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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Gym Hairstyles: French & Dutch Braids

gym hairstyles french dutch braids

If you're like me and hair washing day only comes but twice a week, cardio at the gym can be a bit of a pain. It just messes up the whole washing routine. And if you're also like me and tend to get a bit clammy when overworked (gross) then going anywhere straight from the gym is usually a no go.

But alas! These quick and relatively easy braided hair styles are perfect for the gym, and they're proven to stand the test of time too. I'm currently donning a side french braid after grappling with the stair master earlier today and it looks the same as it did six hours ago. I would take a snap to prove it but I'm wearing a slush puppy vest and chomping my way through caramel rice cakes - it's not a pretty sight.

So if you're unsure how to french or dutch braid, and you want an easy hair style that'll last through a work out and after, then have a peep at my short video above!

Friday, 19 August 2016

A Multi Seasonal Floral Dress

summer floral dress strappy summer dress waist belt side french braid

Dress: Newlook (similar)
Shoes: Primark

I'm at my Sisters for a couple of days and I'm definitely making the most of her garden. All I have at home in my flat is a tiny patch of sun by the Juliette balcony which isn't the most ideal place to sunbathe. Plus I end up feeling all awkward like a cat.

I bought this dress last month in the Newlook sale and think I paid around £10 for it. I like that it's extra loose and flowy without a belt (perfect for BBQs), but if you shove a belt and heels with it you're good for night time. I'm all about the multi purpose wear. Annnnd you could even tight and boots it for Autumn. Wins all round.
I seem to have a love/hate relationship with florals and I'm now entering the love phase, have a peep at my recent youtube haul if you'd like a nose of what's been purchased recently. I'm also eyeing up all the florals on Esprit who seem to have the perfect dress length down. So kudos to them.

Another upside to being here is having someone to exercise with, I always thought I was a bit of a lone ranger when it comes to working up a sweat, but doing it with someone else is actually quite motivational - I'm even doing a class at her gym tonight, something I may regret tomorrow when I can't feel my arms or sit down without aching. I'm hoping it gives me the confidence to join some of the classes at my gym without feeling self conscious about the whole lone ranger situation, we shall see.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Smart Casual: Jeans and Heels

 photo IMG_1724_zpsngesr9iv.jpg  photo IMG_1715_zpsdsxe1cq6.jpg

Top: Primark (Similar)
Jeans: River Island (Similar)
Heels: Newlook (Similar)
Watch: Kate Spade

Apologies for these photos looking a little washed out, I'm not entirely sure what happened to my camera lens! I actually invested in one of those compact interchangeable lens cameras a while back so might try that out for my next outfit post. Or if I can rope someone into taking some snaps for me they might look even better!

This is a pretty standard outfit for me at the moment, as I said in my previous video I got a bit obsessed with pinning photos of city girls abroad looking all smart casual glam in jeans and heels. A look I've tried copy with an added air of awkwardness and a weird knuckle hand that doesn't seem to know what it's doing...I'm still pinning away for inspiration though (imeloweez if you want to have a peek), as in the retail world, summer seems to be coming to an end so it's a good idea to know what's coming in autumn/fall for fashion.

Ripped jeans are a first for me as well and they're definitely something that can be used to transition into the more gloomy weather we're bound to see next month. Although I still can't quite master putting them on properly.  Plus these one's are pretty tight so I have to do that un gracefull jumping into them technique.

In other non outfit news I don't have a lot! I got a new car the other week which is all shiny and coral, I've drank way too much Monster, played a lot of squash, and listened to a lot of Dancehall.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Newlook, Asos & Primark Sale Haul

So I filmed this sale haul yonks ago (I'm now on a quest to go back blonde) but you can still get your mitts on some of the stuff I bought. If you don't fancy watching the full video and listening to endless rambles I've linked it all below, and whilst linking I found some other nice things that I've saved. That off the shoulder dress will be mine at some stage.

