Last Minute Christmas Jumper Picks

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

A few years ago (think Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones) Christmas jumpers were the things of nightmares, tacky prints, gaudy colours, and ugly characters were things you'd see in eighties movies or old family photos. Switch to the present day and they're everywhere, so much so that they've kind of become a bit too obvious a thing to do? Call me a humbug but there's only so many "Merry Christmas ya filthy animal" jumpers you can see before the joke gets old.

I don't want to be a complete Scrooge though, so this year I've decided to stick with fairisle esque prints, they're festive enough for Christmas but can also be worn throughout winter which makes them a win for me. These six are all pretty affordable and will also keep you warm in the run up to christmas, I'm loving the clash of pastels and reindeers on number five, and the eyelash knit of number one looks ridiculously comfy.

If you're reading this thinking "that's all very well but I want lights, novelly, elves, the works!" then fear not! My Voucher Codes have come up with a Christmas Jumper finder that gives you the pick of a few categories. Have a peek below!

Planning my 2015 holiday

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

So the end of a year and the start of another is usually when people start thinking about what direction the next year is going to take them in, what goals they have, and things they need to accomplish. Whilst I haven't thought of any of that yet (I never stick to my resolutions anyway), I've already been going crazy online whittling down my choices of holiday destinations for next year.

I'm all for going back to Mexico for a third time, I'm a bit obsessed with the place. Being one for routine I'm a firm believer in the "know what you like and stick with it" theory. Thomas on the other hand is completely different and wants to try somewhere knew.
We're going with his choice and will hopeful be sat on a plane heading to Las Vegas at some point next year. Although my plan is to get some sneaky overtime hours in and try to go to Mexico as well! So after hours looking at different hotels/excusions/shows, I then spent a while looking at holiday clothes which felt a little silly when it's under 10 degrees outside....

Anyway there's a tonne of holiday appropriate shoes on Reef and those in the snazzy wish list above are my favourites. It's a handy site if you're planning a winter getaway too, as trying to hunt down a pair of sandals in January is a complete nightmare. I really like the rainbow lace ups, they'd look great with a simple white cotton dress on the beach but would also be a good choice for a vegas getaway!

I didn't add any regular flip flops in but they've got some Ginger Thongs Flip Flops that look like they'll hold up against the pacific waters! There's also some nicer leather flip flops that can be worn to explore in as well as on the beach. Oooor if you a complete winter fiend and don't want to think about summer at all, these over the knee boots might be more up your street!

Have you booked your 2015 holiday yet?

One Direction: Our Moment

Monday, 8 December 2014

one direction one moment one direction one moment

I bought this last year (it's now empty) but you can get it from all beauty for £14.95 here

A while ago my sister told me she had the Britney Spears perfume and I mocked her, I'd always been a bit of a snob and scoffed at celebrity scents. However my perfume habits were changed after a girl who smelt rather lovely drifted past me at work and quietly murmured she was wearing Lady Gaga's Fame.
So back in January I found myself in Boots looking at all the reduced Christmas gifts, and in a moment of madness happened to spritz myself with One Direction's One Moment. It was love at first sniff. I smell like a teenage girl most of the time anyway so the sweet florally scent was a winner for me.
I'm useless with scents but have just had a look and the top notes are pink grapefruit, wild berries, and redcurrant which give a hint as to just how sweet it is. This is followed closely by freesia and jasmine, mmmm! There's also a bit of musk in there to keep the scent going for as long as possible.

I've actually waved my wrist under peoples noses and demanded to know what they think, the general consensus is "oooh that's nice" before I smugly announce "HA! Tis One Dee!" I bet the majority of those people would have mocked the tacky packaging as well, because lets be honest, it is pretty gaudy. I think it's the pink netting that offends me the most, or perhaps it's Liam's overly photoshopped jaw line.

So if you're looking for an everyday perfume to start the new year then I'd definitely recommend giving this a squirt in a shop. You could even take a young relative along and pretend it's for them to hide any 1D shame. I reckon you'll be pleasantly surprised though, I've just finished mine and will definitely be re purchasing!

Payday Wishlist

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

For some reason I always overlook George, which is mad because all of these dresses are stunning and the gold number is an absolute bargain. As I'm actually now closer to 30 than 20 (sob) I've found that some of the shorter bodycon numbers around can make me look a bit mutton, especially if they don't have sleeves. These are all a modest length without looking too frumpy and can easily be taken from a work meal/drinks to a night "outout". From the few items I do have from George I've been really impressed as well, my trusty pink coat has lasted well over four years now and is still going strong!

