Winter Wishlist

Monday, 1 September 2014

winter boots and bags

Vagabond Grace boots // Michael Kors Selma bag // Shiny Chelsea boots // Ted Baker bag
Clarks Chelsea boots // Marc B Willow bag // Topshop boots

I know it's hardly winter just yet, but the X factor has started which has left me dreaming of cosy nights in, crisp afternoons, and fires. Or in my case a little gas heater as I have no fire or central heating in this cold little house.
So whilst battling the crowds on Oxford Street this weekend my wintery mind wanted two things, boots and bags. I also took note of all the nicely dressed people floating through the hoards of shoppers (how do they do it? I look bedraggled after one shop!) and decided this year I'm going to spend a little extra dollar in the hope that both of these things last longer than a month. Don't get me wrong, I love my ebay chelseas but they're well worn, falling apart, and I can hear them begging me to send them to shoe heaven whenever I'm pulling them on. 
So these are my picks, I know the patent cheapies from Matalan are a complete contradiction on what I've just said but they're cheap so I can always buy them on top of another pair! Other than magic steps at the age of 4 I've never owned a pair of Clarks shoes but apparently they're extra comfy so the chelsea boots from Brantano will be perfect for winter walks.
Bag wise I'm majorly lusting over the Michael Kors Selma bag but the price makes me wince, I've always been a low end hughstreet gal (is this even a thing?) so  £300 on a bag is a bit insane for me, but it's just so classic and I can't see it ever looking out dated. Sameises to the marc B and Ted Baker bag really.
What are you lusting after this winter? 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: Sydney

Saturday, 30 August 2014

nyx soft matte sydneynyx lip cream soft matte lip cream nyx lip gloss sydney
Before I say anything about this product I must confess that I did actually take a photo of this on my lips, but once I blew the photo up on my laptop they were hideous and in need of some major balm action. I couldn't insult your eyes like that so I've had to make do with my hand. Although I think I might have been wearing it in my last post...
Anyway I bought the NYX soft matte lip cream way back in April whilst  in Cancun, I was pawing at a load of products at some random stall and it wasn't 'till a few minutes later that I realised everything was NYX which made me happy chappy as it's pretty hard to find in the UK. 
I can't seem to resist a baby pink so obvs I bought Sydney. It is a weird one though, although it's clearly a barbie pink the colour is also sort of muted and can come off a bit theresnolifeinme if you're not careful. I prefer wearing this when I'm not fake tanned for the same reason -  against pale skin it can stand out but against tanned skin I reckon I look a bit mutton. 
Aside from looking like a Barbie after she's been locked in a walk-in freezer, I'm really impressed with both the finish and the lasting power of these lip creams. I'm used to glossy sheer finishes that constantly need re applying but these do stay put for a couple of hours and because of the creamy consistency they're easy to reapply when you need it. I paid a pittance for mine but if you're wanting to buy from the UK they're £5.50 on the nyx website which is actually cheaper than most ebay sellers.   
I'm now eyeing up Addis Ababa, if you own any of these which do you recommend?

Bleach London Super Cool Colour in Rose

Sunday, 24 August 2014

bleach london rosesuper cool colour rosebleach london rose dark blondebleach london dark blonde

I'd actually been debating using one of the Bleach London colours on my hair when they first launched but for some reason decided against it, it was only on a whim yesterday that I grabbed a bottle. After a mini debate "I'm 26 years old, should I really be dying my hair pink?" I decided to go for it anyway and these are the results.


Don't follow the instructions on the bottle if you want a decent colour pay off. The bottle tells you to pretty much shove all the colour on your towel dried head, wait 15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water, and you'll be left with pink locks.
At first I wanted an ombre finish so I coated the ends in loads of colour, left these for 5 minutes and then applied the rest. I waited ten more minutes and rinsed thinking I'd step out of the shower with a much coveted candy floss head, instead I was left with nothing but a gingery hue and a sense of disappointment.
So back on the gloves went and this time I emptied the whole bottle into my hair, massaged it in, and waited 25 minutes. The photos above are the end result.


My skin, neck, and shoulders ended up very pink indeed. It came off after some scrubbing in the shower but if you want to avoid this then an old towel or t shirt is deffs recommended. And maybe take a bit of care in the application rather than haphazardly slapping it on like I did.


After using the Bleach London supercool colour I've read a few negative reviews where people haven't been happy with the vibrancy of the colour. I can't really complain as I'm assuming the range was created for people with bleached hair and my barnet is a dirty ashy blonde. In the photos above you can see the colour has clung to my highlights but hasn't done a thing to my mousy roots and I don't imagine leaving the colour on any longer would have changed that.


I paid £5.00 for this and I have pink hair so I'm not going to complain, it's a little bit patchy but I didn't apply it very well and my colour was patchy beforehand anyway. I haven't washed mine yet but I've heard it's not got the greatest staying power - with this in mind I think the Bleach London colours are best suited for a weekend or if you fancy a change for a night out.

