one that won't stay put. It's also kind of baggy-ish on the front, so in my case I could eat all the krispy kremes without feeling like a bloated betty.

Here are some less flattering pictures.

bridesmaids photo booth

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

NYX Slide on Eye Pencil in Golden Bronze

 photo nyx2_zpsv4apphbd.jpg  photo nyx3_zpsecvjgfvy.jpg  photo nyx4_zpsopfe8yau.jpg

Up until this week I'd never put eyeshadow or eyeliner on my lash line, whenever I've attempted in the past the result has been a sort of Gerard Way / Jack Sparrow hybrid. But I like gold eyeshadow and I'm partial to a spot of bronze, so a pencil named Golden Bronze seemed a win.

The NYX slide on pencils are aptly named, they're really creamy, super pigmented, and are smoother than Stephen Bear. They don't dry straight away either so if you're looking to get all dramatic and smokey they can be easily blended with an eyeshadow brush. It's a bit of a pain to sharpen though, but that could be down to my shoddy Primark sharpener, which I only bought because it was rose gold. Foolish.

I've never tried the Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencils but the NYX versions are apparently a more affordable dupe, you can either slide with them for a fiver or glide with Urban Decay for a pretty steep £15.50. I'd go for the cheaper version any day. Even if they have blatantly pilfered the name.

According to Boots there's 16 different shades, all of which are quite vibrant. Golden Bronze is probably the most tame - I don't reckon at the ripe old age of 28 I'm able to pull off the bright greens and purples anymore!

What are your favourite NYX products?

Sunday, 4 September 2016

August Favourites

hair and beauty flat lay

August has passed me by pretty quickly in a blur of pub quizzes, piercings, and various attempts at fitness. All of which have been unsuccessful. Being such a busy beaver I haven’t really been that adventurous in terms of makeup, so August has mainly been a month of ol’ trusties, products to make my hair less rubbish, and snacks.

Matrix Total Results So Long Damage Shampoo & Conditioner - I made a brave albeit stupid decision to have my hair highlighted twice in 3 weeks which has resulted in a lot of pesky breakage. My hairdresser uses Matrix colour so I bought these to try and stop my locks from falling out. They smell nice and leave my hair feeling lovely, however it’s still a bit snappy. Sigh.

Redken Extreme Anti Snap - One all the bloggers were raving about a couple of years ago. I’ve been slathering (what an awful word) this on my ends every time I wash my hair and it seems to be helping a bit. It just doesn’t really smell that great….although that could be because this was previously gathering dust in a dark cupboard.

Schwarzkopf Got2B Oil-Licious - I’m mainly in love with this for scent and scent alone. It smells like holidays. It reminds me of beaches. Wins all round.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - See above!

Mac Eyeshadow In Expensive Pink - Alas I haven’t gone back to my year 5 days of pink eyeshadow and those extra cool high baby spice pigtails. This is actually more of a shimmery copper shade perhaps more reminiscent of Gerrard Way. It really makes your eye colour stand out and it stays put for ages.

Mac Whirl Lipstick - This is a sort of amped up version of velvet teddy, it’s a browny nude with a matte finish, and has that 90s vibe about it. If I was younger and down with the kids I’d wear it with a choker.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Punky Mascara -  I did a full review of Miss Manga Punky not so long ago. It has a bizarre spiked plastic brush which on first appearance can look quite frightening. Or at least as frightening as a mascara wand can be. But it’s actually pretty good and gives amazing definition and volume.

Snack A Jacks Caramel Rice Cakes - How have I never tried a rice cake before? How have I not experienced the delicious combination of caramel and peanut butter whilst still feeling smug that it’s healthy? In a bid to get fit I’ve swapped chocolate for these, although my peanut butter to rice cake ratio is questionable.

Dr Moo Milk Straws - Oh how I scoffed when my friend bought these into work, and oh how I had to eat my words (or slurp them) after trying them. Why don’t more people use these? There’s only 14 calories per straw, it settles a chocolate craving pretty well AND provides a tasty beverage full of calcium.

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