seventeen lip stain berry crush red red lip stain and lip liner rimmel exaggerate rimmel call me crazy seventeen red lip stain

Red lips, hats, and false eyelashes. All things I want to be able to pull off but haven't ever felt confident enough to before. BUT. Today I bought a hat. And yesterday I managed to glue on some false eyelashes without blinding myself. And I've found a red lip that works for me! Ish.

Also. My hair doesn't look like this anymore thankfully. Dye-saster.

So, Seventeen's Berry Crush Lip Stain and the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Call Me Crazy might not be the best of products alone. But together they create an oh-so-red festive explosion of brightness and I like it. I'm a really messy eater and most drinks end up around my face, so if I want to go for a bright lip then it's inevitable that it has to be a stain rather than something glossy.

The Seventeen Berry Crush lip stain can be a little drying, but it's double ended (ho hum) and has a rather nice lip balm on the other end. I'm not too sure on the name, at first I thought they were supposed to be scented but it doesn't seem to be the case - and I can't find the shade name on this product but it's the only red in the range.

The Exaggerate Lip Liner is slightly more orange toned but it gives that "oh look i've got depth to my lips" if it's used with the stain. And they stay in place forever. Like actual forever. You have to pretty much scrub at your lips to get it off, which for me is good thing.


affordable winter boots

Top Row 1 // 2 // 3
Middle    1 // 2 // 3
Bottom   1 // 2 // 3

Kudos to anyone who read the title in time with Kanye West's "All of the lights all of the lightttssss" because that's how my mind ticked away when writing it.

So I put all my favourite ankle boots into one place, and some of them are oh so affordable. I actually have the leopard print boots and kind of feel like I'm channeling Noel Fielding when I prance around in them paired with some black jeans  - "She goes to Marks for her bits, she don't do her main shop there. No one does."

I wear boots all year round so this isn't just a winter wishlist, I'd probs wear all of these in the summer AND on nights out out, especially those embroidered beauts.

Which are your favourites? Do you have a trusty go-to pair?

A White Crochet Smock Dress

white crochet smock dress boohoo boohoo smock dress lob haircut auburn lob haircut

Dress: £12 Boohoo
Boots: Vagabond, similar here 

So my barnet no longer looks like this, my usual Schwarzkopf dye had sold out and I stupidly reached for an alternative. It turned my head orange. I rocked it (or attempted to) for a few weeks but I'm now back to my usual dark blonde and longing for extensions.

I think I tried to express my feelings for said hair disaster in the third photo...

Today has been a bit odd. I forgot I'd made plans to attend a pub quiz, drove last minute to the pub quiz, couldn't park, so drove away quizless. Then my friend told me they'd lost pretty badly which makes me think I'm the team's secret weapon, despite them not using my awesome quiz team names.

Quizzy Maguire, Quiz and Tyrone, Kenickie and Quizzo, Quiz McDonald. The list is endless.

Tightening Your Skin with Lasers Instead of Surgery

In earlier years, it wasn’t uncommon for individuals to turn to plastic surgery to correct signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin. However, today there are a variety of options to help rejuvenate the skin such as laser skin tightening treatments. This non-invasive procedure has a substantially shorter healing period and very few risks in comparison to plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery vs Laser Skin Tightening Laser Skin Tightening
 is a method used to encourage a boosted collagen production by stimulating blood flow in your body. This process can be performed on nearly every area of your body, as your collagen production lowers over time you might notice sagging in normally firm areas such as your legs, arms, face, and other areas. Like a rubber band that has lost its spring over time, your skin will begin to lose its resistance and firmness as well. Collagen helps provide your skin with elasticity and its vibrant appearance, but unlike a rubber band you can refresh your skin and create a more youthful look with the use of several skin tightening methods available today.

Limited Results with Laser Skin Tightening
Laser skin tightening may be a more cost effective alternative to plastic surgery and a better option for those who don’t yet need such drastic means to combat the signs of aging; however, it can also have a limited effect in comparison. Before making an appointment for treatment with your board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, be sure to discuss with them the potential results of this technique for your individual case. With laser skin tightening, there may be a limited amount of collagen production. This may not be ideal for someone who has undergone a severe change in appearance due to weight loss. The amount of collagen produced may not be enough to help correct or tighten the excess skin left behind. In these cases, your plastic surgeon may suggest cosmetic surgery options with you.