P.S I'd be super happy if you could vote for my blog in the Yahoo comp by clicking here. It's literally just a poll and you don't have to sign up for anything : )

One of "those" posts

Thursday, 21 August 2014

 photo kevshock2_zps9344453d.jpg

The other day an email from Motel popped up in my inbox with the little "doop" noise that the iPhone makes, it was saying "go forth an enter this competition with Yahoo and Stila" in a nicely worded way. I never really put my blog forward for anything, the only competitions I enter are the RTS TO WIN on twitter (yes I'm that girl), but in a rare moment of spontaneity I sent my details over to yahoo and didn't really think I'd her owt back.
But alas, I got shortlisted! If I win I could be heading to LFW in September to do some filming and obvz i'd write all about it on this here blog, I may even go wild and vlog! I'm flabbergasted that i was shortlisted and I'd be oh so grateful if you could vote for me to win!

All you have to do is click vote below, or if you'd prefer you can click on Kevin's face. There's no forms to fill out, it's just a simple click and it'd make me a very happy blogger indeed!

 photo vote_zpse78688ff.jpg
Thanks for taking the time to read! 

Turn Down for What

Monday, 18 August 2014

chi chi dresschi chi eloise dresschi chi maxi dressshort hair up do

Eloise Dress c/o Chi Chi

Argh as if I haven't posted in a week, that's a bit rubbish isn't it? I can't even say I've been rushing to and from exciting things either as the majority of my week has been spent catching up with Ray Donovan and shouting at the editors of Big Bro for making Helen look good enough to win. Does anyone else watch Ray Donovan? I feel like me and Tom are the only people glued to it.

Anyway this dress is a bit different from my usual skater dress or outout outfits. This dress is going to be my one posh dress that gets dusted off for every posh event going for the next ten years -  weddings, christenings, formal balls (like these are a regular occurrence..), race days, WI meetings, debutante pageants, you name it and the dress will have done it.  To be honest the only reason I chose this particular maxi number to begin with was because it's got my name. Nothing ever shares my name and I got all excited. But after ripping open the lovely pink chi chi packaging and shimmying into the chiffony fabric it was love, and it'll be an even bigger love affair once I've toned that weird flesh part next to my armpit.
Oh alsooo Chi Chi are doing a 20% off deal at the moment with the code "gimme20" which makes it £51.99 if my calculations are correct, not bad considering I'm going to be 80 when I stop wearing it.

Aw man I've just looked up from typing this and spotted a big spider crawling along the wall, and now I've gone all shivery. Best keep it short and sweet so I can go and hide, it probably knows I killed it's brother yesterday and has revenge on it's mind.

Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette

Sunday, 10 August 2014

iconic 3 paletteiconic paletteiconic palette swatched

It was this post by Shannon that got me interested in the highly blogged about Makeup Revolution Iconic palettes. Initially I'd thought "dupe" had meant "vaguely similar to", but after seeing the pretty much identical swatches I knew I needed it.

I have the Naked 1 palette with it's velvety case collecting every dust particle known to man, and I'd been wanting to try numbers 2 and 3, but the hefty £37.00 price tag put me off. Whilst there's no doubt I'd feel smug if I owned all three, spending £111 on three eyeshadow palettes would make me feel disgusted with myself.

So in came Makeup Revolution with their £4.00 a pop palettes that I've now recommended to everyone I know,  I bought both iconic 2 and 3 and I'm majorly impressed. These babies are incredible. In (on) my eyes the staying power is just as long as the UD shadows and I reckon the formula is just as good. From my poor attempt at swatches above you can see there's a little bit of crumbly fallout, but I did just shove my fingers in the palette and give it a good rub around, if you apply these with a brush you're left with a soft, almost buttery shadow that blends perfectly.

Shade wise, as a dupe it's nearly identical to the Naked 2 so has more shimmers than mattes but this makes me happy as I'm a shimmery Shelly. If you're a matte gal then Makeup Revolution also do a similar Essential Mattes palette which will probe be the stuff of dreams.

Have you tried any of the iconic palettes yet? What do you think to them?

Benefit They're Real! Push up liner

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

benefit they're real liner benefit they're real liner on eyes

I know every blogger under the sun has done a review of this eyeliner but alas, I purchased this myself and it took me a while to take the plunge so I'm a little behind.
I won't go into too much detail as you probably know all about it, it's a gel eyeliner shoved into a tube with a nifty little nib that's supposed to make application easy for winged novices. I've been using the pen style liquid liners since the day of dawn but I'm still pretty rubbish at applying it, my right eye always decides to do a little eyelid mexican wave just as I'm about to go in for the kill, and I'm forever left with wonky lines that leave me reaching for the cotton buds.

So was They're Real sent from the eyeliner gods to give all of us no fuss flicks? Err, I'm not entirely sure to be honest. I like it don't get me wrong, but I like it for reasons that aren't application-ey. I don't know whether I'm useless at hand things (spreading butter is a nightmare for me) but I still get the uneven lines with this, and because the gel comes out in lumps you end up sort of dragging a mini black ball across your lid and hoping for the best.

The selling point for me is the staying power, once you get the hang of applying it you're left with a blacker than black line that lasts for hours. I put this on at 7am and it's still there by 7pm unmarked which is amazing as no one really enjoys touching up makeup throughout the day. I've read a few reviews where people have worn it to the gym and it still refuses to budge.

I've not had much of an issue removing it either, the chap in the Carnaby Street store tried his very best to get me to buy the They're Real Remover but I was having none of it, baby lotion till the day I die on that front, and it works every time.

Have you tried they're real yet? What did you think?