I love all of these dresses but reckon the bright pink and the gold are my favourites. In my last post I mentioned how I prefer to be brighter in the winter and darker in the summer, the pink dress is a great example of this - team it with a pair of extra high heels and you'll stand out more than the array of sequins on the dance floor.

I need to get on it and actually organise a night I can wear one of these dresses, bloggers christmas party anyone? 

Summer in the Winter

Sunday, 30 November 2014

coral skater dressboohoo skater dressquilted skater dress

Dress: £8 at Boohoo (only size 12's left)
Shoes: Newlook (similar here)

Because I just love pointing out my outfit flaws, check out the fake tan mishap on my hand in the first photo. I should have my own circle of shame going on! In my defence it doesn't look that bad in real life, I blame photoshop curves.

This dress is definitely a nod to the summer but sometimes it's nice to don something other than black on a night out in the winter. I was discussing something similar with my hairdresser the other day, people tend to dye their hair darker in the winter but I'm always t'uther way round and prefer to brighten things up during the dark days, anyone else the same? Speaking of darker days these indoor outfit photos are not working for me at all in that every photo looks like it's been snapped on a pound stretcher disposable, sigh.

This is completely irrelevant but yesterday I visited a "soft play" area with my Sister and Nephew, how do Mum's cope in these places? The cons definitely outweigh any pros, here are the things that left me shuddering/never wanting to go back.....

1. The stench. A delightful mixture of sweat and grease from the canteen style food.
2. The noise. From the screaming children to the screaming parents who complain at anyone if their child gets tripped or pushed, either will leave you with a headache.
3. The germs. Snotty kids touching anything in site and running around with bare feet.
4. The moral dilemma. Do you refuse to join in the frolics and cause upset to the child you're with? Or do you risk various infections for a smile?

If I ever have kids I'm going to have to come up with a plan to avoid these plasticy mazes of doom.

Maybelline Color Drama: Berry Much

Thursday, 27 November 2014

color drama berry much maybelline color drama maybelline color drama berry much color drama berry much swatch

I went to Boots the other day with only concealer and eyeliner on my mind, until I saw that beautiful poster all over the store offering the wonder that is 3 for 2. There was no other needies on my list so I thought I'd treat myself to a wantie in the form of a Christmassy berry lip.

Cue the aptly named Berry Much from Maybelline. I think the Color Dramas (it feels so wrong spelling it like that) are relatively new as they took centre stage on the stand, there were ten colours to paw over ranging from my usual muted pink to a more daring orange. I thought I'd go down the festive route because, well, there's less than a month to go and I haven't done anything else festive so far.

The product is a lipstick in the form of a pencil which makes applying bolder shades a lot easier, you just draw it on like a lip liner and then blend into the middle, simple. I did find that you had to blend extra carefully though, as the colour did tend to clump in certain areas, in fact I had to wipe it off completely before trying again due to clumping.
The finish is described as velvet but I'd say it's much more matte, and once on your lips it does stick around for a while, that is until you try to drink tea and then it ends up all over the shop. Tis bizarre though because that swatch on my arm would not budge, even with the daddy of all cleansers peaches and clean.

I wouldn't say this is the greatest lip product I've tried in terms of formular, but the colour is a gorgeous berry shade and will give you that nineties lip that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. At £4.99 it's not going to break the bank either.

Have you tried any of the Color Drama pencils?

District 13

Sunday, 23 November 2014

tartan shirt checked shirt lumberjack shirt girls

Shirt: Newlook
Skirt: Topshop (old, similar here)
Coat: TK Maxx
Boots: Vagabond

Today hasn't been that eventful, a 70 year old swore at me for pulling out of a junction whilst he was indicating to pull in said junction, I bought some concealer, and ate a pie. A meat and potato pie. I've never actually tried a meat and potato pie but it was one of Asda's substitutions in a delivery of many substitutes - who on earth decided to swap my rice balls for frozen pizza straws? I'll never know.

Outfit wise I'm really late on the whole shirttuckedintoaskirt bandwagon but I like it, although I do find that a lot of shirts seem to be quite tight around my neck, it's not something I've ever had to worry about in the past but now I've developed a bit of a complex about my fat neck, can you even loose neck fat? Gross.
This coat was a complete bargain too and one which I shamelessly copied Leanne with, I'd never have thought to look in TK Maxx for coats but they had loads of gorgeous ones in there, I did debate whether to go with this or a Michael Kors number in camel, but sensibility won and I went for the cheaper option at £35.

I also sat on the edge of my seat for two hours this weekend for The Hunger games which was as incredible as everyone makes out and I got to see a pretty nice looking sunset outside my window.

english sunset