Things I Bought

Some Things I'd Like To Buy

Thursday, 28 July 2016

New Flat Interior & A Bunch Of Firsts

interior ikea kallax expedit grey and pink living room interior ikea blue tv stand interior nittorp  copper interior living room ikea kallax expedit small office desk space grey interior small office work desk space grey marble wood interior ikea picture ledge cactus interior bedroom interior ikea picture ledge raskog trolley beauty

This is my first ever interior post as this is the first time in 28 years I've lived alone and have been able to do pretty much anything with a blank canvas. So here's a few snaps of what I've done so far with my little flat. A bunch of it is from Ikea because it's super cheap, and I've become a HUGE fan of the store b&m for homeware. It also does American Candy wayyyy cheaper than anywhere else.
Sadly they tempt you with products online but you can't buy them, but here's some links to the things in the snaps above.

Flamingo Print
Grey Chair (Similar)
Clock Table
Grey Fur Rug (similar)
Copper Clock
Copper Lamp
Copper Baskets
Palm Tree Print
Light Up Speech Bubble (Similar)
Wood Effect Vinyl
Marble Laptop Cover
Hygena Double Bed Frame
Dressing Table & Stool (similar)

So I've had a heckuva a lot of firsts for this year and not all of them have been that positive. But the fun and slightly more light hearted ones include first surface piercing, first time going brunette, first ever Starbucks coffee, first day trip abroad, first activity going solo, first festival, and first time watching a live streamed wedding!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil

 photo IMG_1488_zpsmzmyo7kd.jpg  photo IMG_1493_zpshnbzqj5v.jpg  photo IMG_1494_zpsvgtpf5jm.jpg  photo IMG_1751_zps9q9u7f5y.jpg
 photo IMG_1764_zpse2soolkk.jpg

I bought the Soap & Glory Archery Tint and Pencil after a tonne of bloggers and Tanesha had raved about it - although in Tanesha's defence she uses the other one without the pen end. I'd recently dyed my hair brown and thought I needed something a bit more dramatic than my usual brush and powder to darken my eyebrows, as for the first time in my life they were lighter than my hair.

The product has two ends, one is just like a pen, the other is supposedly like a pencil but it crumbles WAY more. You're supposed to use the pen to mimic fine hairs and make your brows look natural, then fill them in with the pencil to get wonderful Cara Delevingne esque eye brows.

Does it work? In my opinion no. I just can't seem to make my brows look natural at all with this. It might be because I'm way too heavy handed but even after using the pen I look like I've used a sharpie to draw them in. Then when I attempt to rectify the situation with the pencil it crumbles all over the shop and smears on my lovely white dressing table, or the carpet, or the bed, or the walls.

Cost wise, £10 is cheaper than my trusty Hi Impact Brow Palette, but I've been using that for yonks with the Real Techniques brow brush so I suppose cost per application (is that even a thing?!) would be better with the powder.

So a bit of a negative nelly on this one, add some positivity by letting me know what your favourite brow product is at the moment!

Monday, 27 June 2016

£20 Primark Day To Night Outfit

 photo IMG_1684_zpsz59cleyr.jpg  photo IMG_1681_zpskydexdze.jpg  photo IMG_1704_zpscknuvorn.jpg
Skirt: £8
Cami: £4
Shoes: £8
All Primark

These snaps look a bit washed out. I'm not sure if there's such thing as too much natural light but I definitely get a lot of it in the new flat.
So this whole outfit was a mere £20 from Primark, and in my non expert opinion it's definitely one that can go from day to night with a quick change of shoes and some jewellery. I've had a mock on the skirt already with an observation it looks like a rug...It's a comment I can't really defend as I do see the similarities. But it's one of many A-line skirts I'm wearing on rotate at the moment.

In non cheap outfit related news I now have a hamster living with me in my little bachelor pad, his name's chuck and he makes these creepy little squealing sounds like something from the exorcist. He's just a bit of a diva. I've also got a new job, new hair, and a new found appreciation for dinner date.