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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Matrix Total Results: So Long Damage Review

 photo matrix1_zps3bm93kfa.jpg  photo matrix2_zpsq1qsfbb6.jpg

When I had my hair dyed back blonde (before going back brown again, sigh), my hairdresser used Matrix hair colour and suggested I give one of the shampoo and conditioners a try as it might help my locks stay in an average condition.

I eagerly took to the internet, lookfantastic and feelunique both had offers on so I went with the "So Long Damage" because, well, my hair was damaged TF. At around £12 for both it's not the most expensive of hair cleaners, and Total Results is the more affordable range from Matrix so I wasn't expecting miracles.

Alas, miracles I did not get. A lovely smelling bottle of shampoo and conditioner later and my barnet is, if anything, worse than before. I had a bath yesterday and the amount of ends that were left taunting me when I emptied the water out was both saddening and a little frightening.

I'm not blaming the shampoo, I'm blaming my own stupidity for going brown, then having two sessions of full-head foils, then going back brown again. My hair hates me. It wants me to leave it alone. It doesn't want to live on my head anymore.

I just thought this might have made things the tiniest bit better. Sadly it didn't. But as I said, it did smell nice. But so does Aussie and you can get that a lot cheaper.

So I wouldn't really recommend the Matrix Total Results So Long Damage for anyone with damaged hair because, well, my locks still look rubbish. So much so that I'm attempting a lob.

In the meantime does anyone have any product suggestions that'll stop me from malting?!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Ivory

 photo match1_zpswwoyyy8i.jpg  photo match3_zpsvcz6zilu.jpg BEFORE
 photo match4_zpscfdlxtrc.jpg
 photo match5_zpsbxpjwvcj.jpg

I bought this foundation a month or two ago after dying my hair as dark as night. Slight exaggeration but for days when I looked in the mirror I kept seeing Noel Fielding looking back at me. Which is why I then went blonde for two weeks (when these snaps were taken) before reverting back to brown yet again.

Because my hair has a reddish tint to it I thought I'd embrace my natural paleness and kick the fake tan to the curb. Obviously this meant I needed a new foundation. And obviously I'm all about budgeting so went for the Rimmel Match Perfection in Ivory, simply because I'd heard a tonne of good things about this foundation on a tonne of good blogs.

I'd read it was a light to medium coverage which is something I never normally go for, preferring instead to slather my face in high coverage gunk to cover my freckles. But this time I was a new woman. This time I was going to embrace my freckles. I am woman hear me roar...not too sure if that phrase was made with the feat of trying a new foundation in mind.

So yeah it's a light coverage and has a slight pinky undertone, another good thing for us paleys. It's a tad runny but applies really well with the Real Techniques buffing brush, although you might need a powder if your skin veers more on the oily side. It's kind of a better version of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, which I've found in the past to be too light a coverage. Plus at a mere £7.99 it's three whole pounds cheaper.

Overall it's a great budget foundation that'll cover discolouration and give you a more "put together" look, but freckles and moles will definitely peek through. If you're after something that'll make you look fresh faced and natural then this is deffs the one. Oh and it's SPF20. Wins.

Have you tried Match Perfection? What did you think?

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Flat / Apartment Workspace: Where I Blog

small workspace desk office prints small space flat appartment office work space office in a small space appartment flat office small spaces work space

When I first moved into this flat I was all of a muddle trying to decide between a dining table (err for all those super cultured dinner parties I hold...) or a desk. Then I realised I can't cook, I don't like making food, and people don't generally come round for dinner, so a desk it was.

This was actually just a plank of wood I took home from work, shoved these table legs from Ikea onto it, and covered it in this sticky back plastic from B&Q. The whole thing cost just over a tenner and the million cups of tea I had to make my friend Caroline for helping me (doing all the work) whilst I watched.

The trolley, chair, photo frame, picture ledge, and fake greenary were also bought during the million visits to Ikea before I moved in - I consumed SO MANY meatballs during this time but also ended up getting a little colour scheme of pink, blue, and coral going on that started to take over the whole flat.

I realise my trolley looks a little empty, the plan is to eventually fill it with ALL THE  pretty stationary, I'm thinking hard backed notebooks and rose gold random items I probably don't need. The cushion and Kate Spade notebook were actually sent to me from the online site Rooi, which sells all sorts of homey items to make your abode pretty. I went for this chevron cushion mainly because if I sit in the same place for too long my bum REALLY hurts, I don't know why I chose green but it kind of works with the mish-mash of colours...I hope. The notebook is going to be the start of my plethora of beautiful stationary, which will never actually happen because my handwriting is atrocious and it tends to ruin all the nice pages.

So there's where I get my blog on! If I attempt to do anything on the sofa it ends up being a write off after 5 minutes thanks to Dinner Date, Ex on the Beach, Bakeoff, and other viewing gold. So usually I just play music and bop my head along as I'm writing away.