Laser Treatment Consultations
This method may be recommended for those with subtle wrinkles; still, the best way to find out if laser skin tightening is the right choice for you is to seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

How a Laser Skin Tightening Appointment Goes

 Before deciding to undergo a skin tightening treatment with the use of cosmetic lasers, you should have an idea of what to expect from your scheduled procedure. Here is a basic run-down of a laser skin tightening procedure. Firstly, you should set aside at least two hours for your laser treatment appointment. While most treatments are no more than an hour, you want to account for prep time and arrive early enough to go over any last minute details with your plastic surgeon. You also want to be sure to set aside an ample budget. The cost may vary depending upon the location and provider that you have chosen. Your provider may have a surcharge depending upon the area being treated. You will be asked to arrive to your appointment with clean, dry skin. There can be no traces of perfumes, lotions, and creams applied to your skin. There may be technicians available to help you prep and apply a numbing solution to your skin. The numbing cream may be left to set for a short period and then rinsed of thoroughly. While you may not feel pain, you might still experience the sensation of heat and mild discomfort from the Cosmetic Laser Treatments used to heat your skin.

Your Final Decision about Skin Tightening

 When it comes to deciding between multiple skin tightening treatments, it is best to consult a board certified plastic surgeon. They can further assist you in your final decisions about which skin rejuvenation method is best suited for your case. While the end decision is solely up to you, your plastic surgeon or dermatologist can provide you with an individual assessment that better explains how each treatment is likely to affect you and the potential results it could have on your body. If there remains any doubt during your decision process, remember that you can always hold off undergoing any treatment until you have completely verified the references and background of your treatment provider. When you have made sure that you have chosen a reputable provider you can return to the idea of cosmetic skin rejuvenation. The clock is still ticking for your skin and every second you take to decide is crucial. Of course the younger you are, the more options you have; however, for those 50 an older, you may need to think about your cosmetic options a while longer than most as their associated risks may affect your health. Whether you decide to undergo plastic surgery or Cosmetic Laser Treatments, you can begin to reset the clock on your aging skin and have a more youthful appearance.

Autumn Winter Wishlist

 photo autumnwishlist_zpscw1xiss0.jpg

So I did a party dresses wishlist a while back. Now here's a bit of a mixture. I actually didn't go crazy in the Black Friday sales this year, in fact I didn't buy anything. Shock.

I'm trying to save to 1. Go back blonde. 2. Get hair extensions and 3. Spending money for Dubai.

So speaking of saving, and if you missed out on Black Friday like I did but now have shoppers remorse, there's a rather good website which puts ALL THE SALE items together in one place so you don't have to open a million different tabs for a million different stores. It's called love the sales and they're going to be great for Cyber Monday deals on the 28th.

Despite needing to save money for hair and holidays, I'll definitely be having a rummage! Did you manage to swipe any good deals?

Barry M That's How I Roll Mascara

barry m that's how i roll benefit roller lash dupe benefit barry m dupe mascara thats how i roll dupe before after barry m mascara dupe benefit before after

As soon as I saw this slightly gaudy packaging in Superrug it screamed "Roller Lash". But alas, this is Barry M's dupe of Benefit's oh so famous mascara.

So is it any good? The brush is. In fact the brush is pretty awesome. I've actually tried putting the brush in other mascaras and it makes a whole world of difference.

Product wise I'm a bit on the fence, I like how it looks in the snaps above but that was a bunch of coats and took a while to apply. I reckon it's because it's quite new, I'm usually a fan of mascaras once they've dried out a bit.

But. It made my lashes look long all day and there were no clumps at all. Plus the shape of the brush makes it great for bottom lashes, something I normally have issues with.

Have you tried That's How I Roll? What did you think?

A Self Portrait Azaelea Dupe

self portrait style dupe dress self portrait dupe lace midi lace midi dress Boohoo Lace Midi Dress: £22

There's a tonne of these Self Portrait Azaelea dupe dresses around and this one was a complete steal from boohoo for a mere £22! I rhyme.
It's linked above if you want to have a peruse for yourself, theres four colours to choose from and mine's 'Blush' in case anyone is desperate to know.

I'm not sure why my legs look SO INCREDIBLY PALE in these photos. Maybe because they are so incredibly pale in real life. And I only ever really fake tan my top half. Too much info?

In other news I finally finished Girl On The Train this week. I found it a bit...bland? The quote, "I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?" sprang to mind when I read it, as it left me feeling a bit bored and glad it was over. Obviously not the opinion of most considering how popular the book is.