Changing the subject completely, today I did my firs ever mud run. It was muddy. And cold. And I swam in a lake and forgot my towel. But it was rather fun!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Morphe 12S Soul Of Summer Palette

 morphe soul of summer palette morphe 12s soul of summer palette morphe soul of summer 12s swatches morphe 12s soul of summer swatches morphe soul of summer 12s swatces

Morphe 12S Soul Of Summer Palette

Wowzers. I stumbled across this little palette of dreams whilst watching someone rave about it on Youtube. I'm all about the copper eyes at any time of year so I had a bit of a google and purchased straight away. This was about 3 months ago and I haven't worn any other eyeshadow since.

If you're partial to a shimmer then this is definitely for you, and despite being named "Soul of Summer", these shades are oh-so transitional into Autumn - especially the one's on the bottom row which aren't too dissimilar to Mac's Expensive Pink and Cranberry.

All of the shades are silky smooth and apply really well, with minimal fallout and no creasing. They stay put too, I can never be bothered to apply a primer but these seem to last the full day without smearing all over the place which is a win for me!

It's £11.95 from Beauty Bay but alas, it's currently out of stock. I think they have an option to be emailed once they get their mitts on more though.

Have you tried anything from Morphe?

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Mark Hill Pick N Mix: The Ellipse Wand

 photo markhill1_zps92rt2jkd.jpg  photo markhill2_zpsqhlzhc24.jpg  photo markhill3_zpstk8zkll4.jpg  photo markhill4_zpsdmamstja.jpg

My hair doesn't grow. It doesn't. This is the longest it ever gets before the ends start falling off and I find little bits of hairs all over my tops. BUT. It's now an ok length to start attempting big ol' curls/waves and last week I eagerly scanned the shelves of Boots for something that'd give me pinterest worrthy (bit of a pattern here...) hair.

I liked the concept of the Mark Hill Pick N Mix wand simply because I get bored easily. Very easily in fact. This way I can change up the ends and dabble with different styles till my heat's content. The base is £14.99 and theres five different ends to choose from which are all £11.99. The Ellipse is probably the widest but there's a thin little number for anyone that likes a corkscrew curl - in fact I'm pretty sure Charlotte Crosby has that plastered all over her instaG so have a peep to see what that looks like. There's also one of those bumpy ones which always look a little suspect...

They heat up to 220 degrees so you'll deffs need some heat protection spray, luckily there's a little hinge on the bottom to stand it up, so you won't be burning any carpets/furniture/rugs. The base also comes with these creepy little gloves that look like claws, useful I'm sure but I couldn't get used to them!

The result of the Ellipse Wand is a really loose wave that holds up easily for a good few hours. Embarrasingly after I'd tried these out I felt all confident and swishy as I walked down the glamorous aisles of Farm Foods. A lady even stopped me in my tracks. I felt great for a mili second before she told me my flies were undone. Sigh.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The A Line Cord Skirt That Everyone Owns

cord skirt and leopard skirt 70s brogues cord a line skirt with tights and brogues leopard print shirt and cord skirt

Skirt £8
Shirt £5
Brogues £8

So another "All Primark ur'thing" outfit. I actually bought this leopard print shirt a while back in an attempt to channel Olly Alexander whilst watching Years & Years. Turns out I actually quite like a loud print.
If you're a fan of the skirt there's a tonne of them in Primark in a multitude of colours, there's also a load of cord pinafores which I'm liking rather a lot. I seem to be drawn to all the 70s style browns, oranges and reds at the moment and have a slight obsession with pinning anything that looks remotely from that era on Pinterest.

This is going to be quite a speedy post as First Dates has just started. I love the concept but as a clumsy person and messy eater it's something I'd be so useless at, i'd end up spilling food everywhere and I think Prosecco is gross - no idea why it seems to be the drink of choice for most of the female population at the moment.

Speaking of alcohol (or lack of), I attempted to go Out Out on Saturday to celebrate my birthday but stuck to diet coke. Realisation hit I'm wayyy too old for those sorts of shenanigans nowadays, the ratio of males to females was 80/20 and the boymen were all standing around in circles, supping bottles of Peroni, eyeing up their pray, and then sending a willing friend to "wingman" for them with a carefully crafted line like "What do you reckon t'ma mate 'e finks yur well fit." It was all a little uncomfortable and I was happy to be home early!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

£20 Primark "Out Out" Outfit

black lace playsuit black playsuit lace back Primark black lace playsuit
Playsuit: £12
Shoes: £8

Alas I can't link any of these as they were gems found in Primark, but I've found some similar lace playsuits so they're linked below for your perusal.

I originally bought this for "Out Out" drinks on Saturday, but I've since decided to cut back on my alcohol consumption and I'm now planning on eating my weight in Mexican food. Either/or, this playsuit is perfect as it's super stretchy around the stomach area so it welcomes the inevitable carb bloat - no more unbuttoning jeans in public for me!

In other news, today I went to the gym. Then the gym man came and tinkered with the air con next to me, then it blew very cold. I got paranoid that it was tinkered with because I looked gross and clammy. I left shortly afterwards. One day I'll be one of those extra confident gym go-ers that don't rush home to do ab exercises in fear of looking day.